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  1. Trouble with that prediction is it's too sensible. Other than Forest Hull and Wigan maybe a bit high, when has a Championship not thrown in a wild card like Cardiff or a fancied team to struggle, like Sunderland. Hmm I'd be delighted with 4th, Not sure Villa will be anywhere near if stories about finances are even half accurate. There's at least half the league thinking they'll be in the promotion mix and have a right to be, we're one of them.
  2. Still so angry about our signings in the last 2 years (Since Hooper) , proper mugs, everyone saw us coming!!!
  3. Incredible piece of film, love it!
  4. A more interesting thread would be, what would we be willing to accept for a transfer fee? In todays crazy spending climate, I'd want enough to invest in 2 very high quality younger players. One with creative ability to replace FF and the other to be frighteningly quick on the wing as a left wing back.
  5. We don't think he'll go and they don't either as far as I can see. Weird thread!
  6. briggowl

    The Signing of Jordan Rhodes

    I don't get where this 'Fans wanted him' came from. I for one mocked Boro for splashing out £10m the year before. Poor signing but given that we already had 6 strikers on our books and only ever played 2 at a time it was a terrible signing.
  7. It'll be a good test against a team with an extremely high level of fitness if nothing else
  8. I think the last 10 games has probably saved what could have been an awkward drop in ST sales. Unfortunately I put my savings into last season and can't afford £645 for me and 2 kids (although it would be cheaper for kids this year). The good news for all Wednesday fans is I'm not a season ticket holder anymore.....my record reads 1st ST relegated from championship 2nd ST bottom half of league 1 3rd ST last season's biggest disappointment ever!!!! Odds on we'll be much improved haha
  9. Expect top half, anywhere near play offs would be great, in play-offs magnificent. I think with Wednesday we fear the teams coming down, give them far too much respect. If we can avoid those 3 for the first 7/8 games and realise they're all fairly poor and we can beat them, we'll do well. Far too much respect for Sunderland last season and went a goal down after a few minutes, thought we'd get a hammering only to find after half an hour that they were shockingly poor.
  10. Still can't actually believe how shambolic our signings have been since after the January Hooper purchase, they've all (bar 1 or 2) been pretty disastrous.
  11. We need to see progress, that has got to happen in first team and throughout the club. Regression cannot happen for any sustained period of time IMO. For me progress would see us continuing our current form at Hillsborough (it's joyful to watch again!), being consistently in the top 12 or higher (i.e win more than we lose) of the Championship and slowly building up the squad over the next 2 years, while getting some of the high earners off the books, (Will take 2 more years for some). Progression would be working out why we've had such a terrible injury recording and starting to remedy that. Progression would be to bring younger players through (Jos seems to be a champion at this).
  12. briggowl

    Ross Wallace - Premature Exit

    Think given that he's out of contract and we could do with shifting 5/6 30 somethings out of the squad he's the easy option to let go with Loovens. Just wish we'd not given Abdi,Fletcher,Boyd the big money long contracts. They could still all come good.
  13. Just reading the article on the Wednesday site. So 2 weds players took on 2 others in a frame of snooker and it's apparently aired at some point in the snooker championships. Does anyone know when the beeb will show this? Sad to see Wallace go, great memories of some great goals and a good character but unfortunately as he's out of contract and a 32 year old its got to be the right choice.
  14. Thanks, gonna go with my lad.
  15. briggowl


    I just don't like this type of striker, Rush, Lineker just turn up in the box to score but do little else. IMO its fine if you've got 9 other great players doing the work but I think big Dave is all round a more useful player, offering similar pace to Rhodes, but he bullies defenders, Rhodes will never do that. I guess the question is can we afford a player who just turns up occasionally to score or do we need more contribution in the build up? I guess only Jos will decide. I'd happily let Rhodes go if we got half his fee back.