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  1. 1 mistake that he then does well to charge down the striker, did enough! 2 good saves. I think he's too easy target!
  2. Can't believe no one has said it yet but... We are the Owls, suggests maybe all types, doesn't it?
  3. I dunno, have you played Cumbrian Dodgeball?I
  4. There's a lot of worthy causes on there I guess. Feels more important than voting for a Wednesday goal!
  5. I'm thinking similar, 3 strikers, all want to play regularly, its going to be a bit of a balancing act and certainly wouldn't want more than a 4th striker to 'rock the boat' as you say. I'd worry about CM if anything happened to bannan or Luongo, Pelupessy is simply not in the same league and a poor backup.
  6. Definitely a yes, to have won 3 with 3 clean sheets is very encouraging. I'd love his press conferences to be talking about giving Watford a massive test as opposed to the other way around. For years (So not just Monk) we've heard about the opposites attacking threat/confidence blah blah blah. I want us to stop caring about the opposition so much especially the Premier league has beens and just go for it 100% without worrying So in short yes I'm 10% more confident
  7. We give too much respect to relegated teams. We need to have a go at them!!!!
  8. Problem with Rochadale game is it’s very winnable but we end up playing Fulham, much less winnable and not a big team either (not that anyone can go anyway) and so genuinely can’t be bothered with Cup either way. rest up for Watford id have thought
  9. How long until these times become precedented?
  10. He has consistently performed, like a man who has just ran a marathon and done 3 hours of intense weights before coming onto the pitch.
  11. I don't remember ever feeling this nervous or lathargic about a season! Obviously the -12 and not going to watch is weird but yeah nervous that we've not got this squad and tactics right. Staying up will be immense
  12. I just don't think DC will sack a manager unless fans turn. With us not being there Monks job is likely safe for the foreseeable future.
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