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  1. I'm sure the Fletch pen v Villa was very costly too. I know that would make it 2-3 but think we'd have gone on to win.
  2. A fit FF would outperform Maths. Although have we ever seen a fully fit Mattias? For that reason I'd get rid. Don't think either are the future for SWFC.
  3. Can't agree with this assessment of Mattias, He's no where near proved himself over 4 years!!! Mattias has never outperformed anyone IMO.
  4. Worth £2m tops, a desperate team might pay £3m but it's a massive gamble on a player who's probably had his best years in the game and doesn't look like recovering his long term fitness if the last 2 years are to go by.
  5. As far as I'm concerned, we have to let go of the past and push on to the new. If the Leeds game showed us anything, it's that we're relying on a lot of players in the twilight of their careers that are just not going to compete with the fittest and strongest! It also showed Westwood is brilliant and we could do with him for another couple of years.
  6. It would have to be a vastly reduced wage, just through pre-season. If he gets through unscathed, offer the year on vastly reduced wage.
  7. I'm sure players will approach it very professionally, fans will be desperate to beat Leeds, however if we lose there will be some consolation.
  8. With all the out of contracts, we're likely to be in a better place financially next season. I would try to re-sign Westwood and maybe Palmer on similar contracts (I wouldn't pay higher wage for either tho). I'd offer Lee and Hooper a full pre-season with us on half their current wage. Honestly that's the best I would give them and if they get through that unscathed it's a big gamble but possibly offer them a year on half their current wage. If they think they can do better elsewhere then good luck to them. Hoping Bruce can bring in 7/8 of his own players in the same ilk as Lazzaar Aarons and Iorfa (minus injuries but maybe that's just the Wednesday way?) . Still wonder if CC has a financial mater plan to inject several more million into the club!!! Probably needs it for a serious promo push.
  9. Fletcher's a boost with his current form. Would love Aarons to be playing. How good is it that we're involved in a match like this considering the first half of the season? Come On!!!
  10. Given that most (all?) strikers need a run of games to get match fitness and sharpness to any level before they can realistically make much impact, then I'm not expecting too much from him. At best he'll be match ready and at his best in 5/6 games which if all goes well could be excellent timing for run in.
  11. Yeah I've got an issue that can't resolve without chatting to someone, I'm about 45/50 mins so might have to go. I feel your pain mate
  12. I've been trying to call since Friday morning, can't get passed the divert to main reception and then nothing.
  13. Win 4 at home, pick up a win and a draw or 2 away, seems a big ask to me especially with us collecting niggley injuries, but doable.
  14. Palmer looked really assured. He's a new player since Bruce arrived! I'd trust him at LB.
  15. Ladbrookes promo for their customers. Not quite sure how that works tho. Is it in stadium betting?
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