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  1. I am on the whole usually pretty positive when it comes to Wednesday and I don’t call for managers to be sacked, but I just don’t see Joe as being the right man to take us forward, a new man will have the same issues but may handle those issues in a better way.
  2. Spookone


    I have heard on the grapevine that Sabon will come on with 5 minutes to go to score the winner from a 40 yard free kick - Keep it under your hat!
  3. Spookone

    Reasons to be fearful

    OK you can have my ticket (and that’s definitely true too)
  4. Spookone

    Well done Fletcher

    Yep its crazy, its almost like us not playing Westwood and Hutch... oh wait a minute!
  5. To be fair the blunts fans seemed to have calmed down so far this season compared to the constant mocking last season (at least the people I know), its almost as if they feel sorry for us (which is even worse!!!!)
  6. I actually couldn't face going to the match as I am convinced they are going to muller us. Will be watching it on TV and am not nervous due to the above.
  7. Spookone


    He’s as dull as dishwater in every aspect
  8. Spookone

    John Sheridan

    He would have us in a worse state than Jos
  9. Spookone

    Westwood Player Manager.

    Now that would be funny
  10. Spookone

    Team for Blades

    Looks about as good as we could get at the moment (would change Dawson though - his confidence must be low).
  11. Spookone

    Team for Blades

    Why wouldn't you play Joao - he's one of our few strikers with a decent strike rate?
  12. Spookone


    this is my feeling too.
  13. Personally I still think Carlos would have us higher then Jos
  14. Spookone

    My team for Friday

    I would guess a minimum of 2 goals conceded with that defence
  15. Spookone

    Chansiri kicking off

    That’s not true though is it?