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  1. You use the sky sports app, sign in with the same Id as you use for sky go. this was pre COVID assume it’s the same now but not tried it.
  2. No doubt Mardiola will emulate his hero Warnock and have a rant about respect or summat. God dam heartbreaking
  3. Thanks for that, that something else off the Xmas list FFS
  4. Just considering upgrading the wife’s 2012 iPad. Wondering if it’s worth the extra for the air 4 compared to the 8th gen iPad. Considering she basically goes on Facebook and games I’m not sure she’ll see the benefit of the A14 to A12 chip. Any thoughts?
  5. Similar story with me, put my request in for mine and my niece’s (which I pay for), then couple of hours later gets a call from our kid, he says can you request mine & the nephew’s seen as you already have them set up on your account. Anyway about 3 weeks ago gets a call to refund our kid’s & the nephews, so I ask the women you may as well do mine while you’re on the phone, she’s says no allowed to do that ad someone will call me when they get to me on the list. Still waiting like, but no rush I’m not desperate.
  6. imagine coming on a forum for football fans to moan about you fellow fans... I was just pointing out the inconsistency of refereeing in the championship, surely if Shaw’s tackle was deemed a red card and as Pulis said you can see why it was given then surely a near identical tackle in another game should also be a red or is each game refereed to a different set of rules.
  7. Anybody care to explain the difference between Shaws tackle & the one by Mads Anderson in the barnsley game just now.
  8. Sheffield Wednesday v Reading | Extended highlights | 2020/21 Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Reading | Extended highlights | 2020/21
  9. Sheffield Wednesday v Reading | Extended highlights | 2020/21 Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Reading | Extended highlights | 2020/21
  10. Two of those barely played a game in a season and half, fletcher wasn’t far behind them.
  11. He would if he could have got his Lardy arse in the six yard box in time, without falling over looking for a penalty.
  12. They’ll be bragging about getting another one over us, before tonight we held the joint worst start to a season with them. Now though they are out there on their own.
  13. Surely the local journalists have to start asking him tough questions now.
  14. So against the 2 worst defences in the league they’ve managed 1 VAR awarded last minute penalty.
  15. West Brom need to get the second whilst they’re on top.
  16. Both centre midfielders on yellows after 20 mins, with Mike Dean in charge they might not keep 11 on the field here.
  17. I see Billy the Pig doesn’t even make the bench tonight..... Maybe it’s finally over for him.
  18. Reminds me of a job we were once asked to quote, this Indian businessman wanted a cinema setup in his London crash pad. He’d had an “AV Consultant” spec up the system for him and then through a contact of our got us to quote for the supply & install of the system. The consultant had specified all cables to be Nordost, with HDMI being their Valhalla 2 range, here’s the link if you fancy one https://www.futureshop.co.uk/nordost-valhalla-2-4k-uhd-hdmi-cable Needless to say although in the end we got the job, he didn’t end up using any Nordost cables.
  19. He might have been asked there but apparently it wasn’t one of our local journalists, they were to busy blowing smoke up his ass
  20. Yeah, but that won't stop some desperate mum thinking she's got a bargain for her little one and parting with money to the criminals only for apple to brick it on Christmas morning.
  21. Sounds like there might be some cheap apple stuff going about. “A manhunt is underway after £5m of Apple products were stolen from a lorry on the M1, police have said. The vehicle was stopped and its driver tied up on the southbound slip road at Junction 18 in Northamptonshire on 10 November, according to Northants Police. Forty-eight pallets of Apple products were stolen in the robbery, which happened between 7.45pm and 8pm, the force added. The lorry was then driven to Eldon Close in Crick, where the suspects transferred the trailer on to their own truck and drove
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