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  1. And the Sheffield star maybe might give us a headline on the backpage then again probably not
  2. It seriously wasn't that People were ordering 2 drinks at a time and it was taking 2 or 3 minutes
  3. Dawson would be straight out for me....his distribution is shocking The wingers were getting in acres of space, I think Bannan would be pinging the ball to them all the time
  4. Biggest issue today on the north was the bar service I honestly believed it could not get any worse....I was wrong It took an average of 2-3 minutes to serve each customer, so during an 15minute half time break they manage to serve 7 or 8 people
  5. It was a storm in teacup in my experience. turned up at 14.57 straight through the turnstiles and straight to my seat Left with about 30 seconds of added time to play, managed to get out relatively easily (although obviously larger crowds on Penistone road) no difference at all for me getting in or out
  6. Again I haven't read it does it mention the portable fence that SYP used to put up?
  7. to be fair they were both crap for us
  8. Given that the thread is "biggest premier league half time lead" I'm guessing it doesn't help
  9. Interestingly MMU is ranked as the 70th best Uni in the UK A good friend of mine has been tasked at trouble shooting there and ended up sacking (or making redundant) a lot of staff who are taking the wee wee
  10. Sod it I'm just going to get hammered tomorrow and fall asleep in my seat or Andy's if its available
  11. I cant be arsed to read the full report but at any point does it address the moving of the fixture and potential problems that new dates and times may bring?
  12. The way I am reading it is that some seats have been bought and allocated but they now cant be used so they will now be placed in other seats if they arrive first
  13. Yes and he waits till 7.30pm to leave make sure he gets his moneys worth
  14. If my seat is not free I might jump into Andy's, he sits just behind me fizz him
  15. not that I condone it but I expect a few chinnings being handed out on the north
  16. that's rounduns to be fair then I can t see how a pay on a one match ticketer can be directed to sit in my seat (that I've paid for for years) just because I got stuck in traffic
  17. I'm guessing that season ticket holders won't be affected by this if so its even more of a disgrace
  18. Whilst acknowledging that absolutely no one wants the Newcastle job I'm pretty sure they would be aiming higher than Steve Bruce on the sky sports website 75% of voters said he was the wrong manager for them
  19. on the subject of Doom Howson saw a copy of the Sheffield star today and he has used a full page to talk about himself rather than reporting on Wednesday apparently he's 2 stone over weight, has a dodgy ankle, he cant run as well as the SWFC staff...etc etc WTF? do some work Dom you lazy bugger
  20. To sell players someone has to want to buy what offers have we turned down?
  21. Most teams in this division do well because of their loanees Hector aside, ours were poor last season
  22. I never really took to him after that fiasco with the executive box
  23. Its all about opinions I had to look at the team sheet to check FF was actually playing...he was garbage
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