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  1. Some good points made. I honestly think it comes down to CC. He has to put his hands up and say 'I've messed up' and be humble enough to change his ways. I just can't see this happening, he seems stubborn and set in his way, a proud man who will not want to listen to anyone, judging by what we've seen. He needs help and quickly, is Katrine the right person? I have major doubts after the Charlton debacle. But he needs advisors that know the Championship/League 1 including I think, a manager. We're yet to see exactly what trouble lays before us at the end of the (presumably not promoted) season. It could mean transfer embargo and fines, if the EFL want to get serious about FFP and set presidents to make clubs take it seriously it could even be points deducted. I'm hoping CC just meant we can't renew contracts which wouldn't be a problem, in fact will rectify a huge problem. Swallow your pride CC, get help and advice, employ good football people and we hopefully have a chance to start again in June.
  2. briggowl

    Bannan last niight

    He was bizarrely well off form. At least 4 very poor passes that put us really under pressure. Can't fault the running tho.
  3. briggowl

    To the Jos out brigade

    No it's not good enough. I'm uncertain and yet to be convinced, for most chairmen, after a year that equals a sacking. For CC he's probably got adoption papers ready for Jos to join the family.
  4. briggowl

    All the Dawson haters

    I rate Dawson. I've yet to see mistakes that people keep banging on about.
  5. briggowl

    To the Jos out brigade

    Can I join an 'Uncertain and yet to be convinced about Jos but desperate for him to do well' brigade
  6. Feeling quite apathetic towards Wednesday. It's my only coping mechanism to try and not care! That and we have a pizza, chinese and Indian takeaway booked so that the pain of being full of food is far more than that of a derby defeat!!!
  7. briggowl

    We are also guilty.

    Disagree Our transfer policy was good in the first season We had an aggressive attacking remit from the chairman and that's what we bought. Couldn't really fault many of the player recruitment up until after the Wembley match. Every fan coming out of Wembley knew a strong CM would give us a real chance the following year (Huddlestone and Diame the obvious example), I mean literally everyone could see we got bullied that day and needed that to be addressed. It wasn't and instead our transfers got bizarre and a bit weird and very striker heavy and very 30+ heavy (the chairman wanting experience instead of attacking and aggressive). I take massive issue with 'fans wanting Rhodes' I don't know anyone that was shouting for Rhodes after we'd signed Winall. Personally I though FF Hooper Joao Nuhui and then Fletcher was as much as a club should have while only playing 2 up front! It was a crazy signing and most watched on thinking 'it can't hurt if we're that rich but it's still not what we need'. Turns out the majority of fans were right, we're still getting bullied in midfield and we're not that rich!!!!
  8. briggowl

    A different take

    Nuhui for all his excellent work to get a new contract last season, is completely steeling a wage again. Another player completely shafting SWFC! Joao as you say did very little. Hard work being a Wednesday fan!!!
  9. briggowl

    Big Mick Now !!!!!

    He won't take us down or up. We'll be somewhere between 10th and 14th. DC will not sack him, it took months of poorer form and results to sack CC. Mick McCarthy? dunno, not the most inspiring name you could shout out.
  10. Midfield 5 Hector and Onomah in DMC Reach Bannan FF in front of them. That's what I'd try anyway!
  11. Hutch - first 3 games of season didn't look interested. Very out of character, dunno what was happening with him!
  12. Currently we'd miss none of those! Combined wage? Probably 150k/week minimum. All need to significantly improve their fitness and prove their worth or they're all out
  13. briggowl

    "Top of the league, yeah?"

    you were doing so well!!
  14. briggowl

    From Doom and Gloom to Top 2.

    It's the 1 area of the team that was never looked at when fans were screaming about it after Wembley. Why did CC not hear that but heard apparent screams for Rhodes. I actually think Onomha is toughening us up and I actually think Hector looks like that beast of a DMC