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  1. I live at the other end in Dore and it still only takes me around 25 minutes and always manage to get parked easily enough so I agree it’s not difficult to access. I also agree to not being a massive fan of Hillsborough anymore.
  2. Oh FFS I fell for that and was actually feeling reasonably happy for a few seconds
  3. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind we would get larger crowds if we were the only team in Sheffield, just as Man Utd or Liverpool would get (even) larger crowds if they were the only team in their respective cities.
  4. Unbelievable - I’m sure I saw it advertised for this match, unless they just forgot to update the link (which is equally as bad).
  5. Possibly not but I still can’t see that playing in what is currently the worst performing club in the entire football league is going to help his development.
  6. Not sure sending him to the bottom Club in the football league is good for his progression - you would have hoped we could have placed him somewhere to build his confidence.
  7. Give me a shiny new stadium with good facilities any day of the week. Hillsborough is not a good experience any longer (and the football makes it even worse), yet still I renew my ST year after year.
  8. Historically I have always been overly optimistic, but I just can’t see us finishing top 6 this season, too inconsistent, too many injuries, too many strange decisions from DM and one of our few threats is now with a competitor.
  9. Not expecting us to score which makes winning extremely unlikely, in fact I’d go as far as to say impossible.
  10. I think you’re probably right - a manager with ambition will see us a better club to move to even with DC at the helm and if he has belief in his own ability will think he is the one who can change things around and become an SWFC hero.
  11. Would you trust us with a promising youngster? We would probably have him playing in a loan striker role after a few weeks.
  12. I think the point is we as a club aren’t deemed good enough to look after a young player with potential, when I saw the headline I honestly expected the reason would be a championship club had shown an interest - not another L1 club. It’s just all rather embarrassing all round. That’s why I’m starting to wish I hadn’t renewed again - Theo is just the latest element of a club going nowhere fast.
  13. Not all of us… OK, I admit it, I did it and now I feel foolish
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