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  1. A few well over valued there. Jordan Rhodes was never worth what Middlesboro then we paid and to get anything for him based on the last 3 years would be such a gamble for any club. Pelupessy £1.35? He's not quite good enough for Championship really, so would league 1 clubs pay that?
  2. I think threads that highlight the negative threads are nearly as bad. The 98% of folks who feel its a best we could do/average/OK/hopeful appointment probably won't bother with their reasonably happy thread.
  3. Doesn’t a hand job usually deflate?
  4. Being cynical, I'm expecting at some point soon, FF will realise that he's out of contract with us in summer and therefore needs to start playing with 100% effort, consistently, in order to win a new contract (probably not with us). I think 22nd October is too early and wouldn't expect a real show from him till late Feb/early March. Its gonna be an exciting end of season!!!!
  5. In the accounts it looked like around £60m from what I remember. This was based on a ‘sale of assets’ sum
  6. That's Rhodes wage almost covered then
  7. It's probably both. Thai people have strong cultural principles regarding loyalty and it would cost him pretty big to buy out contracts. You're right he should do it though. Waiting for the season to be ruined while asserting his unwavering support for a failing/not very qualified manager is more likely...again! COME ON DC!!!!!!
  8. And how the rogering has taken place!
  9. I don't believe for one second that we've offered anything to the Cowley's. 1. It would take a huge jump and turn around in principles for DC to poach a manager. 2. If he was interested he would do it the correct way and approach the Lincoln chairman who would probably demand a ridiculous sum in compensation or just say no. (This I believe is more likely to have happened). 3. If they had been approached it would be a strange career choice to say no considering the history of SWFC, potential of SWFC and just an incredible next step up compared with Lincoln City, who you've got to think, must be close to maxing out on their potential for a fairly small City.
  10. Absolutely. The oldest team (starting 11 according to Geoff Stelling) and squad in the league. Really worries me that we are happy to let countless multi-million pound assets run contracts down. Our midfield wasn't quite good enough 4 seasons ago and they're now all knocking on 30. Not working is it.
  11. Yeah you're probably right and summed up the majority of fans feelings about the matter, its very frustrating but no obvious solution. DC unlikely to 'poach' and the choice of out of work and interested managers inspires no one. DC has been here 4 years and still seems willing to let the season float away without making any decisions, meanwhile our squad of underachieving 'could have beens' get older and less likely to ever perform another dream (Wembley) season. The thing that irritates me about all this, is that having followed Wednesday for 40 years, I somehow expect better and never get used to the crazy way that our club is ran/neglected and some of the rotten luck we seem to endure over the years. UTO WTD (it's a long painful death)
  12. Languishing in 18th with 20 games to go and promotion is apparently still on!
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