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  1. I think it was the last home game before today I stand to be corrected though
  2. sorry but wiinall is flipping rubbish sooner he leaves the better
  3. Didn't look a red from where I was and watching the replay it still didn't look a red. I note the player never received any treatment either despite his rolling around. Unfortunately, this is what we get from refs these days when you contrast that tackle and the one on Palmer the other week. unless I missed one, we had our first free kick awarded around 25 minutes as well....we always get sh** etc
  4. Did he have any excuse for Dawson's timewasting when were losing?
  5. has anything been announced yet about the other clubs under investigation? Derby and Reading
  6. So Nuhiu is our most prolific scorer of the decade. This is going to be an interesting thread
  7. I'm pretty sure our "punishment" will depend on where we are in the league when its dished out The EFL are not punishing the club they are punishing the fans
  8. its doing my head in now how Monks team takes the lead and just tries to hang on. stop it ffs
  9. A 50 yard pinpoint Bannan pass is hoofball
  10. love him or hate him I'm pretty sure every member of this website could give you a shortlist of worse players
  11. Pet hate of mine too really don't understand it, there was one Brentford corner yesterday when all our players were in the box and they had 3 just outside....that's just inviting problems. If we put players higher up the pitch then they have to commit men higher up the ptich FFS
  12. Probably not the refs fault...but A yellow card for a deliberate hand ball in the box and a yellow card for celebrating a goal. doesn't sit well with me
  13. Loving the bitterness They were on top first half without a doubt but never really looked like scoring, they obviously came for a draw judging by the time wasting from the first minute. Far from impressed by them, when we turned up in the second half they hadn't got a clue what to do.
  14. Nuhiu wasn't even the worst footballer to play for us today.....never mind ever Bizarre
  15. Does compensation from the EFL count as income for FFP purposes? How funny would that be
  16. Note to Monk stop with the one up front rubbish, it doesn't work
  17. I'm guessing because SWFC and Leeds are two of the biggest teams in this league and they are guaranteed a massive away following
  18. I'd echo that I think Monk can get the best out of him. I do worry though about FF's mindset....basically you kick him and he gets a yellow card for being kicked he gets a 9 game ban from an a (unproven indiscretion) in a pre season friendly you wonder if he will come back from that
  19. Seriously? hit it first time and defender got in front of it give over
  20. Its on Chelsea's official website deal to be completed in January but will train with Fulham till then https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2019/09/05/michael-hector-move-to-fulham-agreed
  21. My personal best was a few years ago...….wouldn't let me take a bottle of coke in to the ground but I had a hip flask full of whiskey inside my top pocket Dot 1...stewards 0
  22. Its nothing to do with being too close to the players the pigs boss across the city goes out for a pint with some of the players apparently and its not doing them any harm Bullen is just not a very good manager tactically end of
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