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  1. Time will tell whether a striker who has started four league games since the start of 2016/17 can put an end to his love affair with the treatment table. Is this true? If so we shouldn’t fall into our usual trap.
  2. No way will we be in L1 next season.
  3. I expect it to be around £30 and why not - the club needs money and it will sell out anyway.
  4. But if we play a weaker team and win we are through to another round and would then get the bigger team/payday (obviously we would have passed the transfer window) but DC will get someone in anyway
  5. Yep - worst team possible, I never understand the "hope we get a big team" mentality, get as far as we can by drawing the weakest teams, if we do that we will probably play a big team in the latter rounds anyway.
  6. No, No it wont that's a stupid question. It would be £45 due to additional ground hire costs
  7. What an enigma, took those 3 goals like a top class striker - it has to be all in the head. It is time to move on.
  8. Before last night 4 losses out the last 5 league matches This morning 3 wins out of the last 4 games Damn stats - I don’t know wether I’m coming or going.
  9. Have to say I agree, some fans just like to trot out well worn cliches so they don't have to think.
  10. Hope this isn't a woosh moment but it was a photoshopped con! I fell for it for a few minutes
  11. Dawson and that’s about it - I am quite loyal to our players, but we need a total refresh and a new set of players eager to fight for this club.
  12. We would have to be careful of FFP, cost me a small fortune when I bought him
  13. To be honest I didn’t, I genuinely thought we had a chance at top 6, I probably think if Fletcher hadn’t got injured we would still be top 6. I also never subscribe to the artificial position theory, especially half way through the season (teams are where they are due to results), I’m now feeling a little more positive and if we manage to bring in a good striker, we still have half a chance.
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