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  1. Shrewsburyowl

    Birmingham away details

    is 2800 the final allocation or if we sell that do we get the whole end behind the goal?
  2. Shrewsburyowl

    Bored at work

    Telford though
  3. Shrewsburyowl

    Lloyd Owusu

  4. Imagine if we had given all that backing to Stuart Grey, a coach that actually new British football inside out and had already developed the spine of our team from next to nowt.
  5. Shrewsburyowl

    Wigan Athletic 3 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday

    im only surprised that anybody is surprised. Easy money
  6. Shrewsburyowl

    Safe Standing gets rejected

    When Shrewsbury built their new stadium it was an all seater, but recently took out seats from the singing section and have put in rail seating. Even if they end up in the championship next season they will still be able to have the safe standing area. No idea how they got around being able to have it but good on um
  7. Let's worry about our sens. Bank holiday wknd, get some ale down yous, make an atmosphere and enjoy (hopefully) cheering our team on to a win
  8. Shrewsburyowl

    Paul cook or Paul Hurst

    Apparently we actually made an enquiry when Carlos left but that was as far at it went, and then not long after Jos was appointed. Gutted to be fair because the guys got every team he's managed promoted and he's looking like doing it again this season.
  9. Should have got Paul Hurst when we had the chance. Was in shrews corporate for my brothers birthday and had a good conversation with him two weeks ago. Apparently we made an inquiry but didn't follow it up and then Jos was appointed.
  10. Shrewsburyowl

    Ashley westwood

    Guy 'red card' Branston
  11. Shrewsburyowl


    no point. Just making a guesstimate for the laughs really. why? anything you wanna say??
  12. Shrewsburyowl


    Geoffrey is deffo a remainer a Corbynister and probably a member of ANTIFA
  13. Shrewsburyowl


    so the bbc either turn up on Hillsborough corner at last orders or first thing when cleaners are in As long as they don't come in the Shakey and knock my pint of stones over!
  14. Shrewsburyowl


    spanking at the HQ
  15. Shrewsburyowl


    coz we h8 Wednesdeee innit