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  1. licensed premises are going to be shutting next week anyway so doubt it will get the nod. Cant see anyone other than south stand wanting to sit and watch it with a cup of tea
  2. I'd like to say the tone in some of these threads is borderline bullying but its not. Its well over the border, which is quite bizarre given the opening post on this thread
  3. no he said that chansiri pays swfc 7 million a year for the stadium sale but by doing this deal it may allow him to give us the 60 million in one lump.
  4. so basically you've started a thread to antagonise people (as usual) and get the hump when people respond accordingly
  5. I'd take your own advice. all you do is come on here to slag off wednesdayites we get it, any need for another thread on it?
  6. I'm afraid Ian is right for a change. we haven't conceded 21 goals form the 85th minute onwards under Monk. its actually only 19 goals. What a manager
  7. Kevin Pressman and Steven Haslam both played in the top tier, I'm sure there are others too. Not superstars I know but hey ho
  8. If the match involves a premier league club you have to stream it from the link I have posted above see here https://www.efl.com/news/2020/september/carabao-cup-matches-available-to-watch-live/
  9. This grounds too big for us this grounds too big for us
  10. Well done SWFC, sounds the fairest option to me.
  11. Bottom till xmas, then when monk is sacked lower mid table finish
  12. Some teams have played their Carabao cup games today, why couldn't we have done this to get it out of the way?
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