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  1. home tickets

    I don't think they will drop significantly. We have 21k season ticket holders, which at the moment guarantees us around 23k minimum (see lowest gates over past 2 years). Would be surprised if we go below 23. Next season however, I think ST's will take a massive hit without some forward thinking changes/vision for future for us to buy into.
  2. home tickets

    Well, it's 2 seasons in at these prices and to be fair to DC, we now have 21,000 season ticket holders. Great marketing strategy some might say? I agree for those paying match day prices, it must be 'fighting with stewards' frustrating and way too high. A more interesting question will be how many season ticket holders will we have for next season? I bet we're back down to 15/16k, without significant changes.
  3. Missing Forestieri

    Basically the Wembley team in it!!! sad times
  4. Missing Forestieri

    Ok maybe waste of player is far too strong but his 2nd season was a shadow of his first. I'm just hoping for a return to the passionate, running, fighting quality, rather than the player who looked at times like he wanted to be out of here last season. I dont doubt his quality but I doubt his interest in playing for SWFC.
  5. Missing Forestieri

    Are you talking about Forestieri of season 15/16 or 16/17. I agree with you if it's the latter, a waste of a player if its the former. Somehow I can't see FF ever playing like 15/16 again for us, hope I'm wrong. I'd sell him if we got any offers anywhere near £10m
  6. Think we need Nuhui on the bench. I don't see how replacing Rhodes with Flecth adds much other than fresh legs. Bring Nuhui on and the defence have a big lump of a player to worry about who will bully them back. He's not brilliant but he changes games by forcing the opposition to take notice. If he can add some goals he'd be a real option for us.
  7. Jordan Rhodes

    Was just a really bad signing IMO. There were a lot of nervous fans paying that much, we have other finishers in the team already, just can't understand why we bought him. He's OK but he hasn't added anything to our squad. Joao adds a bit of pace and trickery although it doesn't often go anywhere, Big Dave adds height and strength and for me can be a very useful player to bring on. Rhodes, no height, strength or pace and actually his finishing hasn't been that great either yet, the one attribute he's famed for. To many signings haven't added anything different, IMO we're no more advanced than we were in season 1 of CC, other than better cover for injuries.
  8. I'm worried that we have a squad of players in or around their 30's, that initially could provide an aggressive attacking footballing philosophy and are increasingly struggling to do that. I'm worried by the refusal to sell players who want to leave, FF being the obvious stand out player, bought for £3m, could have sold for £9m-£12m according to reports. I said it last Jan and the Jan before ( when Middlesboro signed him), Jordan Rhodes is not worth £10m, I'd be amazed if a team paid half that for him now. We've thrown money away in a bizarre fashion and not capitalised on teams 'panic buying', we are the panic buyers!!! Countless signings, not very well thought out that must be worth very little compared to what we've spent on transfer fees and wages, that have contributed pittance to our team. We lack strength and pace and increasingly energy to play high tempo football. It's all very worrying. It seems, 2 years ago, £20m would give you a good shout at getting to the prem, now £20m isn't getting us very close (based on season so far). Hope DC is committed for the long term, hope he starts to make some better decisions, the majority so far are costing us dearly IMO.
  9. So we give the most money to other teams in the league. hmmmm
  10. Had an incident against the blunts, bloke stood up at 2-0 and used F, C, B in the space of 30 seconds. It was a proper spectacular rant at CC. A woman confronted him and then went to get a steward, while I tried to have a sensible word to say that he can't do that in the family stand, which resulted in 'I've sat here for fifteen Fing years'. Lots of kids quite upset about it all. Fortunately a steward came to have a word, he shut up and hasn't been back. Well out of order. Best thing is to go find a steward, they actually do something and look to sort it out. The odd swear if not excusable is understandable, going in the family stand with a foul mouth is unacceptable. Also why would 4 grown men come and sit in this stand with no kids? Bit weird that in it? Keeps happening around our area.
  11. We Must Be So Easy To Play Against..

    I'd get a new manager in but don't think DC will. Then I'd freshen up the squad, let anyone go that wants to and try to get some of the £10m back for Rhodes or get rid of Fessi (If someone is desperate enough to take a gamble). Try to get 2-3 younger players that have strength or pace or both. Just something we're crying out for and haven't addressed since the Wembley date.
  12. It won’t get better until..

    Trouble is I believe DC when he says he won't sack CC. Chanting CC out would create a toxic environment whereby any half chance we have this season will be gone IMO. Think we're stuck with CC, like it or not and it won't change until DC realises that 5/6000 season ticket holders have had enough IMO
  13. So incredibly short sighted Chansiri!! Can't wait to sign our next 30 something player with 'experience' What a mess.
  14. Used the CES in 15/16 season maybe 8-10 home games (£20/£10). My requests were ignored in 16/17 hence I only went 3 times all season. Got more money since and got a ST but found it a great scheme when we were struggling a couple of years back. I don't think its is in place anymore.
  15. At the time of signing it seemed like he'd be good but was a little bit bizzare in that we needed a big strong muscly CM to play with the likes of Lee Bannan Wallace Fessi. For me it was a wrong choice of CM. With hindsight the signing has been completely disastrous. I can only give him the benefit of the doubt when he has got in the first team and put his average, almost lethargic performances down to not being fit. Shame, I think he could do OK with a run of games and with a BIG STRONG MUSCLY CM partner, who we've still not signed.