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  1. TrickyTrev


    Steven Fletcher is a Premier League striker playing in the Championship. We are lucky to have him here. When fit he is ten times the player that Nuhiu is and when fit he should always start.
  2. TrickyTrev

    Club's Best Moment

    Those 3 corners from Darren Potter.
  3. TrickyTrev

    Whats gonna happen tomorrow then?

    We are going to start at a snails pace like usual, Villa will be out of sight by HT and Jos will wheel out the same old interview he seems to do every time we lose.
  4. TrickyTrev

    Club's Best Moment

    Those 5 shots on target last November.
  5. TrickyTrev


    Prior to getting a minor injury he had fallen out of favour with Luhukay deciding that Pelupessey was clearly the better holding midfielder.
  6. It’ll be like the humiliation we suffered last season at Hillsborough under Carlos.
  7. It's a good job this wasn't the chairman's slogan when he was asking fans to spend record high prices when renewing their season tickets.
  8. Agreed. We never impose ourselves on the opposition, we rarely ever start matches at a decent tempo, we play too deep and mess about with the ball at the back. Any team that comes at us with a high tempo, presses us high up the pitch and imposes themselves on the game has a very good chance of getting all 3 points when they play us. I'm absolutely dreading the Sheffield Derby.
  9. TrickyTrev


    He's ten times the player Nuhiu is. I've always been a fan of his and he should start every match when fit for me.
  10. TrickyTrev

    Time wasting...

    If you play badly and fall behind in games (as we often do) you run the risk of the opposition time wasting. The only sure fire way to stop this from happening is to go out, get on the front foot, play at a high tempo and take the game to the opposition. Then if you do take the lead the opposition won't time waste. Simple.
  11. TrickyTrev

    Luhukay - Sacked or Backed?

    So far we have won 3 matches this season against 3 of the bottom 4 and we were far from convincing in those matches. We are now 9 league games without a clean sheet. Jos Luhukay has walked into a situation at the club which has been far from ideal and to an extent his hands are tied but sometimes he really doesn’t help himself with some baffling selections such as dropping Forestieri, Hutchinson and Westwood, constantly playing Pelupessey and recently giving Nuhiu the nod over Fletcher. I’m not calling for his head yet as I’m not sure who we’d get in as a replacement but the warning signs are there in our performances so far this season and I’m not 100% convinced by Luhukay at the moment. This is going to be a long season.
  12. TrickyTrev

    Club record?

    I’m talking about the run of no clean sheets in the last 9 matches. Can you imagine how we’d be doing if there’d been the odd clean sheet or two thrown into the last 9 matches?
  13. TrickyTrev

    Club record?

    Not sure where I’d find this out but does anybody know what the club record run is for not keeping a clean sheet? I was just wondering as going back into last season I make it that this utterly pathetic run we are on is now 9 matches without a clean sheet, surely closing in on a club record? Jos really needs to get this sorted out, there’s a very soft under belly to this side and it’s time to go back to basics and sort this out. Whether it be stopping trying to play out from the back when we clearly don’t have the players to do it, whether it be extra work on set pieces or making the big decisions such as recalling Westwood something needs to happen. This run is utterly pathetic and we’ll never achieve anything if it continues.
  14. TrickyTrev


    Similar to the George Hirst situation? So Westwood is a youth team player who has barely kicked a ball in the first team but is demanding a first team wage otherwise he'll leave the club for free in the Summer?? Something has clearly happened behind the scenes but let's be honest, this has got zero similarities with the George Hirst situation.
  15. TrickyTrev

    Any live stream for tonight

    Usually when games are shown on tv there's a stream but I'm not sure how it works with the whole red button option for midweek Championship matches. I'll chance it anyway and see if I can get anything via SportsDevil on Kodi.