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  1. He is the type of striker who will always score goals in this division given a decent run.
  2. Im amazed that Joao has played the most minutes out of all our strikers, seems like he's been injured most of the season (as have they all).
  3. What? I think all the kits have been coolio - we just have too many traditionalists (though the current one is may fave).
  4. No doubt we will win tonight - keep the faith!
  5. Totally Disagree Winning breeds confidence - we need to win tonight, play the strongest team, we have nearly a full week until the derby.
  6. Of course we wont finish in the play offs. I will now be more than happy to finish top half to collect my £1k - and even that's still not nailed on
  7. Yep I thought that, although he didn't have his best game (though I think he looks lazier than he is at times), he's one of those players who causes teams problems and pulls teams around - we were a better team with him on the field.
  8. Rodri looked to be a top quality signing.
  9. And resting players who had worked pretty hard at times.
  10. Careful what you wish for - us beating Leeds could hand an automatic spot to the blunts. Though as I really need us to finish top half I hope we do beat them and your second point comes true - double result
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