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  1. Just goes to show.... if you are going to have a perfectly good goal disallowed (the grunters last week).... make sure you are in front already hahahahahaha
  2. Carlos had a dream to build a football team and show the world just what the owls are about. We build from the back and then we attack we're Sheffield Wednesday we're on our way back. Well, at least I like it .
  3. Kevin Wright or Rhino to those of us who knew him well. Passed away on july 18th 2013 out in Portugal watching pre season friendlies. Top top fellah, massive Wednesday fan and one of my best ever buddies. Miss ya pal. Come on Wednesday.
  4. Try Coopers at killamarsh or Maxfields at Aston. They are deffo running to wembley but dont know about seats left etc.
  5. No mate just a load of junk vouchers and stuff.
  6. Ordered them wednesday afternoon. Just standard delivery too.
  7. Mine are here, just dropped through letter box. 55 years old and getting giddy .
  8. Confirmation email reads......tickets are despatched asap but you may not receive them until the week of the event, there is a phone number to contact though if you are worried. 0115 9129105.
  9. I thought some of our lads looked tired on Tuesday so a few changes might be just what's required tonight.
  10. Precisely pal, I work shifts and if I can't make the match I let my ticket out to mates. There are always takers and the money back goes towards next years season ticket. Looking forward to this season for a change, we've wanted this investment for years and now it's here we're moaning moaning moaning. Spose it's the Wednesday way. Oh and by the way.......Petition NOT signed.
  11. I've a fiver on a 2-2 draw at 18/1.......not really expecting to pick up but ya never know, it's a funny old game.
  12. There should have been 10 but only 6 turned up so others were recruited from ?? out of the stands I suppose. The 6 regulars covered from the half way line round past the lep and round to the half way line on the other side. The others covered the kop end half of the pitch where unfortunately the ball wasn't retrieved in that one instance with Nuhiu. Most of the time there is no problem, my boy covers the North stand away end (done it for 4 years) takes it easy when we are winning and can't do it fast enough when we are losing. To be honest they get flip all for doing it but do an efficient job purely for a love of wednesday. At Rotherham and bum hole lane they get free food and drink as well as discounts in the shop and 2 free tickets for their mates, my boy gets nowt but hey ho, he's wednesday through and through. Just saying like.
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