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  1. Spookone


    Cameron - is that you?
  2. Spookone

    Having Slept on it...

    He was almost invisible yesterday for large parts of the game.
  3. Spookone

    Blame for their goals

    Not sure about dropping him but I said yesterday he seems a shadow of his former self - just looks like he has no confidence.
  4. Spookone

    Where can this team finish?

    I still think top 10 with a chance of squeezing into the top 6. Before yesterday’s match we were top on form over the past 15 League matches - Jos is doing far better than some fans would have us believe
  5. I Don't see that at all - I do not think the BBC will have offered any more money as they offered every club a 10% reduction. Don't think the i follow will have brought much in either its only cheap, has limited take up and can be cancelled (I presume). Im just glad were not alienating ourselves from RS and limiting who can keep up to date with the club.
  6. Spookone

    Current Form

    It may be but it still puts a positive spin on things, which is much needed with some of our doom and gloom fan base. Its made me smile anyways
  7. Spookone

    Sean Clare

    There's always an option to buy if enough money is offered
  8. Shame on them - they should have has a massive football shaped cake - that would have looked amaz... Oh wait a minute.
  9. Spookone

    Joao tops rankings

    Apple Man or Orange Man - doesn't inspire you with confidence does it?
  10. Spookone

    Keeper Situation

    Personally I do prefer Wildsmith out of the 2 youngsters but I'm not sure about this comment?
  11. As I’ve just mentioned on another thread - there were people yesterday once the team was announced saying Jos was clueless - I very much doubt they had taken the time to look at and digest the last 15 matches under Jos. We all know there’s a few things that could be improved but the team is doing far better than some of us imagined, I really don’t know why some fans bother following a football team if it makes them so down.
  12. Stop it with that positivity of yours... you’ll be branded a Happy Clapper
  13. And yet we still had fans before the match once the team had been announced saying Jos was clueless - ironic really.
  14. Spookone


    But what if he gets them right?