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  1. I think it is fair to say that last season he was hampered in many ways. What with none of his preferred backroom staff, the EFL charge hanging over us, obvious personnel problems he inherited on the playing side and a pandemic to boot. He now has a semblance of a recruitment strategy albeit constrained by finances. I feel the recruitment has been excellent given the circumstances and although it is early days the signs are undoubtedly positive.
  2. I wonder if he might just have fully recovered from his injury, its usually age that causes a loss of pace not an ankle ligament injury.
  3. It might turn out a lot easier than we think. Derby will get some sort of points deduction and I would say its a fair bet that at least two or three other clubs will possibly enter administration over the course of the season.
  4. The only area the team is weaker is up front. Defence is the same as last season possibly a bit stronger with the addition of Dunkley Midfield is similar to last season with the addition of the highly rated signing from Man City. Murphy is a big loss, but he wasn't ours anyway. Up front we have lost Fletcher who hardly played after Christmas. Nuhiu, Winnal and Forestieri did not score enough last season to constitute a loss. Two or three loan signings of a similar quality to Murphy and we will be stronger than last season.
  5. Remember thinking Rob Jones was the worst centre half I had ever seen when he had an absolute nightmare for Scunthorpe at Hillsborough the season before he signed for us. I think they subbed him off before half time he was so bad. He might have been concussed
  6. A combination of the first and last one I think. I can't see what the play off final has to do with ours and Derby's decisions
  7. Exactly 50 days until it starts. Fixtures usually out mid June so on that basis fixtures will be out very early August. Monday is looking likely for the decision then
  8. Borner, Iorfa, Harris and Murphy have all been decent since they were appointed. Was it when Bruce came they got the job?
  9. There isn't one player in the squad who is captain material. There isn't one player in the squad who is vocal on the pitch and there isn't one player in the squad who is an organiser. They all play as individuals without any collective responsibility whatsoever. We badly need a leader in defence and midfield.
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