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  1. Season Ticket Renewal

    Agree 100%,I'm not parting with any cash for season tickets until Carlos is gone and those I go with are the same.
  2. Tom Lees

    Just going through the motions like alot of the team, looking lost and confused as to what they are doing.
  3. How much longer do we have to endure this? Slow start, plod along, no game plan, a draw will do, step it up a bit when we go behind, against a poor lower mid table side.
  4. How much longer do you think he should be given?
  5. Clarkes playing like he is because of the manager pure and simple, they've got a great work ethic that puts ours to shame, they play to a system that compliments the players strengths, I've look at the number of chances that are set up for him per game, compared to the scraps our strikers are living off at the moment.
  6. How much longer do you think he should be given?
  7. So were at home, 25000+ home supporters backing them, a team that cost a quarter of ours, a team that will be happy to finish in the top 10,and we go out to grind out a 0,0 bore draw. GREAT. Get a grip man, that is totally unacceptable, no leadership, no game plan no passion or desire, we made them look far better than they were. We are paying top dollar to watch that crap, you watch season ticket sales plummet, all those young kids who'll be asking their dads next year to take them to the stain, to watch man u, Liverpool, chelsea, and it will probably be cheaper. Carlos out now.
  8. When ?

    We got what we deserved yesterday, the only person who got what he didn't deserve was Carlos, he got paid for that dross yesterday.
  9. Sorry but some of you have got to wake up, which way you look at the game yesterday, there was zero entertainment yesterday, it was dull boring negative clueless, lethargic after a 2 week rest. I don't mind losing to a better side on the day or if we don't have the rub of the green, bad ref etc but ffs let's have some positivity, some passion, commitment let's drive forward at every opportunity, I don't mind coming out of Hillsborough if we've lost 3-2,4-2 and thinking I know we've lost but that was great to watch, and on another day we could have won the game, but at the moment I feel so sorry for the young kids having to watch that, they must be bored senseless, and if the pork get to the promised land next season they will be asking their dads to take them to watch man u, Liverpool, arsenal, and it will probably be cheaper, unless things change, no way will we sell anywhere near 21000 season tickets, I know a lot that won't be renewing until Carlos has gone, my nephew came up from London on the train yesterday, paid 90 quid for 2 tickets in the south, to watch that pathetic showing, I've watched Wednesday since 1963,I've laughed and cried over this club more times than I care to remember, but I'm telling you now, Carlos has to go.
  10. Just watched the highlights

    First substitution wallace for butterfield, they scored two minutes after that negative substitution, yep Pudil goes off injured, but do you put your only Remaining winger to full back, wakey wakey,what use is Rhodes without a winger putting crosses in, are you Carlos in disguise?
  11. Yes, for ages now, I've questioned the fitness levels, and all this crap of squad rotation, can't play two games in a week, the blunts players put more in one game than we put in two, and if they didnt pick any injuries up on Friday it will be the same starting 11 for their next game.
  12. If we'd had winnall on the bench yesterday instead of butterflies and put him on for wallace we'd have won that game yesterday. If Carlos is still here in February, watch the season ticket sales plummet.
  13. Just watched the highlights

    The second half was dreadful, never got going, topped by Carlos dreadful first negative substitution.
  14. Time For Rhodes

    Got to agree, Rhodes is the least effective striker in our squad at the moment, if you don't play with wingers putting good crosses into the box he's a waste of a shirt, got nothing else to his game, no pace can't hold the ball up can't link up play, get shut in January.