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  1. I'd been thinking of investing in a set of ladders for the fence
  2. The 'AY LEAGUE' is probably 'TODAY LEAGUE' as the now defunct Today newspaper was the sponsor 86-87
  3. On the 9:18 'football special' just pulling in to Kettering, 1st class upgrade for a £10, didn't charge for my lad, getting excited now!
  4. Short walk to Willesden Green, Wembley Park 3rd stop on tube, jobs a good 'un. Normally when I go up to town, I have suite at the Savoy
  5. Block 527 row 9 Travelodge at Cricklewood. Getting as excited my son now.
  6. Isnt this plans for work at the training ground, that's what the address given for the location of the work seems to suggest
  7. Saw him under the South before the Leeds match, seemed to be walking around without any problems.
  8. Obviously then, there is either a fault with the website, which sometimes allows renewals for U8's to be processed as FOC and other times not, or there are two different methods being used to renew. My son is listed as a Friend & Family on my ticket, I logged in with my client id, selected season ticket renewal options, both myself and son were listed as being able to renew, I selected two seats (as I moved seats this year) and it was all processed as one adult and one FOC U8.
  9. I have had the same experience as Dronfield_SWFC, Renewed last year (10/11) on line for my self and U8 and only charged for one adult ticket Renewed this year (11/12) on line and moved seats and only charged for one adult ticket - Both our old seats are now showing as free, and the new ones as unavailable to purchase. And to be honest I dont recall showing my sons birth certificate for the season previous (09/10) when I initially bought a season ticket for him at the ticket office.
  10. A certain LS was in the Four Lanes with his two lads on Saturday before the match.
  11. Just had my invite - for the 5th so cant make it
  12. I'm waiting for mine too (April 9th) - not many matches left (I'm away on the 5th and Utd's match isn't included apparently). Hope a record is kept of the people who have been successful, so next season unsuccessful season ticket holders will have more of a chance to take part. http://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif
  13. Whats the senders address, I'm setting up a filter so that I dont miss any mails. I get the weekly one on fridays - will it be the same as that one. Also do the invites for people whose birthdays fall within the season come for the match closest to the birthday. Mine falls between the Bristol and Utd matches - but I am on holiday for the bristol match and would hate to miss a tour
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