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  1. You have to admit - its a tricky one
  2. Bags

    Bags are for girls Alan
  3. That would be a result she's sorting stuff!
  4. Usually in with an extremely negative edge
  5. Come on SWFC - where are our Teasers?
  6. To be fare it doesn't matter how cool or otherwise the new kit will be - someone on here will be massively underwhelmed.
  7. Daily star today

    I remember some of our fanbase saying he was useless and would never make it in the Prem not that many yeas ago
  8. Sean Clare future in doubt

    Personally Im not as bothered about Clare as I am about Hirst due to the club links etc. and the fact that theres a chance he could have been the striker to help us into the promised land. Real shame.
  9. As has been said - I think most people outside Sheffield would class Leeds as a bigger club than Wednesday - don't think theres a lot in it though.
  10. One Win = Mathematical Safety

    you gone and done it now!
  11. You're forgetting about Leon
  12. Almen Abdi at #SWFC

    Personally I wouldn't - who's going to do what he can do for that money - and as we've seen players who have good reputations quite often don't work out. With Bannan we know what we've got - the ball he played for Joao's header a few weeks back was stunning.
  13. Almen Abdi at #SWFC

    Agree other than Bannan - one of the few class players we have - I think most Championship clubs would love to have him in their squad
  14. Almen Abdi at #SWFC

    One of the worst purchases for a while - but the club weren't to know how things would pan out