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  1. He'd probably seen enough after one match.
  2. But thats not the case, if it became the "norm", they would have no option, they will still get paid and would just need to plan their lives accordingly, it's not as if they are badly paid and why should they get rewarded for failure? The better players would still get picked up by Prem clubs if they deserve it.
  3. Some moron would just set it on fire again
  4. This ^ Why can’t clubs simply write into players and managers contracts that they take an appropriate drop in salary if they FAIL and get relegated?
  5. Where are the laces - are they on the other side of the ball?
  6. Could happen too, I remember those communicators in the early star trek series and thinking god thats crazy impossible, now basically everyone has a smartphone a 100 times more powerful. Is there a GoFund so we can get this moving before the season starts!
  7. And? HaHa I wasn't suggesting we haven't broke the rules or when we should be punished, simply pointing out that the fans who are saying that given the choice they would rather take a drop into L1 next season are super bonkers as that league may not even work under the current circumstances.
  8. OK no need to keep carping on about it... I'll get my coat.
  9. Exactly - some fans don't be seem to taking into account that L1 and L2 could be in dire straits next season which could leave us with even bigger issues if we took the drop this season. Under normal circumstances I can almost understand the drop to L1 to have a chance of fighting for promotion but at the moment, it could be a very, very bad thing.
  10. As good as were going to get under the circumstances and I think he does have something to offer to a mid league (hopefully) championship team
  11. It’s common sense I would have thought? League 1 next season due to all that’s going in could be a very bad place to be, clubs may go under, matches unplaced etc etc
  12. It may be a lot of things but classy certainly isn't one of them - it's very yellow though
  13. That 70’s badge is god damn awful
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