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  1. But the EFL don't decide the punishment, it is decided by a independent disciplinary panel, see the Bolton punishment and subsequent appeal by the EFL to see how much influence the EFL have in the punishment.
  2. Please explain how anybody, in the professional game or otherwise, can know the outcome of an independent disciplinary panel hearing that nobody even knows is going to take place or not yet?
  3. So your mate has basically collated every Owlstalk rumor from the last 3 months then.
  4. That can’t be right, because billy bullshit down the nags head said it’s all done and we’ve been given a 12 point deduction. Dozens on here have said so.
  5. Bit upset with the fox reference, but oh well i'll not flounce or create another login like some would do.
  6. Or maybe it has been looked at and it was decided that it didn’t warrant a comment? Or maybe you could point me to a official statement from any professional club that confirms or denies specific financial details of any transfer/loan that either happened or fell through? Good luck finding that.
  7. And who’s to say Celtic offered any more? Other than that Bastian of truth HITC of course.
  8. Who decides which ones are worthy of comment then?
  9. And do you think telling the fans (and therefore Bristol city) we were under an embargo would have helped or hindered us in those negotiations?
  10. Jack Hunt?, Lucas Joao? There could have been other in negotiations but the clubs didn’t meet our valuations or the players demands. But you know keep making stuff up to suit the agenda.
  11. Or maybe he thought it might hamper negotiations for players we were trying to offload?
  12. So you want a formal club statement on every bullshit rumour on the internet? Yeah that’ll definitely happen.
  13. Sorry didn’t realise a 12 point deduction could be seen as anything but negative. Even if the arbitration hearing has been concluded and a judgment been reached (I would expect a statement from the EFL, the club or both to that effect) it the goes to an independent disciplinary panel hearing at which the club is allowed to defend itself, again I would expect an announcement from both the EFL & the club, they didn’t hang about announcing Birmingham’s punishment, I would also expect the clubs statement to say they are appealing the decision. But no bullshit billy down th
  14. So you think its right for people to use information that is quite possibly made up on an internet gossip site (the article lists the source as HITC) as gospel and a chance to slam the club with?
  15. Given the EFL have released statements at every stage of the proceedings i cannot believe they have won the arbitration side of things and moved to and completed the disciplinary hearing without releasing a statement to that effect. As i said above, from the Rhodes thread, some people on here love to feed the negativity.
  16. Do you really think the club (or any club for that matter) would come out and say well celtic offered £x but we wanted £y + £z loan fee?
  17. Some people on here don’t let facts get in the way of a chance to have a pop at the club, they thrive on the negativity.
  18. Was just listening to 5 live on my drive home, the guy in the studio asked the reporter at the derby game if there was any update to the efl charges that derby are facing as it had all gone very quiet since they first came to light around a month ago. His reply was that there was no official update but he had been speaking with the local journalists who cover derby week in week out and that it was their opinion that derby had written sign off by the efl for what they did and would be cleared of any wrongdoing. Don’t know what this means to us, but if we have the same supposed written
  19. And fletcher is on £200k per week but fessi is on £201k because it’s wrote in his contract that he has to be the highest paid.
  20. fizz me his fee gets higher every time someone quotes it on here. Any advance on one?
  21. People who start poo stirring polls on Twitter have zero credibility in my eyes
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