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  1. I never really took to him after that fiasco with the executive box
  2. Its all about opinions I had to look at the team sheet to check FF was actually playing...he was garbage
  3. he was rubbish today We played with 10 men for the last 20 mins after Hutchinson went off but we had being playing, with 10 long before then
  4. Totally get why he wasn't involved due to the yellow card situation and a dodgy ref but it showed today, 4 "attackers", Fernando, fletcher, matias an joao and we never looked like scoring
  5. no surprise really......other than Hooper, thought he might have got an offer with conditions attached
  6. Sheffield united fans the gift that keeps on giving
  7. I wouldn't worry about most people don't.... other than casual racists
  8. Absolutely Whilst I didn't see any of it I think we might just have opened up a new market for the SWFC brand
  9. I always turn up 2 or 3 mins after kick off.....problem solved
  10. about 90% of Wednesdayites didn't even see it sums that lot up really
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