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  1. Leon Clarke anyone?

    he's 32 and had one good season above division 3 level at the time of your original post he went on to play 29 games and score 3 goals for wolves then moved to Wigan and scored 1 in 10 games so yes I would leave it there if I were you
  2. what would happen if the fans actually supported the manager? most of us do
  3. pretty sure Fletcher had a couple on target late on (both blocked)
  4. fair play Ross.....ignore the don't go'ers on here 4 games unbeaten now
  5. you're weird scenario is saying Carols didn't sign him.....someone else signed him but didn't play?...why did the third part sign him them? lets just make this clear HE IS flipping INJURED
  6. slag the club all you want but he is injured
  7. Carlos Out

    hmm our squad should be in the top 6 so the recruitment is terrible hmmm