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  1. I’ll have a chat with him, see if it’s something he would consider.
  2. Sounds ideal. are they ok with gaming? (latency, ping times etc)
  3. We have a customer with a MASSIVE property, despite both the Openreach & BT website claiming FTTC is available whenever he tries to order it , it gets rejected/fails with the reason given as FTTC not available. (He currently gets 10-12Mbit Download, 1Mbit Upload on ADSL) What thoughts do people have to using a 4G/5G Modem/Router for the main home broadband connection.? Money would be an issue for a reliable service.
  4. For that to happen the chairman has to be willing to sell, according to some on here he’s a vindictive dictator so if that were true do you think he’s incapable of liquidating the club out of spite?
  5. Sorry, it was late and my sense of humour had already gone to bed
  6. It would actually benefit us more to move it to 18/19, as we’ve already been punished for the 3 year period ending 17/18 so that period is considered a £13m per season loss for P&S purposes (as per Birmingham). So if the profit from the stadium sale is shown in 18/19 it SPENDAGEDDON
  7. If the stadium sale is removed from the 17/18 season it will be placed into the 18/19 season (at least for P&S purposes) it won’t just disappear into ether
  8. So we produce enough electricity from renewable sources for every household to opt for a 100% renewables tariff?
  9. Yeah but Jose loves them and thinks they are brilliant. *obviously Jose isn’t known for mind games
  10. All their grounds men have obviously had a bust up with the chairmen about lack of investment in the pitch and stormed out meaning they only have the YTS lads looking after the pitches.
  11. Will they still have the Bill Gates chip or will it be a super fast M1 tracking chip?
  12. Wonder if Radio Pig will be doing a special phone in, complete with sensationalist headline.
  13. I get what you’re saying but if every consumer suddenly decided they only wanted 100% renewable tariffs, we’d be fizzed, where would it all come from?
  14. Absolute ******** car crash in their own box yet again.
  15. I was reminded of this the other day......
  16. Just had my call, the number (as previously mentioned) 03700201867 Sort code and account number required, should be in my account in a couple of days.
  17. So it was good for the club then? PS just pointing out its easy to look back with blue tinted glasses at the good old days, but the reality is somewhat different.
  18. It could be true that he’s gone, rumours gathering pace.
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