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  1. Reach Joao and Mattias have been chosen to play in this role for the last 2 games and for my money have been absolutely ineffective. Joao, slightly better than Reach and Mattias but still none of them in the game for any significant time. Bannan and Peluspessy/Onamah have been almost working as a 2 in Midfield and we're really struggling. It seems the option is to knock it around the back 4 and those 2, or boot it up to the top 3/4. Where are the creative runs form this 3? How many times have these 3 come short to help Bazza and Pelupessy/onamha? Joao more than the others, Reach and Mattias just seem to be floating around often alongside Flecth/Nuhui. If there role is up top with Fletcher/Nuhui then who is it that's tearing around pressing the defence and keeper? By and large Barry Bannan!!!! It's doing my head in. Run Mattias and Reach, be creative with it, run into space, run into the channels, give the opposition defence something to think about, my gran could mark you out of the last 2 games. You've offered practically NOTHING!!! I just don't understand what they think they're contributing! They float around the game, easily marked, static, waiting for the ball to land perfectly at there feet. Some would point to Mattias scoring a goal. Yeah he did but as eluded to earlier, it was a long ball up to Fletch who took it on his chest and Mattias was almost in the way of Flectch to put it in. A tidy finish to be fair but all round Mattias needs to start influencing the game along with Reach. We can't afford passengers! Rant Over. Sort it out Jos!!!!!!!
  2. Other tham his goal, static, no creativity, didn't move. Don't really understand his or Reach's role today. They spent most of their time jogging in a line with Fletcher waiting for Bannan to find them (which he did for the goal). Very dissapointing that they don't have the brain's to come get the ball/help bannan & pelupessy/run wide etc. Feel they left BB to do most of the work. Not good enough IMO.
  3. 1986/87 last game of the season, lose 2-0 to Wimbledon, they had about 30 fans in a pen on leppings lane there were about 18k Wednesday fans. Cost £3 for my dad and £1.50 for a kid on South! For some reason a 2-0 lose to Wimbledon was not enough to warn me of the future misery that I would endure!!!
  4. briggowl


    With the amount BS on Owlstalk why wouldn't your stories be put in the BS bracket?
  5. briggowl

    So Westwood didnt move ....

    Agree. Feel confident with Dawson!
  6. briggowl

    So Westwood didnt move ....

    Seems consistent with DC's refusal to sell 'family'. If DC is willing to waste money like this and doesn't learn that SWFC is not a family, it's business we're gonna keep struggling financially. Seems naive, too proud, but bordering on moronic!
  7. briggowl

    Tonight’s attendance

    12/13k max
  8. briggowl

    Sacrifices for Wednesday

    No Wednesday player/manager/chairman/employee lies awake at night worrying about me like I do sometimes about Wednesday. Crazy when you think of it like that! I don't even know what SWFC is, everything about it can change and be gone in an instant. Certainly not worth sacrificing much. I used to think it was the 50-60k people that made the club but then I don't even like half of them, judging by this Owlstalk forum!!!
  9. briggowl


    I still don't know why people give him grief. He's a really valuable asset when used properly, gives us options and something different to all other players. Starting every week is probably not ideal but as an option against certain big strong teams or coming off the bench, great!!!
  10. Surely its Zwow! Radio Sheffield!
  11. briggowl

    Ipswich Goal

    Last season we had one of these go for us (Hooper I think). The player who scores is not offside but there's clearly a player in an offside position 'not interfering'! The rule is too vague when someone puts one passed us. It's great when it goes for us however.
  12. briggowl

    Fessi warm up

    That is rubbish!
  13. briggowl

    Something changed

    I’d add Hutch to that list so far. Huge disappointment, lost all enthusiasm in his game. Looks defeated, Weird
  14. briggowl

    Better than bottom three ?

    We've got the players to do well in theory, but motivation/detremination/belief/confidence/leadership are sadly lacking and without someone growing a pair and taking responsibility for this we're stuffed tomorrow and for the season in my opinion. Seriously needing a ref to give us a couple of decisions to lift us. Hard to believe how it's come to this!
  15. briggowl

    Transparency please Wednesday

    100% agree. Couldn't be more frustrated with SWFC right now. My only way of coping is to pretend I don't care and stop going to games, which actually at £36 a pop isn't too difficult to decide. Glad I didn't renew ST, devastated with the whole running of the club again!