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  1. Their all the same, Mcsue, wildboar, scurrie, that grey haired badman on the kop, vile bitter faced tools that sweep the truth under the carpet and brainwash their vile clubs followers with bullshit. The hatred in their faces is Sickening, its because they know they'll always be the city's second club.
  2. gizowl

    Tom Lees

    Don't know why he gets in ahead of Thornily or Hector, another of many bizzare decisions, inept management.
  3. Be nice to see Steptoe and the other scrubbers partying in their land fill site, disguised under the name of Bramhall Lane.
  4. gizowl

    Changing Room War Music

    Frank Wilson. DO I LOVE YOU, INDEED I DO. Great new Wednesday anthem.
  5. 1Ron Springett. 2.Wilf Smith. 3.Don Megson. 4.Carlton Palmer. 5.Vic Mobley. 6. Des Walker. 7.Terry Curran. 8.Jim Macalliog. 9.John Ritchie. 10.Tommy Craig. 11. Cris Waddle.
  6. gizowl

    Just got back....

    I really hope we stick it up them today, only interested in their own interest, to get the game played while our squad is decimated, no concerns for supporters we'll being and safety, their supporters are rank and wouldn't turn up at Hillsborough in these conditions anyway, but Owls are different and will travel regardless of the risk, it really is a disrespectful decision to play this game today, I hope it backfires on them big time and we come away with the 3 points, and our fantastic fans all return safe and sound.. WAWAW.
  7. If the injury crises was the other way round, the match would be off.
  8. gizowl

    Loovens and Butterfield

    We really are in a sorry state at the moment, some of the players don't seem to give a throw.
  9. gizowl

    good result

    Yep, build from the back, become hard to beat, just need to work on the offensive.
  10. Iron bar mob, now your talking.
  11. gizowl

    When did owls become pigs

    I've just seen the blue and white apron classic, blue and white apron was commonly worn by general grocers, butchers wore red and white.
  12. gizowl

    When did owls become pigs

    Theirs nothing original about those classless tramps,they were founded after us, they've got our old nickname, they started playing in stripes because we played in stripes, they've always been the pigs, I had a great uncle who use to cut off the streaky end of a full rasher of bacon and throw it on the fire, because it resembled the United shirt. The latest one they've jumped on is the City is Ours song, in a couple of years, they'll swear blind they started it.
  13. gizowl

    The Beer Bottle

    Has Caborn appealed to the supporters who saw the bottle thrower to report them to the police.?. What a waste of taxpayers money he is.
  14. gizowl


    Well not quite, I see Caborn, has crawled from under his stone, appealing to supporters to report people who were sexist chanting, aimed at relatives of Wilder apparently, I wasn't their. But seen as he goes down to that scrub hole on a regular basis and he knows the clowns running the club, he knows the top police cheifs, why is he not sorting out that vile behaviour that goes on in his own back yard at every home game?
  15. gizowl


    We've got to learn from our errors in recruitment over the last couple of seasons, it's got to be left entirely to Jos, if he knows of players who he's worked with before and are available, I'm sure DC will back him, but we don't need to do anything in haste.