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  1. Correct mate its painful this f..king mess we are in but I congratulate the dingles ,its about the people at the top doing the right things.
  2. Same bull droppings in the media where DM is expecting to meet Chansiri this week to discuss budgets etc. Well good luck with that one, this is where Chansiri goes AWOL for the next couple of months by which time all the best deals will have been done by rival clubs and we pick up crocks, has beens and rejects but the board are confident of getting the embargo lifted for the January transfer window.
  3. We will see in the next 3 or 4 weeks if he is taking a change of direction and if he has the funds to complete it. Get embargo lifted Give DM a budget that gives him a chance of building a squad capable of competing at the top end of league one and reducing match day prices although personally if he achieves the first two I will renew my season ticket.
  4. Once again we get the confident of embargo been lifted in time for the transfer window opening,well atm I'm confident of nothing with Chansiri in charge.
  5. Must have taken advice from Chansiri over this decision. It's known as "how to totally f..k your fanbase off "
  6. We'll soon see if he's learnt from his mistakes when the transfer window opens. We've had the "confident of getting the embargo lifted "chestnut before. I really hope this is the case and we have a great recruitment pre season, am I confident of this?,NO because Chansiri is a incompetent buffoon.
  7. Correct, over the last couple of weeks when DM has been interviewed the Wednesday background consists of Chansiri, elev8 that's all. Rotherham had about a dozen on theirs including pukka pies who we had for several years pro Chansiri reign. Most players kit sponsors have walked,matchday ball sponsor,executive boxes etc.They might be minimal amounts but it's about community bonding and he has destroyed it.
  8. We've been down this road before with the confident of getting the embargo lifted when SB was the manager and because it didn't he fcked off to the barcodes and here we are again because of our lunatic chairman. I want a season ticket for next season but until these issues are resolved and I see players brought in who can give us hope of a decent campaign he can fizz off.
  9. ATM I'm not too optimistic about the 21/22 season, hope I'm wrong.
  10. What's your hobbies defacing and pulling down statues ?
  11. Like we did with Atdhe last summer LOL
  12. To have a decent chance of promotion we've got to keep Hutch Bannan Windass Urohgide Palmer Iorfa Rhodes Lees Borner, I know some of them are out of contract and it will be subject to accepting reduced terms and with a decent keeper, left back, a couple of midfielders and two wingers we could do well.
  13. Why will it be easier for Dawson in league one are the goals smaller or the ball bigger? he and Wildsmith need binning off.
  14. That was my point owlinexile I love this club its not the relegation that will stop me from buying a season ticket but the fact that he is still at the helm with his side kick Paixao, it makes me shudder.
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