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  1. We never look like scoring and thats down to tactics. In their half if we get a 50/50 to go back or go forwards, 90% of the time it will go backwards
  2. Luton have hit the bar, hit the post and had it cleared off the line. You can guarantee monk will say we deserved to win
  3. Dear Season Ticket Holder 2020/21 Season Ticket holders can now apply for an iFollow pass for our home game with Brentford on Wednesday 21 October. Supporters should note that as the Brentford game is televised by Sky Sports and there is no standard iFollow coverage for this fixture the process is different to the previous home fixtures. 2020/21 Season Ticket holders will have until 9.00am this Thursday, 15 October to apply for their access, a lot earlier than the usual iFollow pass deadline. Please note that no regular codes will be issued for this fixture and su
  4. I had an email from the club last week telling me how to use my season ticket for this match. think the deadline has passed now though
  5. Rick Parry and his crew have been too busy trying to shaft the EFL over so the paperwork is probably still in the in tray marked as unread
  6. licensed premises are going to be shutting next week anyway so doubt it will get the nod. Cant see anyone other than south stand wanting to sit and watch it with a cup of tea
  7. I'd like to say the tone in some of these threads is borderline bullying but its not. Its well over the border, which is quite bizarre given the opening post on this thread
  8. no he said that chansiri pays swfc 7 million a year for the stadium sale but by doing this deal it may allow him to give us the 60 million in one lump.
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