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Community Answers

  1. Agree this could have worked well but we would then have some fans saying we have got a template kit from Macron (not that that matters in my opinion).
  2. I love Waterfront as a walk out song. Stirring and brooding and full of anticipation!
  3. Not sure if its been mentioned but this would be a great song to walk out to!
  4. No but he would probably turn his nose up at us.
  5. Isn't Gold a bit 1970's, oh wait a minute... You're being rude aren't you!
  6. That looks nice - the black random lines on ours doesn’t.
  7. Come on now, don’t be like that, we all need to stick together.
  8. It may have been in the Championship, I would hope we were sensible enough to put in a relegation clause regarding wages if we were relegated into L1.
  9. I didn't necessarily mean in the papers. I would be surprised if he's on over £15k which is still a stupid salary for L1.
  10. No way is he currently earning £27k a week! Don’t believe everything you read.
  11. Not sure how you can make an assumption like that based on the amount he actually played last season. In any case I think he could be a very important player for us in L1.
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