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  1. What to wipe her bottom - isn't she like 75?
  2. Spookone

    No one coming in....

    This is true
  3. Spookone

    No one coming in....

    I will be amazed if no one comes in - don’t believe the anti-hype
  4. That may well be the case but Jos really was well below par.
  5. Anyone who thinks we should move Bannan on, knows very little about football! Crazy
  6. I don’t think anyone can defend Jos can they?
  7. Spookone

    Agnew on recruitment

    But they spend money on high profile managers who are known to like to have money to spend?
  8. Spookone

    Agnew on recruitment

    This is how I see things too. He may have looked at the squad and thought, actually there are some good players here, but I really cant see him taking the job without agreeing he can bring a few players in and by a few I mean 2 or 3. He certainly has better contacts and more respect in the English game than recent managers and will be able to attract players who under our current position may have turned us down. I am now looking forward to the future again.
  9. Surely he’s a striker? (Striker) main function = score goals
  10. I may be wrong but I thought next season, even taking into account the rolling 3 year system, we will be even more in breach of FFP - something like going from 8% over to 20% over, figures I read a while ago?
  11. Corrected for you
  12. I don’t see the point in this playing top teams in the early rounds - I would rather get through to the final stages by playing lower quality - the perfect match would be Barnet at home ⚽
  13. Spookone

    Any credit to Chansiri?

    HaHa I’d probably have made most of those changes my self