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  1. Sheffield Wednesday v Reading | Extended highlights | 2020/21 Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Reading | Extended highlights | 2020/21
  2. Sheffield Wednesday v Reading | Extended highlights | 2020/21 Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Reading | Extended highlights | 2020/21
  3. Two of those barely played a game in a season and half, fletcher wasn’t far behind them.
  4. He would if he could have got his Lardy arse in the six yard box in time, without falling over looking for a penalty.
  5. They’ll be bragging about getting another one over us, before tonight we held the joint worst start to a season with them. Now though they are out there on their own.
  6. Surely the local journalists have to start asking him tough questions now.
  7. So against the 2 worst defences in the league they’ve managed 1 VAR awarded last minute penalty.
  8. West Brom need to get the second whilst they’re on top.
  9. Both centre midfielders on yellows after 20 mins, with Mike Dean in charge they might not keep 11 on the field here.
  10. I see Billy the Pig doesn’t even make the bench tonight..... Maybe it’s finally over for him.
  11. He might have been asked there but apparently it wasn’t one of our local journalists, they were to busy blowing smoke up his ass
  12. I think that is people who are requesting codes in lieu of ST, I (and several of my mates all ST holders) are just paying the £10 each game and leaving our season ticket money to cover next seasons ticket, assuming we can get back in by then. So the numbers will be higher than that. But you have the issue of multi ticket households, Mum, Dad & 2 Kids all season ticket holders but only need 1 iFollow to watch so that will be pushing the numbers down.
  13. Doubt they’d all be fit together toolmaker that happen
  14. I know we’re not allowed to criticise local journalists on here but can anybody see any justification for this headline in the article or is it pure click bait?
  15. 2 days earlier it could have been “the bonfire night massacre”
  16. Wednesday Fans: it’s about time the chairman communicated with the fans..... Chairman: *announces press conference Wednesday Fans: whatever he’s going to say is a load of crap.
  17. No wonder they can only afford to bring him off the bench for the last 10 mins then.
  18. The thing is all clubs, including ours, have an element that cannot or will not follow any guidelines that would be needed to safely allow fans into stadiums. Imagine the north stand pointers being told to socially distance or not sing and chant. Or what happens at the end of the game, how do they safely empty the stadium keeping everybody socially distanced. I would love to be able to go to the games as much as anyone but I just don’t think I could at the moment.
  19. That’s actually better than a massacre, because it’s the ******** hope that kills you
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