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  1. With our ffp issues, everyone has a price, could make 2 or 3 good signings to strengthen the team and still bank some.
  2. The baggies fan that comes on here said he had no heart and desire while on loan with them, that looks pretty accurate atm.
  3. Agree, Murphy needs to seriously up his game if he wants to be a regular starter.
  4. Credit Winnall, great header, good substitution,Murphy needs to seriously up his game if he wants to be a regular starter.
  5. Why are we having a pop at the Cowleys ,it was DC'S choice, he wouldn't pay the compo and match what salaries were demanded, I think DC's made the right call, I'm happy with the choice we've made unlike some on here, ie Shirley McLean.
  6. Looking back, I think we're pretty much back to where we were before DC took over but no manager can guarantee success, Hughton was my first choice, while on holiday talking to a couple of Brighton fans who said the last 18 months of his tenure was simply dreadful and he had to go. The love in with the Cowleys with some was questionable, they've only managed in lower leagues. DC was never going to pay compensation for a manager,it had become apparent Bullen wasn't the answer so I think it was just DC'S personal preference and don't forget he can't promise an open cheque book anymore,so we're not as attractive as 3yrs ago.
  7. Why not apply for the DOF position you keep withering on about, you seem to know more than the rest of us.
  8. Bit like parliament on here can't agree on the colour of sh..I.. t.e, everyone has a opinion, I'm prepared to roll with it and see what happens.
  9. Didn't we play Brum on New year's day, we drew 1.1, thougt they were decent then to say the off field problems they'd got
  10. What can anyone do about it, It's DC'S decision, it wasn't up for a vote, not my first choice, but my opinion is could have been worse, there's no guarantee who ever we appointed, I'm prepared to give him a chance. Let's see what happens.
  11. That's okay cause we hate Gibson, full rate lobber at a shi te club.
  12. If he gets us back to the promised land that could well happen.
  13. Probably not my first choice, but there's a lot of worse choices, Karanka McLaren Pulis O'Neill Keane, so lets give him a chance and get behind him. UTO.
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