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  1. Getting it halved is the aim I'd settle for 9.
  2. I'd have settled for a point at 3 , Chey still to come in and get a couple of strikers in and we'll be okay, if I'm been greedy would like a strong centre midfielder still not convinced with Luongo.
  3. Would have started Palmer on the right and Harris on the left.
  4. A striker of that description would cost about 40million.
  5. Looking at longer term if he's a good prospect for the right price yes we do need him can't see us extending the contracts of Odubajo, Lees, Westwood, Rhodes,Pelupessy,Borner, Van Aken and if a offer came in for any of these we wouldn't stand in their way. So we will already be looking for young promising prospects for these positions.
  6. Because the EFL like giving us as much crap as possible while good old boro get the chance to open their gates on Saturday to a limited number of supporters, bent as fooook.
  7. Think you've got to go with Palmer and Harris to start just that little more strength and experience against a team I expect to be right up there. I'll be happy with a point.
  8. Maybe but that's the way it is, I know they are doing everything possible to get deals finalized but it is very complicated, players, agents, clubs, everything has got to be right.
  9. Not particularly bothered about the Zahore signing now going to cost us too much of our budget, we really need a minimum 3 more players and if he comes we would be looking at one more if we're lucky. Let's go back for the Lad at Man City, Murphy, Sanderson ,Garner these would be better investments for our future.
  10. EFL put the final nails in Macclesfields coffin with the points deductions through the season that ultimately led to the relegation from the football league. Another f... up the useless lobbers.
  11. Well if they want to carry paying over the odds for players that's fine Rooney's not pulling any trees up for his hefty wedge and I don't think Zahore will either, but Derby have just raked in 15m for the two players they sold to the pigs. I think we stick to our current philosophy of recruiting young hungry players and in a couple of seasons it will pay dividends. Derby are on a slippery slope.
  12. Only 3 games in so lets not get carried away but the difficult circumstances Monk has had to try and build a team and attract players, I who was quite happy when he was appointed was dreading this season. But after tonight even though we only played a lower league one side that performance was excellent especially taking into account the number of changes and young players we put out. Not for a long time have we put in such a dominant convincing all round team performance. Maybe just maybe with GM and the new coaching team and his philosophy of a young hungry dynamic squad we hopefully could be on the road to better times. UTO.
  13. Your not too far off talking sense for a change
  14. This is where things must change if the deal is right for us we get him if not we move on,otherwise we will never get out of this financial mess.
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