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  1. Aye - it would be good to get more input from Owlstalk and Our Wednesday members (we've already had some but the more the better).
  2. Here is a tiny URL for those why found the above link didn't work. http://tinyurl.com/yl9khql
  3. I'll tell you how I calculated it one day. Re: printing - I wouldn't want to compromise on quality and the cost was just too much - would be about £3 an issue to print. Shame really, because I would live to have a physical copy.
  4. Thanks for the offer Fatty. However, I'd rather maintain it on our own server as it give me greater control - because it's a VPS it allows me to do pretty much anything I want on the server without restriction. I'm sure SCH won't miss out though - there are things being planned. DJ1 - your commnents are greatly appreciated. Glaser - this site lacks the emoticon required to properly put my feelings across to you.
  5. The SDK without a dev license only allows you to code on the iPhone simulator - the Dev License allows you to actually apply it to a phone and then try and get it on the iTunes store. iFooty + is now out for £1.19 - very very excellent it is too.
  6. There would certainly be a requirement to receive permission - even if it was given away free (which lets face it, would be best).
  7. Owlstalk is too slow on mobile devices. It is possible to produce good quality web-apps though. How well I develop is a matter of perspective I suppose - my favoured method of LAMP/WAMP dev. I live in Northampton - you're welcome to PM me if you require assistance.
  8. Maybe I'm a poo poo developer then!! Maybe I spent all my disposable on a first ever ST! And maybe I have sh!tloads of debt. Could be all 3
  9. Dev licence is $100. I'd do the dev for free, but can't afford the dev licence :(
  10. My job's never sounded less valuable :Dark unsure:
  11. I tend to read and post - it's hard to pull myself away from this site. I'm a very very sad person.
  12. I do but it's slow - this site does not go well with the iPhone.
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