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  1. 2 minutes ago, axolotl said:


    He is trying by consulting expert and knowledgable advice, ie, you - apparently. I'm basing this on the fact that you have categorically and confidently stated DC can't just dissolve Sheffield Wednesday PLC.


    I hope to God that you're right, and he cant simply settle all existing external debts and dissolve Sheffield Wednesday PLC. Reassure us of this? 


    My understanding is he simply has to convene a board meeting and get the majority of directors to sign a Declaration of Solvency, then appoint an Independent Liquidator with support of 75% of shareholders to liquidate assets of the company and settle any creditors in full. 


    Why can't he do this? 



    Because Roland says so and if he tries he’ll sqthweem &  sqthweem &  sqthweem &  sqthweem until he’s sick

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  2. 2 minutes ago, DELUDED OWL said:

    Old Roland on his red circle spree..............................don't think i've ever seen one guy give so many in such a short space of time...........................tis quite funny actually.


    Its like when you ask a 5 year old “why?”  and they just answer “because” lol

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  3. 1 minute ago, 2roland2 said:



    You will find it, I ain’t doing your work for you because I’m not wasting time proving someone wrong who has zero idea, it’s friday night and I’m off for a beer....


    I’m not asking for proof just your opinion, it’s called debating maybe you could try it. 


  4. 14 minutes ago, 2roland2 said:


    So the administrators stopped it... I didn’t say Anderson Called for admin, I said he was stopped.


    10 minutes ago, kirksandallowl said:


    Who would call in the administrators if the chairman paid all debts before dissolving the company?


    Any ideas?

  5. 3 minutes ago, 2roland2 said:


    So the administrators stopped it... I didn’t say Anderson Called for admin, I said he was stopped.


    Who would call in the administrators if the chairman paid all debts before dissolving the company?

  6. 1 minute ago, 2roland2 said:


    And he was stopped by administrators, just has oyston was stopped, but neither oyston or Anderson started with intentions of buying a club to ruin it. Which sort of validates my fears, when people get fed up they will stop at nothing to get money back, luckily for Bolton and Blackpool the club didn’t sell the ground.............


    Who would appoint the administrator if the chairman paid all bills up and then dissolved the business?

  7. 12 minutes ago, 2roland2 said:


    Karl Oyston tried to do it. It can’t happen and won’t happen, the stadium being owned separately though is a totally different problem, with that he can do whatever the fizz he wants. 


    Do t mean to be blunt but Go and do some research rather than asking me to do it. 


    I’m not talking about deliberately trying to run the club into the ground like Oyston was doing to punish the fans, legally there is nothing to stop the owners of a limited company waking up one morning and saying fizz this I’m out of here and dissolving the business. Take the clothes shop on Eccy Road where the owners had had enough of being robbed, decided to cease trading and dissolved the business. Who could stop him?

  8. 7 minutes ago, 2roland2 said:


    Cool then blindly go about your day and don’t worry, just don’t start moaning if things go incredibly south if Chansiri throws his toys out of the pram again. If this is true he literally as our fans balls squeezed in his hands. 


    Even if he doesn’t sell the ground to himself and leaves it in the clubs name he could “throw his toys out of the pram” tomorrow and devolve the company and with it the club. What don’t you get about it. 

  9. 1 hour ago, room0035 said:

    As you both say according to the rules he can only put the amount he has put in according to DC, but in the same league other chairman within the rules put in a lot more money and found ways for their clubs to trade without having to sell their stadium.


    Presumably they are just lucky.







    For example?

  10. 2 hours ago, room0035 said:

    No because DC uses the rules as his excuse why he cannot put anymore than £1.2m in a season to the club.


    So what makes you think those same rules are going to allow us to value the club 5 times more than it was valued in the last filed accounts.


    He would be better off trying to find oil under Hillsborough stadium. 



    Its obvious you don't like the chairman but this line is just not true, he says the the rules wouldn't allow him to allocate more than £1.2m of the money he had put in to sponsorship for the year those accounts referred to.


    He is currently putting in £2m+ in cash every month to pay the bills, everything we are taking about here is purely a paper exercise by the accountants to work around the P&S rules and bares little relation to cash in the bank.

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  11. Not seen a thread, which is normal when we win, but though the ref was really poor yesterday, but not as bad as the south stand linesman. The incident in the second half where they both spent what seemed like a minute looking at each other waiting for the other to give the throw in before the linesman eventually blinked first and gave it the wrong way summed them up perfectly. 

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  12. It looks as though the exchange is enabled but your cabinet (No11) is not.  It may be if the cabinet only serves a small number of properties then it won't be economically viable to Openreach, which is exactly the situation that super fast south Yorkshire was set up to deal with, however for some reason super fast seem to think you should be covered already.  Maybe try e-mailing super fast and ask them to check there information, might not get anywhere but worth an e-mail. 

  13. Your assumptions are pretty much correct, each output (there should be 4 in total the 3rd & 4th may just have their plastic covers in place) has both satellite & terrestrial signals on them. You can connect each output directly to the LNB input on a SkyHD box (not sure it will work with SkyQ as this normally works with a different type of LNB but I think there is now a way to use standard LNB’s with SkyQ, but you would need to check with Sky), you can also connect an output directly to the antenna input on your TV to receive terrestrial channels (ideally I would fit a di-plex plate here to filter out the satellite signals but it shouldn’t make much difference) but you will need a ‘f’ to tv lead (Maplin code A76XG would do it)


    Hope this helps. 


    Edit:This won’t work with virgin by the way. 

  14. Surely a team playing negative football wouldn’t be the team that had the most shots at goal of any team in the 4 English divisions.  Which according to sky’s match stats that what we did on Saturday and in many cases more than both teams added together (including the Leeds v pigs game, with many on here saying we should play more like them). 


    I’m not saying i’m happy with the results at the moment but are Carlos’s tactics as negative as many on here are making out or is it a myth being used to beat him with because the results aren’t going our way.

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