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  1. The ones who threw em will be the first to moan when we get a fine or worse and/or they are ID’d from CCTV and banned.
  2. Thought this was going to be about which clichés would be trotted out after an away victory…….. I was going for “Papering over the cracks!” Would’ve had a full house.
  3. Where was Foden on loan at 19? Nowhere he was in the first team. He may have the potential to be a decent player but they clearly don't think he's there yet.
  4. No goal threat with him either last night
  5. He saved the shot, it was the headers that did for him
  6. Not sure how you've come to that conclusion seeing he only faced 1 shot, I mean you could be right but lets give him a chance.
  7. Don’t go using facts on here mate, the FIFA managers know better Would be interesting to compare the goals scored per game over the same period, does tightening up at the back cost them at the other end.
  8. Dunno not a keeper or keeper coach, but you’ve kind of proved my point. Did Stockdale do anything different to any number of modern day keepers? That’s why I’m thinking we’re are maybe being a bit harsh.
  9. My 2 peneth for what it worth 1. There was a clear foul on Heneghan when the initial cross came in, then when the second ball comes in their left back is basically unmarked(Bannan closest player) and sticks it right against the post. Not sure if another keeper would have saved it or not but if they did it would have been an incredible save. 2. Fiz (who had a great game) thinks he’s got more time on half way and gets his pocket picked and with Johnson already off down the line for tha ball Fiz was about to play left a big hole at left back meaning initially Ihiekwe and then Heneghan get pulled across to cover leaving Iorfa alone with their centre forward, again not sure what else Stockdale could be expected to do. 3. Johnson gets done with a ball over the top, does all right in holding the winger up but then the right back appears with no Wednesday player anywhere near and the cross comes in to their number nine unmarked between to defenders 8 yards out, not sure Stockdale should be coming for that ball.
  10. Actually pleasantly surprised yesterday, worked really well, pretty big queue for the bar when we arrived about 13:15 but moved really quick, the handheld POS really helped. Live music went down well. Some feedback for anybody from the club reading. 1. Probably going to need some cover for the winter matches otherwise nobody will be there. 2. Food options? Sure I read there were to be some. 3. Seating could be better, us old uns need to take a load off. All in all a good start, Would Bang Again
  11. Has it been confirmed that the club actively stopped him buying a ticket yet?
  12. All sounds like steps in the right direction. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2022/july/welcome-back-to-a-new-and-improved-hillsborough/
  13. Do we know if this fan has been down to the ticket office or phoned them to resolve the issue, because from what I see he tried to buy a season ticket once online couldn’t manage it then went crying to the star. The article even says he’s only assuming he’s banned.
  14. I'm sure The Star will be desperate to hear your stories about how you were banned from buying season tickets too.
  15. They talk about ‘rust bucket’, seeing the state of the cladding behind Gabby the other night there’s only one rust bucket in Sheffield.
  16. Goal rich, definitely going to ******** the league now
  17. Anybody know how they got on at Burton tonight?
  18. It was great standing at the back on the suspended section feeling the whole thing bounce
  19. He’s that blinded by hatred/Thick he doesn’t realise that latest set of accounts publicly available relate to a Covid ravaged season in the championship but yeah crack on.
  20. I think his staff down at Shirebrook might disagree.
  21. I'm hearing the factor 50 may be required again this year
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