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  1. Swarbricks Punishment

    one of the most bizarre posts I have ever seen still I suppose it made sense in your head
  2. Adthe Nuhiu

    is that one where it hits Whelan on the back?
  3. Swarbricks Punishment

    to be fair he was already allocated that job long before yesterdays performance
  4. Ross Wallace

    innit thanks for the memories Ross
  5. innit its almost like tonto is back
  6. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    As I say the betting odds on that must be massive this seriously needs looking at
  7. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    I seriously cant ever recall watching a football game where one side gets one free kick over 90+ minutes the odds on that must be massive
  8. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    the club seriously need to raise this with the authorities
  9. Sean Clare

    young lads being fitter than older blokes shocker
  10. Sean Clare

    so pretty much what I said
  11. Sean Clare

    No its because they have been playing reserve team football....and because they are young lads
  12. Sean Clare

    he's frozen out
  13. grow up most right minded people are miffed and want to talk about it is that ok with you?

    Absolutely There was something very different today going on