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  1. Been to Copenhagen many times but its always work so haven't had much time to look around. One thing I would advise is...dont waste your time with the little mermaid....little being the understatement oh and take plenty of money
  2. According to the Sheffield star, the recruitment team is made up of two people that Bruce brought in and a head of scouting David Downes, Dean Hughes and Ken Ryder
  3. Sounds like sour grapes to me He's had his mate Biggs begging the club to employ him as manager, the club says no and all of a sudden this crap " If you’re not allowed to manage, then you’re an employee and not a manager." If you are a manger then you are still an employee in any given scenario Jose is an employee Jurgen is an employee etc Personally I think coming out with rubbish like that shows a serious managerial flaw, "I'm the boss...you're the staff"....always doomed to fail dodged a bullet with Cook if thats his attitude
  4. I must admit , when he got in the box I was willing Shaw to take a shot and I suspect 99% of players would have done after that run Proper team play though there from Liam
  5. press red button on bt sports 2 on virgin
  6. you should knock up a table to go with this mate, then you could publish it as a "research paper".
  7. Bit lame really, I don't work for the club. I do always renew my season ticket on the early bird deal though...The suggestion that someone has a different opinion so they must be employed by the club is a bit sad really. The comparisons with Tesco and Amazon are bull to be fair. chansiri got it right (maybe he worded it wrong) when he mentioned customers or supporters, but I totally get his point. It is not as black and white as that, if I went to tesco every day and bought milk that was off...I would start to shop somewhere else. If I went (and I do) to watch SWFC every week
  8. "It is worth remembering that season ticket holders’ use of Ifollow to watch home games does not generate any short-term revenue for the club" It's also worth remembering (and mentioning) that it does reduce the amount that the club need to refund at the end of the season. I read earlier (googled) that the club receives all home ifollow revenue sold through its own website and revenue generated from the first 500 away passes sold. I'm sorry, I know Chansri is the devil reincarnated to some people at the moment and I'm not defending him at all, but this report is just a
  9. These "reports" to be fair are big load of meh and the cheek that it is presented (and I quote) as a "research paper", this will pander to some, but its more like a school essay. I'm sure you have got permission from the copyright holder for the image that you have used on the first page? These tend to be considerations that are made when publishing a "research paper". Knocked up in a few days of googling, its also interesting how selective they are. They compare one point with club a and b, then another point they compare with club c. Load of rounduns if you ask me and as lo
  10. We've got 8 days off now, plenty of time to sign a load of players...lets get them playing against Exeter.
  11. Why would you go in to training with £400 cash in your wallet? even more so when in the covid era people are advised to use card payments. I would expect more bull like this to come out though in the next few days in response to Chansiri telling the press that pulis threatened to phone in sick if he didn't get the answer he wanted in time (see Joe Crann's story in Fridays star). Its all getting a bit tedious now Its fairly obvious who the bad egg is in all this..well done DC for getting rid rather than letting it carry on
  12. pretty pathetic response to be fair and summed up completely when its sent to a no reply e mail address.
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