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  1. Shrewsburyowl

    Perfect situation for Stuart Gray

    Wouldn't blame him if he did get asked back and told DC to shove it tbh
  2. Shrewsburyowl

    David Garrido

    pah screw Garrido and his glory hunting, Jermain Jackson has a season ticket on the Kop. Thick and thin is our JJ
  3. may I add to your interesting fact and state that I am indeed off to Lithuania on Saturday for a few days
  4. Shrewsburyowl

    Was it hooliganism in the 70's?

    Every time I walk up Vere Rd I always think to myself "I bet the folk that lived in them houses in the 70's and 80's saw some proper trouble"
  5. Im always surprised at the interest around this game from people I work with. There are a couple of Wednesday and a couple of Blades so we've been giving it the bants to each other and the Man utd, Liverpool, Shrews fans listen in and always asking what the derby is like, whats boxing day got to do with it, why we call each other pigs etc..
  6. Shrewsburyowl

    Is anyone actually nervous for Friday?

    We should deffo try and wind him up at corners, give him a sly dig in a crowded penalty box etc he will react for sure. Trouble is our lot are so nicey nice that they will probably start platting his hair or give him a quick shoulder rub instead .
  7. Shrewsburyowl

    Is anyone actually nervous for Friday?

    Im resigned to us getting beat. Its the getting beat by 4 or more that is worrying me, as this lot give up as soon as we concede. I just really don't want to see Wilder giving large on the touch line like the chav he is and their keeper is a loose cannon with previous so can see him goading our fans also *shudders
  8. Shrewsburyowl

    Pubs for brum

    Just trying to track it down online. Think it may have been The Canal House but it seems it was a Czech bar and it brewed Budvar on site not Tyskie..... to be fair id had a few by the time id found said pub so memory is a little hazy
  9. Shrewsburyowl

    Pubs for brum

    Few years ago since I last did Brum away so dunno if it is still going, but If you head towards the bottom end of Broad st, their is Canal area and a load of upmarket bar type places etc.... buuut If you walk along said canal you will come across a pub run by a Polish family that serves Tyskie on tap and the bar maids are reyt fit Polish sorts
  10. We are made for utd. They are a Boro esque set up sort of a team. get in Reach though ha
  11. Shrewsburyowl

    Birmingham away details

    is 2800 the final allocation or if we sell that do we get the whole end behind the goal?
  12. Shrewsburyowl

    Bored at work

    Telford though
  13. Shrewsburyowl

    Lloyd Owusu

  14. Imagine if we had given all that backing to Stuart Grey, a coach that actually new British football inside out and had already developed the spine of our team from next to nowt.
  15. Shrewsburyowl

    Wigan Athletic 3 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday

    im only surprised that anybody is surprised. Easy money