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  1. Impressive until you consider that we contribute the most revenue to every other club than any other club.
  2. I think for most part it will be similar, 19-21K hopefully nearer 21 if we're top 6. Don't think DC has done enough to encourage fans to part with cash and while there is some DM unrest, in the main, there has been a good (yet quiet) feel to Hillsborough and it's been a surprisingly enjoyable experience watching us this year so far.
  3. Owner has put more than £600m into the club!!! I was planning to win the euro millions and put it all into Wednesday. Seems I need to win it 4 times to even get into a premier league relegation battle!!! Formulating new plan.........................Any decent bank robbers on here?
  4. I mean since new year we've won 3-2, 4-1, 4-1, 5-2, 4-2, 6-0, 3-2, 3-1. Are you saying we need to concede more to make them 4-3, 5-4, 6-5 so they're closer?
  5. Oh crap forgot we've got that to look forward to again!!
  6. Could a decreasing price each match work, based on the fact most people are in the database and there's an already simple points algorithm at work that wouldn't need much programming, 1st match £30, next £29, next £27, next £26, you get the idea!?
  7. Can't agree with that at all. Only point I would make is how nervous people were when we had the ball in our defence, people literally panicking 'get rid' 'get it out' 'Hunt' (and screaming other players names) honestly it was a bit weird at times and must transfer to the players.
  8. There is certainly room for debate around the issue. Is it a problem? Does it spoil the game or is it just a part of it? Can referees do anything to stamp it out? Do they need more power? I'm furious at watching time wasting, maybe its just cos we don't do it well enough but for 70 minutes last night, until we scored, it was such a dull affair. The Wycombe away was dreadful to witness too. I hope the final is full of time wasting is 0-0 after extra time and I don't care who wins the penalties as long as both sets of fans are thoroughly bored and frustrated
  9. Some of the comments are mental! I'd have taken 1-0 every day!!!!!!
  10. I especially enjoyed the class of his shots that went out for throw ins!!!
  11. Just think if we get the first goal against Wycombe it'll be a right game. Nothing there to be worried about. Oh hang on we've got to beat Sunderland first!!
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