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  1. The last thing I would say is that the “old” badge was on trend - it looked so dated (but that’s just my opinion). i kind of like the “new” badge.
  2. My favourite program! Aren’t there 3 different books all along the same theme?
  3. I also wasn't particularly impressed - out of all the loans we finished the season with, he was the one I would want the least.
  4. Personally I don't have a problem with it - its the way of modern football, and it seems these days club needs to take advantage of any loophole?
  5. But isn't the Experience of not learning from something also Experience?
  6. Ive always wanted Rhodes to work for us, but being realistic its been a long time since he was a proven 20 goal a season striker.
  7. May as well give him a 10 year contract then hadn't we?
  8. Ive probably left early a maximum of 5 times over the last 15 years, but if people want to, with or without a legitimate reason, surely it's their prerogative to do so?
  9. Well they shouldn't have - every time I call no one answers - shocking way to run a business!
  10. A cool £1000 (im not usually a betting man but couldn't resist - adds a little extra interest right to the last day too).
  11. If we do finish top half I get £1000. Im then putting £20 of it on us winning promotion next season - why, well my wife has already claimed the rest
  12. I think he could have a big impact in our team but you're right - if we could get him on another loan to check his current fitness, thats the best option. Though if he stays fit, plays a blinder, theres always a chance someone else will swoop in for him.
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