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  1. Its a good question, I've just become a grandad for the first time and already thinking about when I should start taking him. I used to take my son in the premier league years and he was bored watching the likes of man united, Chelsea etc. He used to take a comic with him to read during the match. bizarrely for his 16th birthday, her wanted a season ticket (we were in division 3 at that time) as he'd started going with his mates. Just goes to highlight its not really about football, its the social aspect more than anything
  2. I'll be renewing as soon as they are available and I suspect most season ticket holders will as well. You'll get the odd one or two who cant afford it after the pandemic or who have got out of the habit (although they will probably frame it as a protest). It's not about one man, its not about the football, if people went just for the football we'd have no season ticket holders.
  3. Breathe near a rotherham player and they roll about and go down injured. Especially when we are on the ascendancy. Hopefully this is something that DM is going to start doing, other teams play the ref massively against us but we don't seem to do it. We need a bit of this ourselves
  4. Wildsmith even tried it at one point
  5. He's another of ours who as no end product and does loads of back heels.
  6. Shaw and Bannan mostly (but one or two others) why? at times it works but it seems our MO
  7. goals win you points, not free kicks
  8. There should be an earlier picture in there, izzy browns corner and assist for rotherham.
  9. They were available last week, I ordered one on Thursday and got confirmation quite quickly.
  10. Cant see him giving up his gig with Queen
  11. Alex Miller: Let’s park the football.. Sheffield Wednesday may have saved a life this week | The Star In all the tension wrapped up in following Sheffield Wednesday these days, it’s perhaps important to remember that Bill Shankly was emphatically wrong. Because in a week that saw Sheffield Wednesday’s Championship safety hopes take back-to-back hits, the wider Owls community stepped up to do something truly incredible. Message by message, piece by piece, it may well be that over the last few days Sheffield Wednesday saved a life. Sid Gavrielides is a 41-year-old ha
  12. "I'd rather be an elephant than a blade" can see that song making an appearance
  13. you do know that elephants aren't just a Chansiri thing don't you? It's a Thailand thing, so yes it would attract media attention...but of the sort that we really don't want
  14. I would have thought that a lot of clubs won't be selling season tickets next season due to the uncertainty and crowd limits, Instead adopting a pay per match option with a ballot system for season ticket holders from the last season or two.
  15. we also got a fee/compensation for Hirst. not much, granted..but we did get a fee
  16. not being funny or owt but that is a heavily distorted list For example, as already pointed out, Hunt was sold for a fee (as was thorniley) Helan retired from football to go into religion. Semedo?, Urby? I wonder how much we could have got for them at that point of their careers.
  17. watch the video again, where did Shaw expect that ball to go, from the angle he came in at? its one of the most pointless tackles ever
  18. its not about being a smart arse, you really just posted bullshit. you'd think that the family might know how many games he's played and that he's started the last two games. If your mate can't even get the facts right, I doubt he can get the speculation right
  19. Not 100% sure and cant be arsed to google it, but its his second red card. Is it a one match or two match ban?
  20. Well thats obviously bull how many appearances has he made and he hasnt signed a contract but is still starting
  21. he's played what? 17/18 games for us? he's been banned for 4 now (or is it 5 for the second red card of the season) so roughly 20% of games available he cant play because of discipline, he's not going to learn that at Falkirk is he
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