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  1. and defends shocker
  2. no he's the one who only plays for a new contract
  3. you have to laugh at the "experts" dissing us picking Big Dave
  4. Delivered again Well done big man
  5. I can only apologise that Nuhui is currently winning the game for us sorry if that upsets you
  6. or it could be that he had a run of games and support? just throwing that out there
  7. Yes because when he had sight of goal at the end of last season he thought, you know what...I'm going to hit this on target to get a new contract now he has a contract and he gets sight of the target he thinks...you know what, I'm not going to hit the target
  8. love him or hate him. How can anyone suggest that Nuhiu has played for a contract. you can question his talent but not his commitment. oh I'll try really hard....I've got a contract now I won't try anymore bull
  9. Dot


    Steve Agnew is Jordan Rhodes uncle
  10. Biggs usually has a lot to say about Twitter users. is he copied in on this?
  11. usual howson poo stirring
  12. Dot

    Westwood Clean Sheet

    yes because he didn't give it to them, instead looked for a better option
  13. Dot

    Westwood Clean Sheet

    there is a reason Westwood's goal wasn't threatened he did the basics right
  14. Dot

    Westwood Clean Sheet

    Its all ifs and buts but I honestly think we would have conceded 2 goals today with Dawson in the net, not through shots not being saved but from decision making the young keepers would learn so much from a keeper like Westwood in training but have been denied this opportunity
  15. Dot

    Westwood Clean Sheet

    everyone knows Farrel is owstalks biggest troll I'd just ignore him (like most do) and stick to the topic though Westwood did the things today that Dawson hasn't been doing, coming out for the ball....talking to his defence etc