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  1. Relative to Cheltenham, we are a good side with good individual players and are probably well coached. Relative to any Championship side and 25% of league one we're not.
  2. I'm more inclined to agree with every poor performance but still hold out hope that we might start performing better. Maybe this hope is misplaced and DM really has no clue but I'd still love him to be successful.
  3. That was the hottest day ever! Fans fainting on the terrace. We nearly didn't win. A Swindon fan told me we were gonna struggle after that game. He was right.
  4. He got Yorath sacked, he literally had a hat-trick of great chances in all of the opening 8 games of that season. He'd get through 1 on 1 with the keeper and you'd just hear groans from the Kop. How he didn't damage himself with his goal celebrations too!!! Great memories!
  5. Is football this complex? We've got good players, let them play to their strengths and that's your formation/system sorted. I get that players learn to play together and have to get to know each other so its gonna take time but sometimes I just think you can overthink the beautiful game and stifle creativity and spontaneity. I also think the 'over' reaction on here has been too much. We're doing OK at times and we'll get better as the season goes.
  6. You really confused me there for a minute!! easily done
  7. Not sure we'll get much more than 10K. ITV are gonna have to come to some compromise about where to film from if they don't want it to look empty. lower lep for Plymouth and Sth Stand for us, film from the North? Dunno if you even can.
  8. Some people are so simple that there are only happy clappers and haters. The 90% of us that fall somewhere in-between wanting Moore out but not sure who could do better at the moment and those that are frustrated but prepared to give him the benefit of the current doubt don't exist!
  9. Volume = l × w × h , where l is length, w is width and h is height. Volume = 4/3 πr³ Hope that helps?
  10. His 'we don't run we play football' attitude/strategy got him sacked as our team were clearly way behind in fitness by season 3. He was good but ultimately got himself sacked.
  11. Any league 1 supporter looking at away days is gonna have us on there top priority list. Sunderland maybe but they've been in league 1 for 3 seasons, so its probably Hillsborough above all/most. That and we like to bend over for teams!!
  12. Nah they'll be allover a trip to Hillsborough, It's a huge game for them and a ground they won't have visited for ever and an hour drive away, definitely nearer 4700 than 800
  13. North & NE Lincolnshire more so. Ironically Lincoln is built on a very steep Hill.
  14. I'm registered to about 25 clubs! Mainly to watch Wednesday but also as a ground hopper. Don't mind it watching Wednesday, you can at least sit down and it's class watching/hearing the big away following (although not as loud in the past few seasons).
  15. Oh right I assumed it was a loan from himself. He seems to like these deals with his own companies!!! Well he knows what he's doing!!!!!!!!!
  16. It's all accounting jiggory pokery that he'll use to suit his and hopefully the clubs best interests!!
  17. Very impressed with that, especially with the fuel fiasco.
  18. Yeah it is concerning. I also don't know what was going on in the last 25 mins. Why was Kamberi on the left? Why did Bannan on several occasion seem like he was up front? It was like he was waiting for a long ball up to him, which is just mind boggling as the team struggled to put any attacks together. I guess its early days still and we could find it all falling into place in the next 5/6 games. Here's hopingt!!
  19. Can't help thinking they could have sold another 1000 tickets to us!? Strange they sold us just 1700 then another 300 days before and still loads of seats free.
  20. I mean that was a blooming special team mate!!!
  21. It would be great if we had someone making these decisions for us, someone who works regularly with the team, someone who could communicate with Hutch, who knew how Hutch was, could see him run and exercise and even maybe watch him play football. Yeah this would be great and then that person could decided if he needed a rest or not. Any ideas?
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