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  1. Who replaces him is that age old question when a manager has run his course. FACT, with monk in charge we are relegated. If we Sack him and bring in Joe Bloggs from Denaby united we might still be relegated but at least we tried something different. With monk in charge we are 100% relegated There is no point clinging on to monk because "there is no better option"
  2. Technically it was the independent panel
  3. I must agree "bad" doesn't even begin to sum up how poor he is, statistically one of the worst managers in SWFC history
  4. Don't expect our local star journalists to be asking any difficult questions for publication on Monday. We don't even get a back page story anymore in Monday's paper just a link to a story inside the middle pages and an interview with Kim Olsen
  5. We started the season 12 points from safety, we are currently 12 points from safety
  6. Its just a shame that there are no international and hugely experienced goalkeepers available right now
  7. If monk had an ounce of self class he would just go without waiting to be sacked. nobody will be hurting more than me seriously wtf
  8. We started the season 12 points from safety, as it stands today we are 12 points from safety
  9. you may be right as schools and unis are staying open but its a very real possibly that the season may be paused again
  10. things is, its different this time as we are only a few games in so less at stake cancelling the season. if we are locked down until December as is the general concensus, then its going to be mid December before we can restart. we are already playing weekend/midweek/weekend every week so how do clubs make up the games? factor in this lockdown will 100% send some clubs under
  11. Its looking nailed on that we're going into full lock down as of next week. what do we reckon, will it end the season and reset to August kick off for new season?
  12. Think George would fit very well in our team couldn't score in a brothel
  13. Worked wonders with the defence, keeper and strikers. that was worth the wait
  14. Parried straight back into the middle of the box Dawson fizz off
  15. We never look like scoring and thats down to tactics. In their half if we get a 50/50 to go back or go forwards, 90% of the time it will go backwards
  16. Luton have hit the bar, hit the post and had it cleared off the line. You can guarantee monk will say we deserved to win
  17. Dear Season Ticket Holder 2020/21 Season Ticket holders can now apply for an iFollow pass for our home game with Brentford on Wednesday 21 October. Supporters should note that as the Brentford game is televised by Sky Sports and there is no standard iFollow coverage for this fixture the process is different to the previous home fixtures. 2020/21 Season Ticket holders will have until 9.00am this Thursday, 15 October to apply for their access, a lot earlier than the usual iFollow pass deadline. Please note that no regular codes will be issued for this fixture and su
  18. I had an email from the club last week telling me how to use my season ticket for this match. think the deadline has passed now though
  19. The canary islands look like they will be coming off the quarantine list this month.
  20. Rick Parry and his crew have been too busy trying to shaft the EFL over so the paperwork is probably still in the in tray marked as unread
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