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  1. Joost van Aken

    very good debut only downside is the kop band tried to start the der ..der..der der der der der "joost" (ala Andy Booth) chant....flipping knew they would
  2. Carlos Out...?

    best points tally yet after 6 games Carlos's first season... 5 points after 6 games (6th placed finish) Carlos's second season...8 points after 6 games (4th place finish) Carlos's third season....9 points after 6 games (?? place finish) year after year improvement
  3. or maybe he hasn't played much because he is carrying an injury?
  4. Brilliant its a nightmare getting served to start with and now we have a queue of people trying a thimbleful of everything before deciding which half they want to buy
  5. A little perspective

    A win today would have seen us have the best start in 3 seasons that's perspective
  6. Carlos post match comments

    only difference now and 2 seasons ago is the cauldron of hate that surrounds the club from so called "supporters"
  7. can we send AMB to leeds please
  8. lets forget that we have more points at this stage of the season than we had last season
  9. Proof reader needed!

    Mine says animis
  10. Forestieri, Joao, Nuhiu

    Its not "news" its BS, the three of them weren't even sat together
  11. Winnall and Abdi

    the vitriol on this site at the moment is unreal mostly started by previously banned posters
  12. Fessi

    doom howson is a disgrace as a "journalist" "carvalhal was unable to shed any light on the Djourou transfer" Carlos said "nobody has told me that someone has signed for us" this is the transfer that doom announced then backtracked and said its off
  13. Owlstalk history

    just to confirm Ricky's documentaries are really good and every one watches them
  14. Owlstalk history

    No I do remember you begging moderators to protect you from comebacks from your bull that you post on pigs message boards