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  1. Whilst acknowledging that absolutely no one wants the Newcastle job I'm pretty sure they would be aiming higher than Steve Bruce on the sky sports website 75% of voters said he was the wrong manager for them
  2. on the subject of Doom Howson saw a copy of the Sheffield star today and he has used a full page to talk about himself rather than reporting on Wednesday apparently he's 2 stone over weight, has a dodgy ankle, he cant run as well as the SWFC staff...etc etc WTF? do some work Dom you lazy bugger
  3. To sell players someone has to want to buy what offers have we turned down?
  4. Most teams in this division do well because of their loanees Hector aside, ours were poor last season
  5. I never really took to him after that fiasco with the executive box
  6. Its all about opinions I had to look at the team sheet to check FF was actually playing...he was garbage
  7. he was rubbish today We played with 10 men for the last 20 mins after Hutchinson went off but we had being playing, with 10 long before then
  8. Totally get why he wasn't involved due to the yellow card situation and a dodgy ref but it showed today, 4 "attackers", Fernando, fletcher, matias an joao and we never looked like scoring
  9. no surprise really......other than Hooper, thought he might have got an offer with conditions attached
  10. Sheffield united fans the gift that keeps on giving
  11. I wouldn't worry about most people don't.... other than casual racists
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