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  1. TrickyTrev

    Alan Nixon

    You asked what Jos’s record was like in comparison to Bruce’s, I told you. Not really sure what your issue is here.
  2. TrickyTrev

    Alan Nixon

    Jos has no promotions to the Premier League, Bruce has 4.
  3. Going on players who are fit are available for he next 2 matches, I think the best team available is... Westwood Penney (LWB) Thornley Hector Pudil Palmer (RWB) Hutchinson Abdi Reach Fletcher Joao Subs: Dawson, Lees, Boyd, Jones, Matias, Onomah I actually think that looks an ok line up and there's still Hooper, Forestieri, Bannan, Winnall and Lee to come back. It's certainly a better line up than where we are in the league at the moment.
  4. TrickyTrev

    Who Is to Blame?

    No one party is to blame, it’s a combination with obviously some parties being more culpable than others.
  5. TrickyTrev

    Westwood starts u23

    Not good enough for us in our relegation battle but good enough for Leeds in their promotion battle. Cheers Jos.
  6. TrickyTrev

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    You are aware that thanks to you our good friend Micheal will be phoning up tomorrow with his views on Tony Kay, The Hillsborough Disaster, The Co-op Bank, Milan Mandaric and our recent embargo!!! Joking aside, good call Mick. I can’t believe that radio show repeatedly gives that bitter pig a platform spout his libellous bile without being challenged!!
  7. TrickyTrev

    Westwood starts u23

    I would LOVE IT if that had happened!!
  8. TrickyTrev

    Westwood starts u23

    I remember when Hirst started playing again for the U23s and everyone got excited only for him to leave in the Summer. Same thing will happen here, he’s just getting game time so we can get him off the wage bill in January.
  9. TrickyTrev

    Booing at half time

    Again you’re being silly. It’s clear why fans cheer a goal but it isn’t as clear (to me) why fans would want to boo their team when they’re winning and haven’t conceded. You went it great detail about the various reasons why this had happened (which had little to do with the first 45mins) reasons that weren’t clear to me as a fan getting behind the team. As I say, had the team been winning 4-0 I seriously doubt they’d have got booed in which would suggest that the majority of boos were aimed at the performance on the day, not from fans booing everything you’d listed. As I mentioned earlier for me this was counter productive as I think if we’d backed them whilst in a winning position rather than get on their backs we might have actually won the match.
  10. TrickyTrev

    Booing at half time

    Simple really, would the side have been booed in if we’d been winning 4-0? As I say, I seriously doubt it. Not really hard to understand is it.
  11. TrickyTrev

    Booing at half time

    In fairness he’d said fans were booing not because of the first 45 minutes but the season as a whole, how the club is being run, etc, etc. So going on that logic, in the unlikely event that we’d been 4-0 up at HT, presumably fans would have still booed the side in? Somehow I doubt it.
  12. TrickyTrev

    Booing at half time

    That’s a silly comparison as you can’t really draw a parallel between someone’s life being danger and fans booing at a football match.
  13. TrickyTrev

    Booing at half time

    Well you were the one explaining the reasons why Fans were booing, not sure you can do that if you weren’t actually booing yourself.
  14. TrickyTrev

    Booing at half time

    Alright, calm down love. For me the most important thing when I’m at a match is that we win the match regardless of who is manager, ticket prices, who the owner is etc. Of course I want to see Luhukay go but that didn’t stop me wanting us to win yesterday. I just thought it was counter productive, we weren’t losing, we weren’t getting hammered, we were winning and stood an excellent chance at that point of getting 3 points, booing wouldn’t help the team do that, backing them however just might. If you were booing because of all the things you have listed, I’m surprised you bothered going in the first place.
  15. TrickyTrev

    Booing at half time

    I thought the booing at half time was out of order if I’m being honest. The team are clearly low on confidence but somehow managed to keep a clean sheet and go in at HT 1-0 up, if anything they needed a boost, not booing in!!