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  1. Been found not guilty or having your conviction overturned is totally different from being innocent.
  2. Typical ugly thick pig,classless scrubbers.
  3. CC's replacement.

    He's employed these people in good faith, recommendation and past experience and cvs, but they've not done their jobs good enough here, so out em.
  4. CC's replacement.

    No he is not, he's not there all the time and he can't run the club on his own, he has people doing various tasks that will be on good salaries and some these are responsible for the kit fiasco and other failings of the business.
  5. CC's replacement.

    100% agree, it's about Mr C realised the ship needs a new rudder, just throwing money at the old one is going to sink us
  6. CC's replacement.

    Would you find it funny if it was your money?
  7. CC's replacement.

    The whole club needs a shake up, new manager and backroom staff, whoever is responsible for player identification, whoever is responsible for the kit fiasco, whoever is responsible for trying to sort out anniversary match, the money this club has chucked away this last year is criminal.
  8. Fernando Forestieri

    Ferguson didn't constantly mess around chopping and changing the side,or formation, sometimes play a weakened side in early cup or European ties. But every player new exactly were he was playing and what was expected of him.
  9. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    These players that you suggest are going in go act the fool can only be doing it because they are not happy with what they're been asked to do, I Forestieri played out wide, Rhodes as a target man, some players have been brought to the club, who use to have specific rolls at their previous employer, they've come to us and can be asked to fill in anywhere.
  10. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    Theirs definitely issues within that squad of players, fall outs etc, it should have been sorted by now but it hasn't, I can see other players ending up in the Mcugan cenario if we're not careful, these players have cost a lot of money, this is bad management and disrespect of the clubs money by Carlos.
  11. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    New manager required to get the best out of Fessi and Rhodes, sort out the shambolic defence, bring Mcugan back into the equation and play to our strengths.
  12. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    Agreed, a new manager should decide the fess issue, get him back to playing his best or spend the money wisely, Carlos capable of neither.
  13. hull tity

    You want to cut down on the ale before the match.
  14. What sad journalist would put that, nothing more than a bullshit story made up by a drunken blunt after another depressing match at bumhole Lane and the rest of the drunken fools believe it.
  15. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Massive result today, patched up back four, feared the worst, credit to everyone, well chuffed, match Burton physically next week and we should win that and l will call that an acceptable start, as I said after Sunderland, we need a similar player to Bannan, to help him out, and cover if he is injured at some point, God forbid. WAWAW.