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  1. How many chances does he get!? Been a let down time after time.
  2. Thought we started poorly stood off them too much, scored a great goal against the run of play and gained a bit of confidence from it and just started to get a foothold in the game when Shaw does something totally unnecessary and we are down to ten That lifted Reading again and knocked us sideways and it was always going to be backs to the wall from then on.
  3. Some of our players are garbage at just basics, ball control, passing absolute shocking, what ever the outcome of this season clear all the out of contract players out except the young ones. That clearance from Lees near the end FFS.
  4. Yes he's playing in Cyprus and we can't score a goal for love or money the so much more called strikers we've got left couldn't hit a cows backside with a banjo and listening to some of you better strikers were 3 a penny. Comedy classics.
  5. They should try another career perhaps quiz shows, they would be very good on POINTLESS.
  6. Spot on, how many times do you try to explain that this season is all about survival, if its ugly and boring don't give a throw as long as we stay up then a total revamp of the squad. This time next year fans will be able to judge how Pulis is doing.
  7. Wouldn't you be better off running a site on something you have some knowledge on?
  8. He was pushed out by Harris, don't think their was a que for him.
  9. Weren't you aware we were deducted 12 points and Fletcher is on 15k a week at Stoke which is double what we offered. Where have you been. So if we were only prepared to offer Fletcher that then what do you think the latest signings will be on
  10. Don't forget that is with the big wage earners still on our books, Westwood, Bannan Rhodes etc.
  11. It's not easy to find descent players when you want them to come for one of the lowest pay structures in the division to a club who were starting on - 12 points.
  12. Might as well talk to trees than explain to some on here mate Neil been a prime example.
  13. Yes that's right but the only problem was they wanted to pay in fag coupons from their packets of Woodbine, piggy toohats..
  14. It wasn't just that incident he was poor throughout, his passing and positional play was woeful.
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