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  1. I really cant see us getting anywhere near a 21 point deduction, I think around 12 which though hugely frustrating, should be manageable in terms of keeping in the Championship - especially when Rhodes shows his fighting spirit and starts banging them in for fun
  2. The stats may say that, but watching week in week out we are without doubt missing a lot of chances, so I stand by my point and if we were scoring at a higher rate than the stats say is to be expected, we wouldn't be 8th
  3. You're right that it's not as simple as that, but the supply line overall isn't too bad, we are creating chances most weeks, our strikers just aren't finishing well enough on most occasions. If we had an on form striker we would probably be at least 6 points better off.
  4. Atmosphere apart - its a pretty poor stadium in this day and age. I know I may be in the minority but I would love us to move to a clean, modern stadium with top class facilities.
  5. I agree - the first 2 seasons with Carlos - I always had the felling we were going to win even when we were behind (ah the good old days).
  6. 100% he will be looking for someone who can convert the chances we are currently missing - once we have a goal scorer we should be a top 6 team.
  7. Is it fair to say we have a losing mentality? We fought back to a winning position yesterday, I thought we battled well at the end, until a soft goal through lack of concentration, even then we didn’t lose. Having said that we are slowly drifting away from the top teams which is frustrating.
  8. I’ll stick with the Werthers brigade thank you very much.
  9. We noticed and mentioned just how poor the atmosphere was yesterday, nothing to do with the ground being big as it’s not usually quite as quiet as it was yesterday.
  10. I thought you said he couldn't run?
  11. Agree with everything you say, but consistency is so important if we are aiming for promotion, especially when thee are so many teams in and around us at this stage. In this case I think its frustration, as we had it won which would have helped cement our place in the top 6, having said that it is utterly bonkers how some fans react, you have to remember that some of our fans think we can somewhere find an upgrade on Bannan (now that is bonkers)!
  12. That cant be true can it? - some our fans think we need an upgrade on Bannan
  13. It's a no from me - I wouldn't change the defence at the moment and Lees s hardly vocal as a captain either.
  14. N I K K A Coffey Grain Whisky - quite delightful
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