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  1. Is that true - if so that’s amazing!
  2. I can’t imagine for a second DC decided not to pay players because we were losing.
  3. This is pretty much how I feel, his record at Doncaster just before he came to us was very poor (I don’t know enough about Doncaster to know if there were any mitigating circumstances). I do think though he has to be applauded for the fact he has managed to bring in some very good players for L1, especially with the problems the club has had recently. I think we will finish top 10 though.
  4. That’s 3 matches in a row our players have to “learn from”
  5. Not sure who’s panicking after only 6 matches? If anyone actually is - they’re a little crazy in the head.
  6. I’ve always thought Ghoul Guy was Uber Cool
  7. It’s a 9 (and I didn’t expect to be saying that a few months ago)
  8. Once we were relegated (which l was wrong about), no way did I think Bannan would still be here.
  9. As long as the deficiencies in our game carry on being masked by our results, we will be OK
  10. I wouldn’t - we need to develop that winning attitude if we are aiming for promotion.
  11. I actually put a whole £1 on them to win last night - they're not to be trusted!
  12. Exactly the same - never understood the rational, but the the first time ever I was thinking while at the match on Tuesday, it could turn out to be what was needed. I don't think we would have had this "re-set" if we had stayed up and what the club needed was a culture of positivity and hope creating, we would have achieved that languishing around the bottom half of the Championship, which we would have been.
  13. Yep the start was very good and a win is all that matters, I can’t help feeling we really let them off the hook though. A couple of more goals would have done a lot for everyone’s confidence and made a statement!
  14. So you would rather we keep a clean sheet than slot 5 goals past them?
  15. I thought Wing had a good game but there were a couple of others who had better games.
  16. My professional view is… that’s really nicely designed! Another step forward for the club - so many improvements over the last month!
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