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  1. bdmfournil

    Worst Signing Ever

    Wim Jonk, Klaas Ingesson
  2. Priority has to be to extend contracts of Bannan, Penney, Preston and Matias probably in that order. I think we have potentially decent cover at CH already. We have Pelupessy, Hutchinson and Boyd who can play alongside Bannan. If Bannan is out though that is a problem. I think Alex Hunt will be the answer, but maybe not for another season.
  3. bdmfournil

    What's going on at #swfc?

    My interpretation of what he meant was " it wouldn't do any good if i were to call certain players 10 kinds of a flange in a press conference" Tomorrow will demonstrate who is in charge
  4. bdmfournil

    George Boyd

    Thornily Left Back Reach Left midfield/wing
  5. bdmfournil

    George Boyd

    I would be perfectly happy with Thornily behind Reach. One defends the other attacks, we don't have a LWB on the books
  6. bdmfournil

    George Boyd

    Boyd played in a number 10 role for the whole time he was at Peterborough according to season ticket holders I know and he played right midfield for Burnley. Anyone less suited to LWB is hard to imagine
  7. bdmfournil

    More positives from #SWFC

    Excellent, doing something positive and getting a result shows anything is possible if you care enough
  8. This is a fantastic initiative, well done Owlstalk
  9. bdmfournil

    Wingback Options

    Unless we try Penney and Baker, I would say we are, yes
  10. bdmfournil

    Wingback Options

    Yes but he doesn't defend because he can't. Play Fox Reach Bannan Baker across the middle
  11. bdmfournil

    Wingback Options

    Reach is better further forward, so I would say Fox, Penney or Thornily, all three are better at defending
  12. bdmfournil

    Wingback Options

    Reach offers absolutely nothing to defending and teams target that flank. The Wigan winger had a field day
  13. bdmfournil

    Wingback Options

    Saw Penney last Friday at Corby and he would definitely be an option at LWB. Baker has got to be tried at RWB, only seen him in last game of the season, but after an early mistake i thought it was a very solid debut
  14. bdmfournil

    Youdan Trophy

    Great news, long may the progress of the academy continue and supply first team players
  15. bdmfournil

    Our CEO So far so quiet

    Another of the common sense brigade, how lonely you must be