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  1. Spookone


    very good
  2. Spookone

    I want our owl back

    It was a RUBBISH logo - poorly designed from the start and was really showing its age.
  3. Typical - I don't get back from holiday until Saturday
  4. Spookone


    Waggyhorn will not cost £8m and if he does they wont be buying him
  5. Spookone


    We thought that about Leon and then out of no where was leading scorer in the Championship for a while Lets hope The Waggyhorn (if they sign him) doesn't do the same at our expense.
  6. Even if it was Fox and Jones
  7. Always look forward to a fresh, shiny new season. I don't see why we shouldn't be aiming for the playoffs and expect us to finish top 10.
  8. Spookone

    Going, going, gone.....

    Bannan should not be sold - he is the most consistent creative, driving player we have
  9. I think Winnall is a very good championship striker in the right team - £2.5 isn't enough, who else could you get at the moment with his record for £2.5? (besides Rhodes)
  10. That's how I wear mine at this moment in time, but its brought me sweet nothing, nothing at all.
  11. Spookone

    Potential new signing...

    Nope - this point... "So in other words - they will be no changes to the squad for next season."
  12. Spookone

    Potential new signing...

    I think you may be wrong
  13. To be fare £40 doesn't give them much of a head start?
  14. Spookone

    George Hirst reveals new shirt

    I am actually more concerned about the lack of a sell on fee as that could potentially be a lot higher than a selling fee would have been. I think we have been well and truly shafted by the Hirst Brigade. I do think the club should have handled the situation better though.