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  1. Wouldn’t that mean we would remain a lower league team? No way will we ever be a premiership club by not paying transfer fees for certain players.
  2. Well of course money is a factor - isn’t it with anyone? Smith was player of the season, in a promotion winning side! Think of it this way, the best players in the country are on the highest wages, they still deliver week I week out, I’m pretty confident that even though it’s a different level, these 2 boys will do just that. I think they are both great signings and Moore must be well respected to keep pulling in decent players.
  3. I don’t buy kits since I got laughed at in Monaco for wearing one , but I thought the elev8 shirts were far better designed than last seasons, and most people say the quality was really good. I also like the one in this post if it is the real deal.
  4. Interesting, let’s hope this is the case, it could make a difference.
  5. It would undoubtedly have an impact on attendance's, how could it not?
  6. Agree with that a premiership with us Forest, Leeds, Sunderland, as well as Newcastle is how things should be.
  7. I think you’re over analysing what he’s said, of course they have previously discussed various permutations of what may happen and what the club will do as a result. That doesn’t mean they don’t need to carry on the discussion once we know where we actually are as a club and finalise the way forward.
  8. Why would anyone take a 1-0 loss before kickoff - that just sounds crazy to me. I would have grudgingly taken a 1-0 loss at half time due to how both teams were performing, but never before we’d even kicked a ball.
  9. I would love to see Forest back in the top division - always had a soft spot for them. Plus it would mean utd don’t get back there .
  10. Are you playing mind games?
  11. My opinion is, we will finish top 6 ten, it’s all a bit of a lottery so we have a one in four chance of being a championship club next season.
  12. If he scores the winner against the blunts in the play offs, all is forgiven
  13. Popes Dead £350k not a penny more Could he do a job for us FFS! FFS! and FFS!
  14. Not sure I would have gladly accepted a point - that’s not the way to play football ️
  15. Not if you lose half of it trying to pour it into the new tiny glass.
  16. Yep, I just cannot see him wanting another season in L1.
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