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  1. Definitely a porkers version of our history, why start with them when we were founded first, makes it look like they've always had bigger attendances LOL. author Snorty Mcsue.
  2. Pricing is Chansiri downfall, 33quid for non members on the kop won't get the shall I shan't I flooding back, at the lane they've just done 4 games for 40quid and kids for 20. Put a offer on like last 5 home games for 100 quid on the kop, 125 on North, 150 in South.
  3. Big Dave bashers, get off his back FFS, you all went quiet the last few games last season. Steve Bruce said everyone will get their chance, well he's got his now. Look what a different player Palmers been under Bruce, big Dave could do the same, WAWAW, support the guy. UTO.
  4. Let's win the next 2 and we could be back in there. Still got florest at home brizzle at home Preston away, still doable, but the main thing is we're moving in the right direction again under somebody who knows what he is doing, feeling optimistic again. UTO
  5. Like I said, Bruce will get this club running properly from the tea ladies to Chansiri, looks like piaxos removal isn't that straightforward, Chansiri has got to man up and get shut if Steve Bruce wants this. Our future is looking bright again but Chansiri has got to give 100 % support to Steve Bruce, not have a third party rocking the boat.
  6. Toytowners or little pigs, what a horrible little club, so many similarities to your vile cousins from S2, the thick pigs.
  7. It's the new badge for me, followed by the old version of the new badge, been a traditionalist and all that.
  8. Absolutely agree, just saying what support is their when somebody eventually puts a team together worthy of that fan base.
  9. Pork took 1200 just before Xmas when they were in the top 4.
  10. Obviously don't do any research of their own, except headlines in the tabloids, pair of ignorent arogent lobbers and the BBC are no better, needed someone like Waddle or Bright, but that would have needed them to stretch their brain cells a bit.
  11. Negative tactics, obvious when pelupessy and Hutch on team sheet, subs should have been made at half time, once we were 2 down it was game over, I always say I don't mind losing to a better team, but lets have a go, I want to come out of a game when we lose thinking, okay we've lost but what a cracking game to watch.
  12. P. S, don't go Fessi, sell Palmer instead, and Jones and Lees and Abdi Hooper Lee. Dawson.
  13. If Madine is worth 6,that donkey hugil 8, then Fessi is worth 14, he's my favourite player and on his day is worth the admission fee on his own.
  14. Don't know how to spell his name name, but Tumi was another hero back in the day, remember him getting stabbed on the cop v Millwall, great days.
  15. Palmer and Lees, dear oh dear, we could beat ourselves the way they are playing at the moment.
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