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  1. If we went into admin tomorrow we'd either be relegated into league one and start next season in league one on -12 or depending on the EFL's made up as it suits them rules start next season on minus 24 but you're not bothered
  2. The clubs comments that the charges are unlawful and that they intend to seek damages begin to make sense now
  3. I, and many others called it at the time. He feigned injury and came off after a few minutes in his first game after the restart, whilst still under contract to us and never played again (wonder what the Westwood conspiracists think about that) Fletcher Robbed us so much its unreal
  4. He's managed Grimbsy, Scunthorpe (3 times) and shamrock rovers Quite bizarrely he was appointed as burnley manager after leaving us....where he lost 15 out of 18 games
  5. Macclesfield have been deducted a total of 17 points this season. Stevenage have won 3 of 36 games. fair play and all that
  6. has to be FF that game when he played for Watford against us and every time anyone came near him he fell over and threw his arms in the air for a free kick. the whole ground started throwing their arms up when he did it.
  7. exactly basically he takes clubs to non league
  8. you have to look at the demise of the clubs that turner has been involved with to see he isn't some sort of guru
  9. Seriously? Chris turner who along with Ashely and Dave have a great track record of running football clubs are offering advice https://www.derbyshiretimes.co.uk/sport/football/breaking-director-football-and-former-ceo-chris-turner-leaves-chesterfield-55563
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/charlton-risk-expulsion-football-league-efl-demand-details-takeover-a4510536.html%3famp
  11. it would be even more ironic if swfc push a legal case against charlton given their current ownership situation and why they haven't been charged yet.
  12. its quite ironic that the two biggest whingers, Charlton and Barnsley are clubs that went into administration. Thus contributing to the ffp rules being brought in to stop shitty clubs like these cheating and not paying their debts
  13. The thread is about the gesture that Westwood has made to the young lad take your hate elsewhere,
  14. I wonder if young James wants us to "just leave" this story
  15. I will never forgive "the band" for stopping the Gerald Sibon song "do do do the funky Sibon" Every time anyone tried it they banged over it
  16. We are not allowed songs Evetime someone tries to start one, the band starts banging over you the only way we are going to get songs back is when the band do one
  17. night mate ….x Sure someone will be along soon to argue with you sweet dreams
  18. not getting into one of your silly arguments just saying
  19. Day one? bit of poetic licence there to be fair
  20. Going to be interesting when their result is announced and to see what the disgruntled Charlton and Barnsley do
  21. Its going to be a meltdown if Wigan win their case
  22. Reading that thread at least made me Given their own situation and stories that they might be expelled from the league its just so funny. I remember a few years ago in the league 1 when they made themselves our "rivals", it was bizarre
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