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  1. On the ball moving forward Bannan is class. Without the ball he very rarely offers a tackle. This is a very important part of being a defensive midfielder and it is missing from his game and it is also missing from Reach's game. Playing them both in midfield against a side that gets stuck in means we inevitably lose the midfield battle. Bannan does try floated cross field passes far to often and against Millwall it lead to one of their goals at a pivotal point in the match. I rate him up there with our best players going forward over the last ten years but defen
  2. How can you blame Thompson for that, I could have sworn it was Joey who needlessly pulled down their forward. Followed by another suicidal pass across his own midfield from Bannan. Is Bannan beyond criticism or something. If the opposition decides to mark him tightly he is totally ineffective.
  3. Hooray McCarthy appointed at Cardiff, another dinosaur avoided
  4. Trying to apply logic to the situation. Get him!!
  5. They are basically not very good. It is a bit like horse racing. The better class the horse, say Group 1, the more often it will produce the expected level of form. The worse the horse Class 5, the more inconsistent it is. Our players are mostly lower Championship level players at best and will never play at a higher level. I think in Luongo, Iorfa, Borner, Reach and Bannan we have upper/mid table level players, the rest are lower or league 1 standard. We will not stay up unless there is a serous improvement in the squad in January or the likes of Shaw, Hunt, Dlli
  6. I don't think Brown is fully fit, but he does make some poor decisions which is nothing to do with that. Yesterday was a shocking game
  7. 6 goals in 10 games for CSKA Moscow on loan 2017-18. Dogger !!! ?
  8. So we have outscored him every season without fail
  9. Yes but the trouble is where on earth are we going to magic a striker from with the apparent lack of resources at our disposal
  10. Just out of interest what different tactics would anybody deploy when Millwall spent the majority of the game with 8/9 men behind the ball
  11. I agree we don't create enough of them, but when Millwall sit back and rely on the counter attack like they always do away from home it isn't as easy as some of the masterminds think it is. Kachungas was as clear cut chance as you can get. It was an excellent save from Reach's effort, oh and Patterson nearly scored with the late header. Having restricted Millwall to no shots on target in the 2nd half, one of those three would have been enough. I am only trying to add a bit of balance to the hysterical rhetoric
  12. Christ anybody would think we got thrashed. Kachunga should have scored, a very good save from Reach, and for a spell in the second half we were totally dominant. I suppose those parts were down to somebody other than Monk ffs
  13. Carlos, Bullen, Bruce, Jos and Monk have been unable to get the players performing on a consistent basis. Does that mean they are all crap or we have probably got mentally weak players who lose concentration at certain points in nearly every game
  14. I think the game highlighted how much we missed Luongo
  15. Is anyone having problems with ifollow today I keep getting an error notification
  16. I think it is fair to say that last season he was hampered in many ways. What with none of his preferred backroom staff, the EFL charge hanging over us, obvious personnel problems he inherited on the playing side and a pandemic to boot. He now has a semblance of a recruitment strategy albeit constrained by finances. I feel the recruitment has been excellent given the circumstances and although it is early days the signs are undoubtedly positive.
  17. I wonder if he might just have fully recovered from his injury, its usually age that causes a loss of pace not an ankle ligament injury.
  18. It might turn out a lot easier than we think. Derby will get some sort of points deduction and I would say its a fair bet that at least two or three other clubs will possibly enter administration over the course of the season.
  19. The only area the team is weaker is up front. Defence is the same as last season possibly a bit stronger with the addition of Dunkley Midfield is similar to last season with the addition of the highly rated signing from Man City. Murphy is a big loss, but he wasn't ours anyway. Up front we have lost Fletcher who hardly played after Christmas. Nuhiu, Winnal and Forestieri did not score enough last season to constitute a loss. Two or three loan signings of a similar quality to Murphy and we will be stronger than last season.
  20. Remember thinking Rob Jones was the worst centre half I had ever seen when he had an absolute nightmare for Scunthorpe at Hillsborough the season before he signed for us. I think they subbed him off before half time he was so bad. He might have been concussed
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