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  1. berty

    preston - easter mon

    soz oldham game i mean ..... anyone can make a mistake - ask thatchers parents !! seriously tho , any pay on the day info appreciated thx
  2. hi folks does anyone know if you can pay on the day & how much it will be (me nor mate can get to ground before then for varying reasons) its a tenner with an advance ticket , any info re pay-on-the-day appreciated thx
  3. berty

    croftys owls

    yep i was on the other un i think
  4. hi , just joined , i aint been to an owls game for yrs unfortunately , but i never ever used to miss , home or away ..... used to go with wilf crofts either from bradfield rd wmc or top of commercial st ..... anyone know if hes still in spain etc , did you used to go with him .... many names & faces i remember , was brill back in them days (up to about '94) we even took our own coach to spora luxembourg & kaiserslautern in uefa .... BRILL anyone else go with wilf back then plz reply thx