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  1. If we go down its down to monk his record as our manager is shocking, I cant be arsed to compare him to Jos as it would make me too sad...but I'm guessing he has a worse record than Jos
  2. "As a manager you live and die by your results and everything will be judged by that" after three straight defeats fizz off monk please
  3. I (and most sane people) blame monk if we are relegated have you seen our results under his management? fizz all to do with Chansiri..;he doesn't train and pick the team..monk does
  4. the price is down to the club the division is down to Monk
  5. this is telling pre lockdown the amount of people streaming out before half time seems to have been forgotten
  6. Monk lasts on average a season at each club he manages...you can see why There is no way we can rebuild under this clown
  7. I wonder how many of the early bird season ticket holders will take a refund next season if this clown is allowed to carry on (I am am early bird season ticket holder)
  8. think back to pre lock down and the results we were having under monk
  9. he seriously needs to go, I dread to think what the future holds for us if he is allowed to continue
  10. we have this great system in place where we concede 2 or 3 goals per game and score one let carry on with it Monk has got rid of all the "bad eggs" but look, we still are cannon fodder
  11. I have fell out of love with watching football with the 2 hat n charge, even before lockdown mass exits at half time...and even before half time please leave monk and let Bullen get a couple of results to keep us up
  12. please please do the right thing monk and f off from our club 10 goals conceded in 5 games
  13. You were timewasting and dirty as fizz, and all your yellow cards for hacking down players weren't in our half but fair play it worked and the ref was poo
  14. I was curious as to this new rule that you don't have to stay in your technical area anymore
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