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  1. Fix it with a new router by the sound of it, tell virgin you’re cancelling if they don’t send you one.
  2. Imagine the questions giddings & co would be asking Monk if he’d started with 4 defeats and a draw scoring just 2 goals. Do you expect wilderbeast will be facing the same questions?
  3. Imagine spending £60m + on strikers though and still relying on billy the pig scoring a pen
  4. Thought he was a rock today (see what I did there) as others have said, headed everything that came near him.
  5. So is there a floating charge or not then? If so what is your source as the only documents in the public domain are the ones above at companies house. By the way, DC has had the option to selling the ground to anybody he fancies ever since he bought the club, as did Milan before him or any of the people that Milan borrowed money from & secured it against the ground.
  6. Could it be a £6m loan, with the £400 & odd thousand being the fees & interest?
  7. It doesn’t seem to mention this floating charge you’ve been banging on about for 2 days, a cynic might think you had an agenda.
  8. Where is this floating charge detailed?, no charge documents are yet in the public domain.
  9. Stopped reading after paragraph one where the first error is. The ground is owned by Sheffield 3 Ltd, which is in turn fully owned by Sheffield 5 Ltd. Sheffield 5 Ltd is owned fully owned by DC. It may seem pedantic as ultimately it is owned by DC but when they claim to be explaining the facts and the information is fully in the public domain at companies house you would think they would get it correct being "a senior lecturer in sports finance at Sheffield Hallam"
  10. Thats just not true though, Locally Us, Dem Blades, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley the ground is held separately to the club. As is Tottenham, Arsenal, Derby etc etc
  11. Didn't notice big press releases from the other clubs about their financial arrangements.
  12. Why did Giddings start the show with the headline "Wednesday fans you don't own your ground anymore", the ownership of the ground hasn't changed in the last month, nothing has changed. When was the program proclaiming the blades dont own their ground anymore and that the prince has a massive mortgage against it. Where was the program about Rotherham not owning their ground and Tony Stewart having a massive mortgage against it? Can you imagine the questions Monk would be facing if he had lost 8 games on the spin and only scored one goal in the opening 4 games, would it be along the lines of
  13. Just seen a rumour on Twitter (I know, I know must be true then) that they are about to humbly splash another £15m on another striker.
  14. Wish we’d had him today when we got the throw by the corner flag deep in stoppage time, we’d be coming away with 3 points
  15. Watched the Bristol game using the Silk browser of Fire TV on Sunday, didn’t seem to work last season but was fine. I suspect it should be the same on fire stick but haven’t tried it.
  16. 2/3 of their normal central defenders missing today, could be a long afternoon for the keeper
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