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  1. Westwood needs a new contract asap how much would it cost to sign a keeper of that standard?
  2. I don't think we ever looked nailed on to go down nailed on never to go up under Jos maybe thing with the championship is you need a plan, today we looked like we had one you could see players all along the team talking to each other
  3. my favourite player of that period. Immense got a great reception when he came back as a Chelsea player and rightly so. didn't we turn down a 5 million pound bid then accept a 3 million bid a few months later bizarre times. and according to the kop band he looks like Paul warhurst tards
  4. One of Dave Allen's "chuck a few quid at it" buys
  5. I don't even engage with them anymore they are so full of sh*t If they win they will be trying to find you at work, if they lose they take half the week off sick pathetic lot they are, as evidenced by the resident grunters on here who disappeared after their relegation to league one
  6. The amount of money in the game these days...referee's need to become accountable for their actions just like players and managers are
  7. Really not impressed we didn't attack at all
  8. one of the worst attacking displays this season needs sorting
  9. Ref is useless we need some attack minded players on though
  10. boyd, bannan and Joao defending as a three near our corner flag come on FFS
  11. to be fair I am watching it and its perfect
  12. mom so far Westwood, Hector and Hutchinson says it all really against milwall
  13. Watching this on t'internet got to be said we are absolutely garbage, cant see any game plan whatsoever
  14. Two things 1 Winall has had a few sub appearances and you barely knew he was on the pitch. maybe that is why he isn't picked. 2 Nuihu only plays when he wants a contract... have a word with yourself. as if he decides I wont score because I don't need a new contract yet
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