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  1. Disagree he looked the real deal on occasions last season, needs a good run, though a season loan somewhere would benefit him (and us long term).
  2. The issue is it's very difficult to recruit when you don't know who the managers going to be, any manager would want a say in who he wants brought in.
  3. I think really we do need to keep hold of Reach unless a ridiculous bid came in for him, he offers a lot to the team and only seems to be improving season on season.
  4. What if we bring in Keegan as the manager - he likes to play at least 5 up front
  5. I too rate Winnall, but no way does he have similar ability to Joao, But that doesn’t mean that he isn’t capable of scoring more actual goals than Joao.
  6. He do s look lazy at times, but I’m guessing his goal to minutes played ratio I’m guessing is probably the best at the club? Should he start more often?
  7. Ideally any fan wants slick, entertaining football that leads to promotion. But I would much rather have a season of boring football and promotion than slick entertaining football with no promotion.
  8. I don’t really think anyone can argue with this can they?
  9. These are my thoughts too, I just don’t think we can afford to take a chance at the moment. Of course, whoever we bring in may not work, but a manager with solid experience and a promotion on his CV and contacts within the game has a better chance of success. it was also nice having a manager who the football media was interested in, brings more exposure for the club, which can only help when it comes to recruitment.
  10. Agree with point one and even though Bullen is someone we need at the club I cant agree with point 2, I just cant see him getting us challenging for promotion and then as you say, some of our more vocal fans would turn on him then probably end up blaming DC for taking the cheap option. Not what we need to challenge im afraid.
  11. No not that one, the one who gave us an amazing season of football
  12. I do hope your wrong, we really need a very good start for a change, I just don't see Bullen as the man.
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