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  1. bdmfournil


    Yes he is, but it takes two to tango. You infer he just took it upon himself to do what he did without either provocation or listening to his financial advisor
  2. bdmfournil


    The Mansfield players had something to do with it, Winnall had something to do with it and I dare say his agent had something to do with the Norwich situation. Apart from that you're spot on
  3. 1. That will be Reach who has scored more goals this season from his unknown position than any other 2. We have a squad of cripples and Bannan collecting yellow cards like confetti. Pelupessy is the only central midfielder that offers any protection at all to the defence. Bannan and Reach offer nothing without the ball 3.Westwood was good but became inconsistent and injury prone, Hutchinson misses large swathes of every season and so does Foristieri. Dawson has made one bad mistake and had to make more saves than anybody in the division. Joey - see above 4. Casual racism always a good one to throw in 5.Public hammed up displays of passion, you are correct it is of the least importance I would say move Hector alongside Pelupessy and have either Bannan or Reach behind a front two with no defensive responsibilities at all as they are both liabilities. It is easy to blame Jos, but he inherited an unbalanced injury prone squad, what the fizz is he supposed to do
  4. I hope you have got broad shoulders
  5. bdmfournil

    Jos Luhukay - In or out?

    With FFP/P&S issues meaning we have to raise something like 15 million before the end of the season. How is Jos supposed to be paid off. How will it be possible to offer terms to Bruce, McCarthey, Jokanovic etc etc, who seem to be the majority choice. Bruce and Jokanovic are used to working with sizeable budgets and have both just failed. McCarthey is a mind numbingly negative anti football manager who has done nothing with no budget at Ipswich and the fans couldn't wait for him to leave, bit like Villa fans with Bruce for that matter. A change of manager will only ever be for another unknown (cheap) option because there is no money available. The only time when it worked without money to spend was when Dave Jones replaced that other dinosaur Megson. We are stuck with the whole set up we have got and its time we got used to the idea.
  6. bdmfournil

    Matt Penney Contract

    Has it occurred to you, the wages these players are on might be prohibiting a move. Jones and Boyd were free transfers, because of the wages. Abdi, Hooper and Lee are all long term injured. Westwood will also be on high wages. Matias is part of first team plans obviously and only picked up an injury three matches ago. I fail to see where it is justifiable to sack anybody based on any of the above players situations.
  7. bdmfournil

    Level playing field

    what about Villa, how do they do it
  8. bdmfournil

    Jordan Thorniley OUT

    How are we supposed to stop Forest players going in late, the ref didn't even give anything and it was nasty
  9. bdmfournil

    Worst Signing Ever

    Wim Jonk, Klaas Ingesson
  10. Priority has to be to extend contracts of Bannan, Penney, Preston and Matias probably in that order. I think we have potentially decent cover at CH already. We have Pelupessy, Hutchinson and Boyd who can play alongside Bannan. If Bannan is out though that is a problem. I think Alex Hunt will be the answer, but maybe not for another season.
  11. bdmfournil

    What's going on at #swfc?

    My interpretation of what he meant was " it wouldn't do any good if i were to call certain players 10 kinds of a flange in a press conference" Tomorrow will demonstrate who is in charge
  12. bdmfournil

    George Boyd

    Thornily Left Back Reach Left midfield/wing
  13. bdmfournil

    George Boyd

    I would be perfectly happy with Thornily behind Reach. One defends the other attacks, we don't have a LWB on the books
  14. bdmfournil

    George Boyd

    Boyd played in a number 10 role for the whole time he was at Peterborough according to season ticket holders I know and he played right midfield for Burnley. Anyone less suited to LWB is hard to imagine