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  1. pigs have more on that list than we do and Leon Clarke is not listed as playing for them
  2. I wouldn't know but given that three charges against us have already been shown there is no case to answer...would suggest anyone defending us on the last charge has a good start here
  3. Given that three individual charges have been wiped off I would suspect that our legal team have a fairly decent starting point for the remaining charge
  4. the big issue was it was an "aggravated" breach surely that has now been removed as the charges have been not proven from indiividuals
  5. Chansiri 3- 0 EFL still time for us to mess it up though in the second half with Monk in charge
  6. I concur given the ongoing situation can you imagine the EFL fining us millions or effectively relegating us
  7. I think arbitration means that both parties come to a legally binding agreement, if they cant then it goes to the next level
  8. So Chansiri was right all along about the legality of the EFL charges Given the current situation I would suspect the EFL are fooked
  9. How come Doom knows so much these days? He knew sod all when working for the star, other than we lost a play off final against Hull (and repeated it in every article he wrote for 3 years)
  10. that's actually a very important point. Many clubs are going to have to rely on their owners to put in vast amounts of their own money.
  11. I know its a serious situation but how funny would it be if the scousers finish top and don't win the league, Leeds finish top and don't get promoted and the pigs are around a Europe place for the first time in their history but don't get a European spot
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