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  1. given Leicester's wealth at the moment I doubt they would go to such extents to save 1 or 2 million plenty of people are going to hoover up some extras doing it this way though "In September 2016, OH Leuven were caught up in an ongoing scandal affecting football in England. In relation to allegations made against individuals within English football, OH Leuven chairman Jimmy Houtput was alleged to have offered up the club as a "conduit" to allow third-party companies to gain ownership of football players in England.[2] Houtput claimed he was "merely trying to obtain the identity of the possible investor(s) and would never take part in illegal activities to circumvent the third-party ownership", but subsequently resigned as OH Leuven chairman on 30 September.[3] Later that same season, with the club struggling financially, OH Leuven was taken over by the King Power International Group lead by Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha who already owns Leicester City.[4]""
  2. it isn't though is it? Atty was missing open goals under gray and carlos
  3. its sad how he feels unloved well done divs
  4. best player in the championship right now shame on the abusers
  5. Dot

    Dejphon Chansiri club statement

    Nice one DC we move on
  6. Dot

    Norwich keeper

    so let me get this right you want use to send Wildsmith and Dawson out on loan and us bring in a loan keeper (who just conceded 5 against us)
  7. I don't think hutch is the best example "Carlos made us come back too quick" then jos takes his time and he still goes off injured
  8. hope this means we wont have to read her crap articles anymore
  9. Dot

    Empty seats

    reading brought about 150 supporters we have a big away end......not many clubs fill it
  10. 5 points clear with 6 to play for isn't safe had Barnsley won yesterday reading would have been 2 points away from a relegation spot so reading were well in a relegation battle on Saturday afternoon....but it didn't show
  11. I must disagree nothing to play for for us.....hence the dire first 30 minutes Reading though are still very much in a relegation fight, I was very surprised by them
  12. I went to the game at Hillsborough mate as I always do first half was boring, like a pre season kick about got better in the second half I think most people would agree
  13. FF and Hooper Winall wont be fit again till 2019 so not an option
  14. sunshine yes...good footie no I think the general consensus at half time was that we were bored shitless
  15. Good Dawson is better than Wildsmith IMO, should definitely be number one (or two when Westwood is back)