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  1. 12 minutes ago, Dronfield Blue said:


    That's high.


    If the cabinet is at the end of the street that's why.


    FTTC is good. FTTP is the best. (only available in pre wired Virgin areas I believe for residential customers)

    Yep, believe BT/Openreach have started rolling out FTTP too, especially on new build in certain areas. The development we did in Harrogate (35 apartments) we had to pull in the fibre links for openreach from the DP (or fibre equivalent) to each apartment. 

    Stupid thing is when we bought this house, 23 years ago, it was new build an the virgin/cable ductings were installed right up to the front door. Phoned virgin, “sorry we aren’t in your area yet”. Too busy digging the streets up elsewhere to put the network infrastructure in here, still not available 23 years on. 

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  2. 14 hours ago, TaxiMark said:

    Still not had mine but when I visited the shop after the guy at the door thought he was Clint Eastwood holding the gun to my head 3 times ( first two we misfires), the polite woman said that the refund goes in order of who applied first and times etc.


    I'm certain now they will have lost mine though just my luck.


    Not sure what I'm due on the South Stand, anyone know?


    6 hours ago, PARKOWL said:

    No disrespect and im not saying your information is in correct as I believe the lady at the shop has been told this is how they're doing it 

    But its rubbish I emailed the club for 5 of us I did mine and 2 kids on the first day and my 2 mates the day after

    My mate is the only one to get a refund so far and that was 2 weeks ago 


    This, applied for mine & niece's then a few hours later on the same day applied for our kids & nephews (both linked to my family & friends).  Had a call 3 weeks ago to refund our kid, when i suggested the lady do mine at the same time I was told that wasn't possible and I would be contacted when the got to me in the list.  


    Still waiting, so unless they have lost mine they are doing it in a random order, or what appears to be random to the outside world.  We both have the same surname, I applied for both, my Client ID is a lower number than his, just don't see a sensible list that gets to him before me.

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