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  1. IF we are relegated, it wont be rotherham, who relegated us. It will be the cumulative points gained from results over a season against 23 other clubs that relegated us maybe explain to him that's how leagues work...good luck with that
  2. I never have an issue with Ifollow Just log in, press play and off you go..maybe its problems with your own connection/setup To be fair though, you are probably better off not having the commentary...its not that good
  3. No doubt "the pack" will descend on me but I really don't see the point of this thread, DC has another business "meh", I don't really see how it "gets worse" the newspaper article is dated November 2012 but the sleuths on here are talking about a company that was formed in 2013...and as it as been pointed out, the name was changed years later. pointless thread
  4. I read an article at the weekend that their latest accounts showed that they lost around £34 million last year (as opposed to losing £4 million the year before) , this was offset by player sales of £25 million, so they made a loss of £9 million. Add to this their chairman has loans to the club in excess of £100 million, a lot of this secured against the ground. Obviously they are currently in a better position than us on and off the pitch, but lets just dispel this myth that they are this amazing self funding club, they are not. They are over £100 million in debt and could be
  5. If you have a google of Brentfords finances, you might be in for a shock
  6. Brentford's owner has put in over £100 million so far and they have just posted a loss of £9 million for last season. Not my words, that's from a news report a couple of days ago
  7. I've only ever been a free member..some of the prices they send out are unreal....and I expect they will be even cheaper in the coming months
  8. For those of you who aren't in the loop https://jacksflightclub.com/
  9. reminds me of that barnsley player yesterday, dike. never seen someone so big fall over as many times, think he spent more time laid down than he did stood up.
  10. I'm going to get slagged off to high heaven here but what a load of rubbish crann and miller are worse than howson used to be at the star Pretty much everything they write is a copy of owlstalk members contributions....sometimes word for word millers pieces are just non stop metaphors, its like reading a novel (a poor one) one of cranns first stories in the star was littered with factual errors..he even pmed me to apologise as he'd just googled things. ffs
  11. wow, presumably you forgot the court orders against this site and the request for information about posters and their personal details I'm logging off
  12. DC is the biggest villain we have ever had at the club? have you heard you self? we have had a chairman suing fans for disagreeing with him, we were on sky news about to be put into administration...and thats all in the 10 years before DC took over, have a word with yourself
  13. I get your point completely but no chairman in our history has faced the difficulties he has this last year
  14. Hmm Cardiff/ Wembley difficult choice for a comparison but also the context is missing
  15. I do think Chansiri has made a lot of mistakes, but all well intentioned. but also I'm a bit miffed about the context, we were the only club in S Yorks not visit the new Wembley, that changed under Chansiri..to even suggest that DC is a worse chairman that Allen is incredible. yeah we are probably going to be relegated, it wont be the first time and it wont be the last time. No chairman in probably 99% of most of us history of supporting the club has had to over see a season where no supporters are allowed in the ground.
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