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  1. and Bannon and Reach and possibly Winnall
  2. We really need to get out of this mindset of I'd be happy with a draw. Why do people think like that? Wilder and his team on Merry Blunts didn't think like that. You are quite right that Fulham are a very good team but there is absolutly no reason we cant beat them - and if I was Monk I would be trying my best to make sure all the players (and fans) believed we can come away with a win and thats what we are aiming for every week, believe in your own ability is a very powerful thing. If we are to get out of this division, being "happy with a draw" just wont work!
  3. I am now a big believer in this after watching what Wilder has done. Go out to win every match by at least 2 goals, for a start it will put most teams on the back foot. It may mean you lose the odd game by being left a little exposed at times, but cut out the draws. Hopefully Monk will have this in mind and we will see free flowing, attacking football with goals galore and a play off place come the end of the season.
  4. We can only hope Monk may just be the manager to get the best out of FF, like Winnall, I think he is the type of player who needs to feel wanted and needs a consistent run in the team to get back to top form.
  5. Personally I am still hopeful of squeezing into the top 6, I think we have a squad that has quality in depth and like what I’ve heard from Monk so far. keep the faith
  6. Exactly, though it’s obviously the same for any striker but I’ve always had a feeling, Winnall would benefit more than most. I get the impression he needs to feel he’s valued to perform, but when he does he’s a goal scorer.
  7. Extremely (there can really be no doubt)
  8. I’ve never understood why some of our fans didn’t think he could be a very good striker in this division given a good run (which he’s never had).
  9. It was an extremely well taken goal.
  10. Could that be because he hasn’t been playing - Winnall could still be a very good striker given a decent run which will help rebuild his confidence.
  11. I was pleased we signed him at the time, hasn’t gone as well as I expected but he’s never had a proper run in the team and I imagine he’s a player who needs to build his confidence, we have the players to “find him” in the box. Personally I still haven’t given up hope of him coming good.
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