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  1. To say they spent over £60m on strikers just a few seasons ago, that forward line is p/ss poor.
  2. Anybody watching the scrubbers tonight?
  3. Rehearsed goal celebrating celebrations. Goal music. Half and half scarves. Parachute payments. Fixtures all over the place, which links to too much football on the TV. Changing kits every season. European Cup (or champions league) being open to more than just the Champions of each country. All just off the top of my head. I’m sure I could think of some more given a bit of time.
  4. I’m not sure, I can think of a few who’ve done it badly. Call me old fashioned but I like the traditional looking stadiums like Villa Park, Hillsborough etc. That’s not to say Hillsborough doesn’t need modernisation, even with my blue and white tinted specs I can see it does, but to leave Hillsborough to go to some out of town Pride Park clone would be a very sad day.
  5. Stay at Hillsborough. I’d hate for us to be playing our football in one of these uniform soulless domes that are now springing up all over the place.
  6. Steven Haslam when he first came into the side during our relegation year from the Premier League was one of the few players (along with Alan Quinn who also came into the side that season) who actually escaped criticism. I remember at the time given their age and newness to the side, fans cut them both A LOT of slack. He did not start badly and become a “scapegoat” only to improve but still attract criticism. If anything he started ok but his performances got worse as the side slid down the league and you could see his confidence disappear. I asked you for an example of a player who started badly but failed to win the fans over even when his performances improved and you have gone back 20 years to provide me with a player where that clearly isn’t the case. I’m not sure you’ve got the hang of this have you. Ps/ 2-0
  7. Right so you can’t give me a name. That’s fair enough, you stick with the guy who started 61 games in 5 years at Wednesday, clearly a decent player who wasn’t appreciated by the fans. Now I’ll provide you with another player who started poorly, got criticised and then his performances improved and he won the fans over. Gary Hooper. Clearly not match fit when he got here and was criticised by the fans, it wasn’t helped either by the rumoured demands for a corporate box for signing here. It wasn’t until his 7th appearance in a Wednesday shirt that he got his first goal for the club but as the goals started going in the criticism stopped, so much so that he’s now looked on as one of the best strikers we’ve had in the last 20 years. There you go, that’s 2 and I don’t have to go back decades for my examples either. 2-0.
  8. I think the point he was trying to make was that although last week was a friendly, Stockdale was at fault for at least 2 of the goals. Granted there weren’t any points up for grabs but the early signs are slightly worrying.
  9. Nope it’s 1-0 to me, you haven’t named a single player who started badly but picked up his performance levels and still couldn’t win the fans over. Come on. Just a player name please - nothing more.
  10. I have a very recent one. You have had to trawl back to a time before I started watching Wednesday to pick a player who I could never comment on his performance levels as I’ve never seen him play and that’s where you’re hanging your hat. A quick search however confirms that this solid performer you have chosen played a grand total of 74 times in 5 years at Wednesday, that averages out at 14.8 games a year (in that period he actually only started 61 games). So I’m guessing he wasn’t the great player you seem to think he was and perhaps he wasn’t being scapegoated after all given the fact that the managers here at the time didn’t seem to fancy him either. So this is the guy you’re using to back up your argument.
  11. How do I know the player you chose increased his performance levels if I never even saw him play!?!?! I’ve no idea who the guy is. Interesting however how you’ve had to go back all those decades to find an example where as I provided one from just a few seasons ago.
  12. I don’t know who Chris Morris is so I can’t really comment in how he performed at the club. He’s a bit before my time and I started following Wednesday in 1991. Care to provide a more recent example?
  13. I told you if a player improved, the criticism would stop. You told me that wasn’t true. I provided you with an example to demonstrate my point. You haven’t addressed the example I provided because you know as well as I, after getting booed by his own fans, Morgan Fox knuckled down, worked hard and eventually won the fans over.
  14. You are of course right, some of the football under him was awful, but he had what he had to work with. He built a solid side but his shoestring budget left him with the likes of Stevie May, Atdhe Nuhiu, Will Keane and Hallam Hope upfront. One thing you’d always get from Stuart Gray however was a Championship club come the final whistle on the last day of the season. That’s something I wish we had right now.
  15. As I said in my other post, if a players performances improve fans will stop criticising them. Just look at how Morgan Fox won the fans over.
  16. Agreed. The best way any player can silence their critics is by lifting their performance level. If Stockdale starts to improve over the coming weeks I’ll guarantee you all this “scapegoating” will stop. Rocket science, it is not.
  17. We scored 3 goals and he played the crucial role in one of those 3 which is more than Gregory did. In that first half you had Bannan playing some excellent balls through to him and he was beating the offside trap on a few occasions. You could see the two of them were on the same wave length. One of the main positives I took from today was how the two of them linked up.
  18. After a match, if a player has a bad performance fans are allowed to comment on that performance. It doesn’t mean he’s going to be a player the fans “pick on” or this seasons “scapegoat”, it just means the fans who were there have an opinion.
  19. In fairness he did pretty well setting up our opener.
  20. You don’t need many shots on target when the opposition have an overweight keeper in the twilight of his career between the sticks.
  21. I get what you’re saying pal but it’s very much a case of different players but same old mistakes. Also he didn’t have to change the defence like he has, he decided not offer Sam Hutchinson a new deal and now Hutchinson has a contract at a Championship club.
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