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  1. I mean since new year we've won 3-2, 4-1, 4-1, 5-2, 4-2, 6-0, 3-2, 3-1. Are you saying we need to concede more to make them 4-3, 5-4, 6-5 so they're closer?
  2. Oh crap forgot we've got that to look forward to again!!
  3. Could a decreasing price each match work, based on the fact most people are in the database and there's an already simple points algorithm at work that wouldn't need much programming, 1st match £30, next £29, next £27, next £26, you get the idea!?
  4. Can't agree with that at all. Only point I would make is how nervous people were when we had the ball in our defence, people literally panicking 'get rid' 'get it out' 'Hunt' (and screaming other players names) honestly it was a bit weird at times and must transfer to the players.
  5. There is certainly room for debate around the issue. Is it a problem? Does it spoil the game or is it just a part of it? Can referees do anything to stamp it out? Do they need more power? I'm furious at watching time wasting, maybe its just cos we don't do it well enough but for 70 minutes last night, until we scored, it was such a dull affair. The Wycombe away was dreadful to witness too. I hope the final is full of time wasting is 0-0 after extra time and I don't care who wins the penalties as long as both sets of fans are thoroughly bored and frustrated
  6. Some of the comments are mental! I'd have taken 1-0 every day!!!!!!
  7. I especially enjoyed the class of his shots that went out for throw ins!!!
  8. Just think if we get the first goal against Wycombe it'll be a right game. Nothing there to be worried about. Oh hang on we've got to beat Sunderland first!!
  9. Im sure that was only champ whereby the winner has a £100m windfall for promotion to the Prem and the losing team gets the extra £1m gate receipt.
  10. Biggest league 1 play off final ever!! Shame MK and Wycombe won't get near their Wembley allocation
  11. Honestly been a joy to watch at Hillsborough since turn of year! Not enjoyed going much since CCs first season.
  12. Would have been a great final, 90,000 at Wembley!!!!!!!
  13. He was outstanding today as was Byers! either of these for me
  14. I think its small margins to be honest. MK we got on the end of 2 corners, scored 2 in 20 mins. MK were a much better footballing side than Wycombe and I was nervous watching us against them. Wycombe on the other hand, we had 5/6 first half corners got on the end of one (disallowed) didn't score, made one defensive error and lost while the whole time I genuinely thought we were the better team. The point I'm making is I don't think we were that bad against Wycombe or that good against MK.
  15. Shocking decision, the ref has clearly not seen any of it before the ball ends up in the net or he's got to give a pen/or just let the goal stand. Honestly for all the crying about us not performing, its a decision like this that has made the difference between a 'great' display and 'awful' display.
  16. Can always rely on Owlstalk to cheer you up
  17. I'm not sensing the tone of this.....What?
  18. 100% this. Lots more leg room than any other part of the ground.
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