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  1. If teams want/need to change tyres under the red flag then they are allowed, however the must still change tyres/stop under green flag conditions.
  2. They could allow changes under the Red flag as now but have so that it doesn’t count as the mandatory stop.
  3. Which is exactly why Max had slowed so much, to get Lewis to pass him just before the DRS li e so he could pass him straight back, just like he did a little later. It was dangerous from Max pure and simple. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Max. (Or even Peres) try to take Lewis out next week.
  4. Had a pork & apple sausage roll the other Saturday (1st time in ages), a) because it was foooking freezing & b) they had the pie & a pint for £4 offer on. The sausage roll really was very good, i think it goes to show if you get the quality and price right we might actually make a bit of money on it.
  5. It really doesn’t, it helps cash flow yes, which is why most clubs do it, but not the EFL submissions of accounts.
  6. Not sure, only seen the headline figure owed to HMRC, not sure how it’s made up.
  7. HMRC will also argue it isn’t Derby’s money, it is money they have deducted from employees pay packets and VAT they have collected on behalf of the government.
  8. Apart from the fact they are next years season tickets so would have no bearing on this years accounts/figures
  9. Seen a few games recently and it looks like the novelty has worn off for the flag wavers. Seems to have been empty seats in every section
  10. Another “28,000 virtual sell out” by the looks of it
  11. Want to address the reason for starting the other 2 threads or have “not seen” them again
  12. Yeah you don’t see a lot when it suits I stopped coming into match day because of the negativity, I stupidly thought it might have improved now the performances have started to improve but alas it has turned into the boardroom section.
  13. I not over sensitive about it, I’m a great believer in having a positive attitude leading to a positive outcome. We’ve all agreed the chairman has made mistakes/not handled situations well. Constantly dragging up the same things creates negativity, you know better than most that the club & players know what’s being said on here, what do you think helps the players more positivity or negativity from the fans?
  14. 1. There isn’t a new charge, it’s been there over a month, it was discussed at the time and explained and even covered in the local media 2. The thread about unpaid wages rearing it’s head again, by the same poster, completely without evidence or corroboration, in the middle of the month when the wages aren’t even due, we are being closely monitored by the EFL and would have been charged by them immediately if there was an issue. So what is this newsworthy event?
  15. Ah the old I can’t counter your point so I’ll just keep posting an irrelevant previous post until you get fed up ploy. My times too important I’m off.
  16. What about the other 2 threads? Why do you think they were started?
  17. Maybe they have more information than they can/are willing to put in the public domain.
  18. It’s funny isn’t it, the team finally look like it’s starting to turn a corner, 3 wins and a draw in the last 4. Then we get a poster stirring it about unpaid wages without any evidence or corroboration. The same post then starts on the Sheffield 3 loan, another poster starts this thread knowing it will set fan against fan. A cynic might suggest the sleeper cells had been activated to try and derail any positivity that might begin to build.
  19. Well at least you’ve given it a fair chance
  20. Warnock might not fancy it being 72, but I’m sure Blackwell is young enough to want another job. now that would be funny
  21. Especially when the midweek matches are also on the Red Button/ifollow
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