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  1. I'm afraid Ian is right for a change. we haven't conceded 21 goals form the 85th minute onwards under Monk. its actually only 19 goals. What a manager
  2. Kevin Pressman and Steven Haslam both played in the top tier, I'm sure there are others too. Not superstars I know but hey ho
  3. If the match involves a premier league club you have to stream it from the link I have posted above see here https://www.efl.com/news/2020/september/carabao-cup-matches-available-to-watch-live/
  4. This grounds too big for us this grounds too big for us
  5. Well done SWFC, sounds the fairest option to me.
  6. Bottom till xmas, then when monk is sacked lower mid table finish
  7. Some teams have played their Carabao cup games today, why couldn't we have done this to get it out of the way?
  8. That said that would be pretty pointless as since he started on his "professional" career he barely touches the ball let alone scores goals
  9. As its streamed live, can we set up a virtual boo on here?
  10. It was more the repsonse...mr manager, Westwood is injured that's why he isn't playing, ...Westwood, no I am not injured
  11. please don't call me dotty, there is another poster on here with the name ... (three dots) and has been called out for talking rubbish about something...different posters. Again though, can you give me the stats?
  12. I don't know how many times people have to say this he is not injured and he is not claiming to be injured
  13. will you share this seasons stats please? I'm guessing you have realised your error
  14. My bug bear is, I don't think anyone, would argue that out of the 3 keepers on our books....Westwood is by far the better of them but lies are being peddled as to why he isn't playing, he is not injured and he tells you that himself
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