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  1. bdmfournil

    Squad Numbers!!!!!!!

    I think you will find your favourite player was actually on the right wing
  2. bdmfournil

    Fraser Preston & Alex Hunt

    Alex Hunt at Lincoln looked like an experienced pro. He always found space and his ability was clear to see. Best youth player I have seen in years. I am so pleased we have him signed until 2020. I am, convinced he will be considered for the first team sooner rather than later
  3. bdmfournil

    Hirst Snr

    David Brooks is a full international and top championship player. George Hirst played against Cambridge Utd in League Cup and was gash
  4. bdmfournil

    Full Backs Needed.

    That is a really good point, bearing in mind he was converted to a midfielder from right back in the first place. If he fully recovers that is a great shout
  5. So its not that you can't afford it if you go when things get better, its that you feel you can justify it if you are more likely to be entertained
  6. I do a 200 mile round trip with my lad every home match on the train, if you get organised with railcards and booking reasonably in advance its not too bad. 1 1/2 hours if we get the best train and £20 each. I couldn't contemplate driving every week though
  7. I can't see the problem with travelling on match day, I would hazard a guess that is what 95% of people do.
  8. bdmfournil

    Young George Hirst

    Its a poor analogy I have seen him play one early round league cup game at Cambridge Utd where he looked a mile off a first team player. He has done nothing at Championship level or any other league for that matter to suggest he has learnt an inflated wage rise. The current youngsters, who have mostly been out on loan have performed perfectly well in the first team recently and have signed the contracts offered to them.
  9. bdmfournil

    Season ticket refund OFFICIAL OFFER

    People took advantage, quite rightly, of heavily discounted season tickets with all the advantages of priority ticketing points. These tickets did not guarantee anything other than an allocated seat at 23 home games and enhanced chances of obtaining away tickets. There should never have been a refund offered, but when it was, it was hardly going to be advantageous to "cash in". Fair weather fans who take this up can hardly expect to be treated as well as the loyal supporters who happen to stick by the club when we go on a bad run. I get the impression there are a vocal minority who like to accentuate the down side and disappear or disregard anything good
  10. bdmfournil

    I ain't going again this season

    oh no! you will be missed take a few other flounders with you
  11. What like hoping they put 6 past us in the best interests of the club.
  12. bdmfournil

    Norwich City Ticket Details

    Are they on sale on the day
  13. bdmfournil

    Parking at Norwich

    anyone going by train, the last one out of Norwich is 19.40. Its a good 10 -15 minute walk from the ground and you will have to leave by 7.20 latest to catch it which potentially means 10 minutes before final whistle.