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  1. Do people actually dislike him? I have been critical of him and I’m very 50/50 if I’m being honest. I think it’s a huge concern that he appears unable to sort this defence of ours out and I’m not keen on his habit of tinkering with the team. That said we did finish 4th last season after rebuilding a team from scratch in the summer and we got 85 points so on that alone he deserves a crack at this season but I do still have a few reservations. I don’t dislike him though, I think he comes across as a really good bloke if I’m being honest and I’d love to see him do well here. Being critical and disliking are two very different things.
  2. I was wondering if anyone else listened to tonight’s Football Heaven? The first caller who called in was the guy who along with his son say they’ve been banned for the son taking legal action over his season ticket refund. In response to this, near the end of the show an elderly chap phoned in because he’d joined Club 1867 when it was really being bigged up by the club and the much publicised photo book fans were due, he explained that he has been waiting now for 3 years for his book and still hasn’t got it. Says he phones the club once a year and a nice enough bloke tells him they’re working on getting it sorted and then it’s nothing else from the club for another year. It was quite sad to hear actually, an old bloke who says he’s pretty much resigned to not getting his book (which if I remember right wasn’t cheap) but says he still loves the club but just wanted to “get it off his chest”. Just out of interest I wondered if anyone else had received their book? Perhaps they could share on here and we could bring the thread to Rob Statons attention? It’d be nice if someone on here could help this guy get his book.
  3. Only one I can think of was at Cardiff in his first season at the club.
  4. Agreed, also Jack Hunt did well when he came on so can cover Palmers wingback position.
  5. I’ve said this so many times but he really is the most under-rated player at the club. A solid 7 out of 10 performer every week and today was no exception.
  6. A quick look on MK Dons forum and a few of their fans saying they were much improved on last week’s performance. I also thought they looked a better side than Portsmouth last week (who let’s be honest we should’ve beat). Today wasn’t a classic but we did what we had to to win.
  7. Yeah but in fairness they’ve only played two games this season and one of those was against a team who’ll win the league.
  8. Looked a class above Iorfa the previous week.
  9. It wasn’t a great performance BUT you often see sides who are slow to get started but when they get going they really get going… I’m hoping we’ll be like that this season. That second half today was poor.
  10. Credit where it’s due, made some excellent saves in that second half.
  11. From the Stars training pictures ahead of tomorrow’s match…
  12. Makes you wonder who carries out the Medicals at Hillsborough.
  13. What an absolute joke of a situation we once again find ourselves in, just 1 game into the season and our forward line is either injured or suspended. Pathetic. The situation with regards to injuries at the club has been going on now for the best part of 6 years and the fact the nobody has addressed this would be comical if it didn’t have such a detrimental impact on the side season after season.
  14. Forestieri Hooper Fletcher Joao Wickham Nuhiu Fryatt Gregory Windass Lita
  15. The pigs will end up equalising here.
  16. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Max Lowe play football and on the strength of the 10 minutes or so I have seen, he looks absolute dog turd.
  17. Hecky in the book… doesn’t surprise me. Showed himself up to be a right mardy tw*t in the Forest match too.
  18. Ndiaye couldn’t finish his dinner. I seem to remember him missing some decent chances at Forest too.
  19. Only a matter of time before Watford take the lead here.
  20. Watford look really dangerous going forward, they’ll do very well this season.
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