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  1. Remember going to the match he'd been invited to attend by Bert McGee I think he sat in the North ,I didn't think he would attend to be honest so that was a bonus. Had radio Sheffield on all the way home and nothing about whether he'd talked to the chairman or just gone straight home. Thought that was the end of it. Went to Steeleys that night a couple of piggy mates laughing earlier saying he'd never take the job and only turned up to be polite. Then about 11 ish their was a change in the atmosphere in steeleys ,groups of lads shouting and cheering, one of my piggy mates said Charlton's your new manager What a night, got totally bladdered. Numerous great matches, pigs home and away, Blackburn away, Barnsley away promotion season. Burnley cup replay, cup semi final.
  2. Two lads at work are probably pink with curly tails.
  3. They can't fathom out what's going on, that's the fcuking problem, they have got away with incompetent running of the EFL for a few years now , covering over the cracks but it's now in the space of a few months caught up with them. People are now asking questions of them and they know they're in the shiiit.
  4. Don't think they are exactly sure because the rules and regulations are not clear and specific, they can be interpreted in different ways, I think it's why a decision is taking so long. I wouldn't trust them to run a bath.
  5. There has been loopholes and uncertainties in a wide range of EFL rules and regulations which some clubs have tried to exploit over the past few years and knowing this have been slow to close the holes and give clear guidance on what exactly is and is not allowed. Plus it's clear that they are incompetent at carrying out their own tasks like due diligence on new owners etc. If Wednesday have proved that what they have done was with open dialogue with the EFL then it's going to be difficult for the EFL to implement a severe punishment, but use it as a future guideline and make clear the rules on FFP.
  6. Correct and they play like that home and away, they are quite happy to let the opposition have the majority possession and hit them on the counter. Possession is just a statistic that counts for nothing.
  7. This is the pathetic attitude of our so called big name players who are supposed to set examples to the academy players especially Fletcher the money he's been on for the last 3years and considering the lengthy injury periods you'd think he would have signed a extension in our time of need for very little in return just as a payback for the club and supporters sticking by him when he was at rock bottom with his injury issues. Good riddance to overpaid underachieving mardy arses.
  8. Agree, as part of our restructure to move forward Paixo and Doyen need to be binned off.
  9. If the story is accurate he wants first team football worst case scenario in league one but with a club with great potential, stadium and playing surface. Playing in front of 20k min for home fixtures if he does well it hopefully means the team is doing well or the scouts will be out in force from other clubs.
  10. Just look at how far we've fallen thanks to players we have heard of who failed to deliver on the pitch didn't give a fig then walked away with no conscience and bulging bank accounts.
  11. Sad news that we've lost Big Jack ,brought our club out of the wilderness and put pride back into our wonderful club. Gave us many great memories. RIP big man. x .
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