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  1. The first 2 minutes... it's just not great viewing. Let me know if it gets any better.
  2. He rode on Atkinsons work for a season then it all began to crumble. Never thought he was good as a man manager, bit hot headed and it didn't work out in the end.
  3. If we don't address this, its more of the same, nice tippy happy football but getting bullied against the strongest sides, as the last 4 seasons have shown. Unfortunately Bannan, Hutch, Lee will not quite be good enough and with massive ? about sustainable fitness.
  4. At least 2 years too late IMO
  5. He still doesn't really have a clue and needs to pick things up a lot quicker if we're to ever be competitive in the top 6. It's taken him 3.5 years to sort a good manager and now he needs to look very carefully at his no sale policy that has cost him (the club) multiple millions with very little reward.
  6. There's nothing about this Rhodes signing that has worked for us. Our over valuation of him in the first place has stuffed us up no end. Anyone willing to sign him for £0 would remove a great weight from our wage budget and give us the chance to sign 2 excellent Champ standard players. Despite DC and others shouting how much fans wanted him for whatever price, I and many sane Wednesday fans thought purchasing a 7th striker for the £8-£10m fee banded about on the reported £40k+ a week was absolutely mental.
  7. Absolutely agree. What a player, potentially, but he's not getting any younger and needs to perform consistently. Time to prove himself, as you say, for himself as much as for Wednesday!
  8. Me too, especially that chipmunk tune!!
  9. 'Cheers' That was a shameless comment to bump this thread to the top of the page!!
  10. Didn't notice until you pointed it out but there are definitely more.
  11. Oh you mean the header was the 2nd goal? HEY BOY, DETENTION!!!!!!
  12. Only in a legal sense. We are Sheffield Wednesday! That will never change.
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