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  1. A random person on twitter? there is so much rubbish thrown about its unreal, but it becomes fact as soon as its said enough times
  2. Someone has said it enough times so its now fact thats how the internet works I too would be interested to see the quote though referenced
  3. And the 100 million they owed would have disappeared, I'm not sure why everyone is taking it so personally. Maybe its me pointing out the facts
  4. It's not that our Government don't trust the NHS...and believe me I am as far away as you can get from a supporter of our government. It's the ethical issue, testing capacity is limited. It should be prioritized...holiday makers are not the priority
  5. they are not profitable though, if they were the chairman would not have to put 100 million in to sustain them. the promoted bit is a bit of a low blow and part of the bullying culture should anyone disagree with the consensus at the moment, they won 2-0 ..had they lost 1-0 ...as we did 5 years ago...who knows where this would lead for them I give up
  6. No, the chairman does, hence the loans secured against the stadium. My apologies, I'll leave it there. I forgot that going against the grain brings out the bullies in force. enjoy you're love in.
  7. doesn't matter if I make it once or 103 million times. It's still valid
  8. "Matthew Benham's total investment in the group at 30th June 2020, compromised of equity as well as loans stood at £103.0 million. This includes £21.3 million in relation to the stadium" their words, not mine
  9. Just had another quick look, It says they lost 34 million before player trading. so obviously the huge transfer fees are offsetting a lot of that loss.
  10. I haven't a clue what goes where, have a look yourself bit it clearly states in their accounts how.much the chairman has put in
  11. have a look at their accounts, just google it. his investment in equity and loans stands at about 103 million
  12. but still the chairman has invested 100 million plus shows how messed up football is
  13. none, the chairman has invested over 100 million in equity and loan notes. he took a gamble that paid off. you sell a player for 20 million, it's not paid up front its in installments. He's loaned the club money in advance of the future payments
  14. Sort of backs up my earlier post doesn't it. but still the owner has had to put 100+ million in
  15. but still the owner has had to put 100+ million in shows how f up football is
  16. They are the same test, but you can't use NHS tests for travel proof. they have to be private tests. I do get the reasoning, we don't want testing capacity struggling because they are busy processing holidaymakers tests.
  17. No one is denying brentfords success and fair play to them. But, they are not quite the fairytale that people seem to paint. Their chairman has put in over £100 million, a lot of that in loan's to get them.up. Yes I know blah blah blah that we are crap, but they haven't done it on the cheap as some seem to think.
  18. At the risk of again sounding like a DC apologist Is there any need for a thread like this? why cant you put your posts about "alleged" furlough and "alleged" late payment in the existing threads rather than create a new one to say the same things. and comments such as "we should have deals lined up by now" are just ridiculous, its the end of May FFS Its really bizarre
  19. it's a forum for people to post their opinions (and BS rumours). People don't have to place bets to post them, give it a rest please.
  20. ah right, I see what you have done there. we were talking about players who have come through swfc's academy. now it's about any club. could you give us some examples at swfc though? everyone can see that's what the conversation was until you were called out.
  21. No doubt Alex and Joe will be reporting this as fact tomorrow
  22. I think you are missing the point a little, Just because he wants to play games, doesn't mean he is at the standard that he can replace his peers at SWFC Good luck to the lad, he's playing in the lower leagues and really hope he moves on but to date he hasn't...in fact he's gone down a league
  23. Sounds like a for sale ad by the renowned football expert Barry Murphy. I too am interested in the "many" examples of academy players leaving and reviving their careers
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