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  1. I guess but there was a massive feel of unease from a lot of us with the Rhodes signing. It was too much when boro did it the year before. Thought it was a terrible move.
  2. I'd rather we'd have chucked 10k a week at Hirst for 4 years than £10m and 40k a week on Rhodes. I've no idea of actual figures btw.
  3. Impressing his new employers? Hopefully not. please sort it out DC!
  4. There was a discussion on here about tickets and attendance at the game. The general consensus is that Swansea are not an exciting team even with CC returning. Get over it. Personally though 18,500 Weds fans turning out for the game wasn't too bad.
  5. We've all witnessed Wednesday's inability to press/play/control a game this season for more than 10 minutes at a time. We all suspected they were unfit and heard the rumours. It's absolutely CC's fault. I think he jumped ship before he knew we were about to sink. Jos is slowly dealing with it and hopefully we'll have enough about us to survive the championship and win the FA cup
  6. Forget about the Premier League.

    Southampton springs to mind, theres a fair few.
  7. Forget about the Premier League.

    I've never really jumped on the premier bandwagon like most. Even at Wembley it seemed a bit unreal but I just don't think we've been quite good enough and to be honest never bought the premier league in our 150th year objective. You're right we need a rebuild and your right it will take contracts running down before we can really do it properly.
  8. We've got players potentially coming back, we're one of the few teams that an intense end of season would benefit from. That or we'll see 20+ first teamers injured. I dunno.
  9. Predicting attendances

    Seriously, what's the problem? This is simple football economics, play a good side more people want to watch.
  10. Crowd, keepers and Reach

    under 18k at Udders v Manure I don't see why Swansea is considered by some as an exciting game. Without it being the return of CC it would have been 18k. It's just not exciting to play a team that should beat you and bring 1000 fans premier or not its not exciting for us or them.
  11. Yeah, I hated them being there too, with Wimbledon's 30 away fans! It was the first Weds game I went to in 87, we lost 2-0 (Why was that not a clue to the future misery I would suffer?) but I had already fallen in love with the Owls!
  12. I know, I missed Brighton too, All these teams that have somehow 'overtaken' us. We need to put it right soon!
  13. Swansea tickets..

    It's the best in terms of leg room and also height above seat in front of you. Not great if you like to be close to the action and see who's got the ball though. Over 70's might struggle to see!!
  14. It is all kinds of weird, Swansea, Bournemouth, Huddersfield, Burnley even Stoke, all League 1 teams aren't they? When I were a lad!
  15. Sam Hutchinson

    I like him at CB, quality player other than his kamikaze tackles that injure himself