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  1. Injury prone, therefore unreliable. So much better than Pelupessy tho!!!!
  2. briggowl


    He definitely needed to come off. Joao transformed the match, even for the goal, Joao was on the front line, defenders worried about him too much and didn't go to challenge Flectch. We looked so much more threatening with him on. If Joao was more consistent we'd have a right player. Mattias, done very little for 4 seasons, it's a big no from me.
  3. I'd happily see any players leave at this stage in order to get us out of FFP mess. Reach is not consistently good enough and anyone offering £10m, it's a no brainer. I'd let Bannan go if a bid that helps us comes in. I love the guy but he's physically too weak and we still have not bought that CM that can work with him. FF, not fit enough consistently enough, again if a bid came in that helps us deal with FFP, I'd do it.
  4. briggowl

    Chairman’s statement

    It worries me that he says 'if we don't get promotion this season' We could/should have been planning for this eventuality, maybe even 10 games into the season.
  5. briggowl

    Efe ambrose

    30 year old? Please no more than 2 years!!!
  6. briggowl


    Agree. It's been a problem that everyone saw in CCs first year and we've done nothing to sort even tho fans have been crying out for strength. We have good players but up against it we cave in and are weak physically.
  7. briggowl


    Never liked Rhodes, even when he scored for Hudders and Blackburn, he lacks pace, height, strength and since signing for us he can't finish either. Unless Bruce has a plan to keep him in and around the box and give him incredible service from both wings then its a big 'I'm over him' from me.
  8. briggowl

    Luton ticket prices

    Merely simple supply/demand economics
  9. briggowl

    The Star: Boyd's Turnaround

    I agree, I wouldn't re-sign him. If he has a belter of a 2nd half of the season, I'd perhaps consider significantly reduced wage
  10. briggowl

    Now the dust has settled...

    Well yeah, I couldn't see us splashing out on a manager (though it's wages over a few years) so nothing would really surprise me too much.
  11. briggowl

    Now the dust has settled...

    Top half would be a bonus as far as I'm concerned. I also think Bruce's arrival is conveniently timed after the transfer window closes so that we won't sign anyone, and that will be the reason why. Fans will all be appeased cos we couldn't sign anyone without a manager (Hope I'm wrong but can see it a mile off). Can't see us making any major moves in the transfer market until out of contract players are off the wage bill, it's the only outcome where the whole FFP saga would make any sense.
  12. Personally I agree with SYP. Sheffield fans have proven to be moronic enough to need the highest policing costs in the country. Why shouldn't we be penalised? Discuss!!!
  13. They've got 100k a week to blow on wages?
  14. briggowl

    3 Year Plan

    I just hope that Bruce has a plan. It's not a bad time to take on the SWFC job with a lot of players moving in in the summer (on huge wages) and presumably therefore some manoeuvrability in the summer. If Bruce decides how he wants his team to play in the next 4 months he can then really recruit well in the summer to add the missing elements. I wonder if he'll look back at the Wembley team and wonder why we didn't sign a Dime or Huddlestone type player, like every SWFC fan did. Not sure we'll ever see prices go down under CC unfortunately.
  15. briggowl

    Ground Sold !

    It possibly is worth that though!?