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  1. TrickyTrev


    I think the match by match option is a decent option for away matches. I don’t get to watch them all but I got a few in last season and thought it was decent for £5.
  2. I liked Lopez and would take him back BUT if we signed him now that Carlos has gone and Jos is here, it’d leave me very concerned about who’s actually signing the players at Hillsborough.
  3. On reflection you’re probably right, if last season proved one thing it’s that the medical team are doing a great job at Hillsborough.
  4. An early bird season ticket on the South Stand is £680.
  5. The club said if we pay high prices we’ll see continued investment in the first team (or words to that affect) so if we now went and sold our best players fans would feel a bit aggrieved by that. I think that’s what SiJ is talking about.
  6. TrickyTrev

    One For The Ladies

    Seriously how cool does Gary Hooper look!!!
  7. TrickyTrev

    Our fire sale

    Forestieri leaving us would make us a far far worse team, he’s worth more to us than £8m When you look at Asombalonga going to Boro for £12m, we’d be fools to accept a penny less than £15m. Personally however I wouldn’t accept anything and keep him, the cost of replacing would be ridiculous.
  8. I get your point on contracts and agree with you but if the club actually carried out thorough medicals then there’d be no need for such clauses. Medicals are there to protect clubs from signing overpaid crocs like Abdi and Matias. We’ve done it before with Hinchcliffe, Donnelly, O’Donnell and Scott. I know when Dave Allen came to the club, one thing he wanted to stop was the practice of signing injured players and he put in place stringent medicals, looks like we’ve let that slip over time.
  9. TrickyTrev

    Our fire sale

    I remember one Summer years ago the Daily Mirror said we were set to sign both Frank Farino and David Platt. Neither happened.
  10. TrickyTrev

    According to reports in Portugal...

    And the impact he had on the side when he returned was huge. It’s all assumptions and guesswork at the moment, if we are loaning this player hopefully it’ll mean Rhodes, Winnall and Matias are leaving. Also he could be seen as a replacement for Wallace.
  11. TrickyTrev

    According to reports in Portugal...

    With Jos playing wide forwards in a 3 towards the end of the season it makes sense. It wouldn’t surprise me if the club were actively trying to move on Rhodes and Winnall, I just hope we aren’t looking to cash in on Forestieri.
  12. TrickyTrev

    According to reports in Portugal...

  13. From Portugal: Sheffield Wednesday in talks to sign João Amaral from Benfica on loan.