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  1. Not good management to put young kids into a pressure situation,yes I agree Lees is dreadful and has no bottle.
  2. Any decent manager doesn't put a young kid like Urhoghide into a pressure game like today.
  3. Yes, we might have a chance with 14 on the pitch
  4. Same old twits out, jump on Nuhui, not played for the last 6 matches, what about, Dawson Lees ,iorfa ,Borner Bannan Pelupessy, Wickham. Dip Sticks.
  5. You can talk line ups, formations score predictions, scorers all you like. All I want is the chosen eleven to go out on that pitch, wear the shirt with pride and run their nuts off,earn their money, give their all for those fabulous fans that are mad enough to turn up today. FFS.
  6. There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis, he's a liar and I'm not sure about you.
  7. Gibson and Co at it again, group of clubs in the championship demanding SWFC get a significant points deduction. Bitter f...ers.
  8. Think it needs a total restructure from the very top, DC has two choices, either sells up or steps aside to let someone run the club for him, their is so much wrong on and off the pitch I don't know where to start. We are going backwards on the pitch, we are losing the bond with our fanbase, identity with the community. We need a experienced football man as a general manager/director of football to set up a strategy for the future and get supporters back on board. Thought Steve Bruce was going to be the man but this is the sort of person we need.
  9. If I was manager Pelupessy would never be sent off. Because he wouldn't be picked . From someone whose usually glass half full, I'm not expecting owt tonight.
  10. Correct, those who thought throwing money at it have lost the plot, it needs good business acumen and management structure. You only have to look 2 miles away for the perfect example of this unfortunately. Time to clear the decks and start again with a totally different philosophy.
  11. This 100%, if you can't get the club out of this mess and move us forward you need to step aside for someone who can. Sheffield Wednesday and its fabulous fans demand and deserve it.
  12. Makes me so infuriated how we give up our time and money to be repaid with inept embarrassing performances. How much longer before someone runs our club properly and gives us a team worthy of our fantastic support.
  13. Not fit to police and protect the public should lose his job if justice is done. SYP reputation is very concerning.
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