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  1. They really are THICK PIGS, classless scrubbers.
  2. I've been looking at my marriage contract, thought it said I only had to put up with her for a maximum 6 days a week, this is unbearable the thought of 7 days for the foreseeable.
  3. If it's postponed I might find something interesting to pass Saturday afternoon on.
  4. It's up to us to make sure he does or he sells up and clears off, his first bit of change of direction is to bin off paixao.
  5. Unbelievable, you've got it, at last. DC needs to either sell up to someone more football savvy or appoint a DOF to run the club, give him a sensible budget to build a good coaching and scouting set up, build a younger side with players that are hungry and ambitious and want to come to us not just for the money. Finally reduce matchday prices to get back supporters who have kept away especially in what is going to be a transition period.
  6. What use have the over paid has beens been to this club apart from sending us into bankruptcy. Fresh start, sensible budget with a DOF and a good coaching and recruitment system and a sensible matchday POG pricing policy.
  7. Before we start been fussy on the style of play lets have a side that doesn't capitulate and lie down. Lets have one that battles and scraps and gives their all for the cause.
  8. Well stop with the small minded approach, what we need right now is a strong experienced manager who short term can get some sort of response from that spineless squad we've got until the end of the season, then sort the squad out and build a side capable of moving us forward on a reduced budget.
  9. Yep WARNOCK JESUS, but if he'd took the job when Mandaric was chairman we might not be in this fcuking mess now.
  10. And that's exactly where they should stay, on tv just change channels and they're gone.
  11. A difficult pill to swallow would be worth it if it makes you better.
  12. Warnock till end of season, then take it from there,at the end of the season if DC can't find a buyer, he gets shut of paixo, hires a DOF, someone like Warnock, sets a budget and goes and plays with his other businesses and stays well clear of us. Providing Colin doesn't employ Blackwell as head coach.
  13. WARNOCK until the end of the season would do it for nothing.
  14. Bullen needs to be part of the clear out, had his time and failed, that's our problem,chairman, manager players, had their chances over the last few yrs and failed, no winning mentality in any capacity, everything must go.
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