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  1. Palmer and Lees, dear oh dear, we could beat ourselves the way they are playing at the moment.
  2. gizowl

    Luton’s Current Form

    They were nothing more than a average league one side, due to out dreadful performance we made them look far better than what they are.
  3. Agree with you on this Hector and Fox were the best of the back four today, and they did try to drive us forward, occasionally they did give possession away but at least they were positive, Lees and Palmer however zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  4. At least he tried to do something positive try to get the ball forward, if they all did what Lees does we'd never get out of our own half.
  5. Seriously, was you there today, some of the passing from Hector today was excellent, if he can do that when he's pissed, as some numpty has put, I can't wait to see him when he is sober, Lees is just Mr square pass usually to Palmer, Lees relies on Bannan to take it off him because he doesn't know what to do with it. This is why Bannan spends too much time playing too deep.
  6. Hector was the best of the two centre backs today by a country mile.
  7. You must have been at a different game to me, if you think Lees was man of the match, he was appalling and he's the worst captain Wednesday have ever had.
  8. gizowl

    Press Conference

    All on board, hope this roller-coaster is the one we've been waiting for, cautious because it's going to be tough, but confident because we've now got a very knowledgeable management team and coaching staff. Mr Chansiri will now see the sort of people he should have employed in the first place and I hope it all ends well for him and us, he's a good guy and we are the best supporters and follow a great football club. Now let's do what we're good at starting tomorrow and turn out in force and back the team. UTO WTID.
  9. gizowl

    Team v Luton

    Strongest side possible, top half finish in the league and a good cup run, a good home fixture sell out, followed by a away day at one of the top six in Premier league and I'll be happy with this, then let the proper business commence.
  10. Nothing is guaranteed with any manager, Ferguson or Pep could come and may not achieve our goal, and as for not always been at the training ground well Big Ron wasn't, what I'm confident about is Bruce will get the club running properly on and off the pitch, looking at the longer term if all goes well, he would be a great DOF.
  11. Well done Mr Chansiri, he's trying his upmost to get our club where it belongs, Steve Bruce will bring a wealth of experience on how to run a club properly from top to bottom, which I'm sure Mr chansiri will learn a lot from, I feel far happier now about how the club will operate football wise and behind the scenes, we need to back the latest developments and start turning out in force and rid the club of the negativity that's crept in over the last year. WAWAW. U T O
  12. Great to see, let's all get behind the appointment of Steve Bruce, Mr Chansiri is trying his upmost to get things right, we need to be patient, theirs alot to put right behind the scenes, this is where Bruce will be invaluable, he knows how a club should Operate from top to bottom, let's back this appointment and Mr chansiri by turning out in force, and get our fantastic club back where it belongs.
  13. I don't think we have to say thanks, we do this now by showing a bit of respect, stop stamping on him, personal insults to him and his family, same with Steve Bruce, these stupid photos before he's started the job. Chansiri has learnt a hard lesson the expensive way, being too trustful with people who turned out to be sharks. With the appointment of Bruce he will learn how to run a football club properly from top to bottom, and spot the con artists in the game, when they come knocking. At the end of the day, he wants the same for our club as we do, and he also has the burden of finding the finance to do it. So let's stop all the personal jibes and turn up in numbers on matchdays and do our bit to push our great club back to the promised land. UTO.
  14. Yes but this is our club where we all want to get back where we belong, yes we pay our money and have our opinions, but those running and managing the club need to know we are 100% behind them and appreciate their efforts and funding, how do you think Steve Bruce's wife and family will feel when she sees some of this stuff on the website, and the Chansiri family when he goes back to Thailand to ask for more funding?
  15. Agreed, nobody likes a joke more than me, but some of the stuff on here Regards Chansiri and now with Bruce is personal and offensive, get a grip and show a bit of respect. Chansiri has been badly advised in the past and dropped some clangers, but he's an honorable bloke who wants the best for us, this is the start of him trying to put things right, and he's prepared to put his money where his mouth is. So the fans need to get down there in big numbers to get our great club back to the promise land.