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  1. Best memory is that Yorkshire sayings game/quiz that Cameron Dawson put on v Pelupessy. Thats possibly my best memory of Pelupessy too Come to think of its maybe my best memory of Dawson too!!
  2. You'd hope Moore was a central part of the team! Unfortunately this doesn't seem to have been the case with previous managers
  3. We spectacularly blew it in so many ways, completely missing the football BOOM! and the surge in popularity that most teams enjoyed, coinciding with a successful season or 2. We on the other hand are yet to have a (premier league) successful season!
  4. What does it mean to back him? He's the owner of our club and there's nothing anyone can do about it, its an irrelevant question. Do I hope SWFC get decent players and have a great season getting promoted? A resounding YES! Do I hope DC stays out of transfers and leaves it in better hands? twice YES! Do I hope DC is successful? Thrice YES! Will it happen? Thats an altogether more debatable question
  5. Not hate, just questions about a 32 year old CB that has been involved in our relegation. Is he good enough? Big question in it, good point of debate I think. I'm sat on the fence with this one.
  6. Messi isn't anywhere near comparable, come on!!!
  7. I loved Jack Hunt for his pace and energy. At 30 its not gonna have got any better!!!!
  8. I think the interesting thing will be, that the early bird for the 20/21 season finished in March 20 as Covid 19 lock down began. How many of these ST sales can be rolled over for the 21/22? How many will be holding out for a refund? How many have spaffed there ST away on watching iplayer at £10 a pop this season? It's not an easy one to predict for next season. I would imagine we'll have a lower but still good number of STs rolling over but couldn't with any certainty put a figure on it. I can predict that on the gate sales will very much depend on prices and c
  9. Surely we've set the precedent as the following season!!!
  10. I started writing a reply but then apathy took over!!! Genuinely!!!
  11. He's out of contract, he will move on, its not big news is it?
  12. From playing highlights of better seasons I presume? Does he know we went down?
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