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  1. We won’t - after years of being an eternal optimist where we are concerned, I now realise it was all in vain. It’s L1 next season
  2. They will still end up with more points than us.
  3. Derby will join us in L1. Last match of the season will be a depressing game of football, just glad we can’t attend!
  4. Really can’t see Bannan being with us next season, in the right team he’s way too good a player for L1. And it would show very little ambition if he actually wanted to stay and play in L1. Next seasons squad will look very, very different.
  5. Never agreed with this - obviously if we had one team we would have an extremely large fan base. But the fact we were 1 game away from the prem and the blunts have just spent 2 seasons there shows we do. We also both have very respectable fan bases in the grand scheme of things. Bad management and very bad signings have caused our current problems and poor signings by the blunts have caused theres. Clubs you mentioned such as Leicester and Leeds who only have 1 team have spent many years in the lower leagues.
  6. You’ve got to think Derby would be more of a “force” in L1 next season so Rotherham without a doubt.
  7. That’s not good, hope he gets back to full fitness as soon as possible.
  8. But he must realise he will just carry in losing money, there comes a point where you have to cut your losses. (At least I hope that’s the case).
  9. Is a pissworm... a) a worm that wee wees a lot b) a worm which has been pissed on c) none of the above Asking for a friend
  10. I am reasonably confident we will survive next season in L1 - but how depressing is it to have to even say that!
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