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  1. I wouldn't have thought so, not until he extracts it from Dave allen
  2. to be fair , the stats on paper dont always tell the full story. Whilst wildsmith hasn't conceded many recently, he;s barely had anyone take a shot at him and his kicking has been woeful Its the sum of the parts, not just a clean sheet
  3. or selective photos can make any one look slim which was sort of my point the fact is Patterson is carrying a bit too much weight If someone doesn't agree that he's mr slim Jim (which he isnt) it doesn't mean that we don't go to games or watch them on follow..it just means he's carrying abit too much timber at the moment (like most of us)
  4. To be fair I think the one person who has come out of this with any dignity is Westwood, he hasn't made a fuss, he's offered support to the other keepers and hasn't dished the dirt on monk Granted in the long term we need a new number 1 in the short term though we have a keeper who probably has something to prove as well
  5. One of the local media reporters really needs to ask Tony Pulis about the former Stoke player lighten the mood
  6. To be fair, and I'm talking as a bit of a lard else myself.as a professional footballer he is carrying too much weight depending on which picture you decide to google you can see it. the ones that he looks at a decent weight in its like he doing that breathing in thing that dads do on wedding photos (myself included) the last couple of games that I have seen him play in, he is clearly carrying too much weight for a pro footballer
  7. He's an absolute fool of a person who goes out of his way to offend people hope that helps A lot of what he does and says is purposely done to to offend people, if you cant see that then you are as thick as he is,. It goes much beyond "opinions" and he tars everyone with the same brush. he has absolutely hatred for the English he's a nob who needs to realise that me as an English man hasn't hurt him or his nation. thick as it comes and offensive but for some reason he gets away with it
  8. As others have said, I must admit Pulis is growing on me...It might just be a case of him saying the right things who knows. but the Westwood saga basically he's said he's the best keeper at the club so we should play him pretty much a no brainer We've had people on here recently saying we cant play Westwood as we have to give him a million pound bonus We cant play him as other members of the team wont play with him and all the usual bull but here he is straight back in the team No nonsense management and fingers up the bull that people post
  9. Yet again this will favor the clubs relegated from the prem 3 or 4 £20 million plus players sat on the subs bench
  10. best keeper at the club obviously play him, complete no brainer...and its no coincidence that the two worse managers in recent history drop him
  11. Maybe its all unsubstantiated bull crap?
  12. true but my point is its only 6 weeks till we can bring in new players (without broken legs) and god forbid, we can also use players that are still contracted to us so its not just a case of pulis having to work with what we have got (after 6 weeks)
  13. To be fair From our next game on the 21st, its only 6 weeks till the transfer window opens. Hopefully Pulis wont be signing players with broken legs then
  14. And the Star SWFC team will write a 2 page spread about former players who's surnames began with P. and if its a Monday story we wouldn't get a story on the back page as usual not sure why but I reckon I could write all this to the backdrop of Del Amitir's song "nothing ever happens"
  15. the thing with Pulis is, I think most of us are disappointed to some extent but realistically given our situation we were never going to get better. With Monk in charge we were 100% going to be relegated this season. His stupid substitutions and his alienating of players has been done to death. but appointing a new manager at least gives us a fighting chance of staying up.
  16. I wouldn't hold your breath Dom's first question "so Tony, do you prefer rum or brandy sauce with your xmas pud?"
  17. Personally I can get over the blatant and obvious errors that we see every now and again....I do think that the cliche that it evens itself out is true. The thing that gets me is when you get a ref that constantly gives every thing against us every time a decision needs to be made in a game A classic example of this was swarbrick when we played villa at home, so much so that it even got a mention on match of the day
  18. possibly maybe its just because he's a garbage manager who hasn't got a clue at a bare minimum though you think that he would pick his keeper before 5 mins of naming the team sheet and other players would need to know who's in goal so they can prepare for the weaknesses of each keeper?
  19. Garry monk on the goalkeeping situation and choosing between dawson and wildsmith..and these are direct quotes from monk "It was very much just a flippant decision" "I literally didn’t make my mind up until five minutes before we started to name the team" "normally I go on my gut, but I didn’t even have a gut instinct" ACTUAL quotes from monk, but some still defend him oh and @owlstalk monk calls cameron dawson "daws" and liam plamer "palms" lets not even start on the "kacha" that he refers to
  20. On Virgin media and not a single glitch with sound or video
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