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  1. goalkeepers right toe is on the line look where his outstretched right arm is unless he is disjointed the ball is over the line
  2. when he was substituted I didn't realise he was still on the pitch
  3. let the battle of the egos commence
  4. I see your point, doubt Zayette will be given a chance though as his contract is up at the end of the season isn't it? and he's out injured for the rest of the season.
  5. the featured games are decided before they kick off. you cant legislate for them being crap games rest of the highlights are shown roughly in league position order
  6. shouldn't be difficult as its so well documented
  7. everytime those who go to most games get priority that's how it should be
  8. zero chance points are over two years season tickets holders have 400+ points as standard
  9. on the video with clattenburg explaining his decision the pitch looks like it has covers all round....pulled back obviously he can see the pitch
  10. When is it? seeing as though we are still in it
  11. I'm a bit younger but I remember my Grandad referring to united as pigs in the early 70's when I was a nipper
  12. so as I said...our spot begins with "Sheffield Wednesdays lowly league position" could have started with , Sheffield Wednesdays great run of form has seen them move away from the relegation places....etc but no, It starts with....you get the picture
  13. our spot begins with ....Sheffield Wednesdays lowly league position
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