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  1. Come on now, no way will we be losing any games once NT is in charge.
  2. I believe he’s already trodden that path and the offer to “Mr X” to come and manage at Hillsborough was promptly turned down.
  3. I really don’t understand some of our so called fans!!! Why settle for 9, show some bottle, reach for the sky - aim for a minimum of 12 points!
  4. I still don’t think we will get relegated. If you discount the 6 point reduction, our results in the first half of the season would put us out of the bottom 3 and you have to hope we will have a better second half of the season.
  5. For all we know he may have moved quickly and the target decided not to take the poisoned chalice? Or possibly DC likes drinking in the last chance saloon - that maybe how he likes to roll!
  6. I can’t really see how anyone can complain about this signing under the circumstances. Potentially a very good player at this level.
  7. Acceptable for some one with real flair (just about).
  8. Could we finally have a youngster with real potential
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