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  1. On a glorious spring morning, driving over A66 to Penrith (as an example of the type of road) and Wake up Boo by the Boo Radleys comes on the radio, always gets me singing and put me in a good mood.
  2. Football Heaven special tonight then? No thought not......
  3. Here’s a little scenario, not trying to apportion or absolve any blame here. Not suggesting this is what happened. June/June 2019 Club: Hi Liam, can you and your agent pop in for a chat about your contract. *Shaw and his agent turn up for the meeting as requested. Club: We think you are progressing nicely and have some real potential, we’d like you to extend your contract by a further 12 months Shaw/Agent: Thanks for believing in me means a lot, what’s in it for me? Club: Well you’ve not really broken into the first team yet,
  4. But everybody on here said there was no way would he sign a new contract
  5. Just watching the Arsenal v Leeds game, Arsenal were awarded a penalty that was subsequently overturned by ref after being advised to check the VAR monitor. It seems the reason for this was that the push by the defender was deemed to be not strong enough to award a penalty. A few minutes later the same two players are together again, this time the defender is “shepherding the ball out” the attacker simply touches him on the back, the defender falls over, automatically a free kick to the defender, we see it 10 times a game. Now where in the rules of the game does it 1. De
  6. I’m reading lots about how “scalpers” are using bots to buy up stock as soon as it it’s the websites and then selling at inflated prices on eBay etc. Then the subsequent discussion about how to stop them, surely if everyone just refuses to pay over the odds for them then they don’t have a incentive to do it.
  7. Couldnt we just have bought 357532567 of those to cover the pitch
  8. And if you read the rest of the article the club is investing a probably not insignificant sum in a state of the art custom built replacement. As opposed to the lack of investment many were quick to suggest. Appreciate the communication could have been better, but maybe they didn’t expect the complete bed wetting from the fans over a game being postponed during the coldest February for 25 years.
  9. Better Gym (across from Sainsbury’s) has unfortunately become a victim of the virus and is closed for good.
  10. Not saying this is the case but let’s say it’s a part on the boiler that needs replacing, have you tried getting spare parts for boilers at the minute, especially if it’s from the EU? Lets say the club puts out a statement saying basically the above and they are doing everything they can to source the part required, how long before someone post along the lines of “it’s a lie, we can’t afford it”?
  11. Maybe so, I’m not really sure who they’ve signed if I’m honest. But people have been saying this since October/November, I think sometimes people assume how good they are based on past performance. Didn’t they both sell a couple in the summer, Matty Cash for example & the 2 from derby who went to dem blades, vydra left derby too didn’t he?
  12. I know what your saying, but why hasn't this quality got them further up the table then?
  13. See this winds me up, couple of my mates keep saying Forest and Derby will pull away. Well more than half way through the season and guess what they aren’t pulling away and as bad as we’ve been if you look at the actual points gained we are well in front of them so what have they done that somehow makes it a foregone conclusion that they’ll pull away but we won’t.
  14. I wonder if these Indonesian investors know he’s representing them, or if they’ve even heard of him?
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