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  1. The only problem with that is: Club *make statement confirming/denying various rumours and says don’t worry everything is fine usual owlstalk conspiracy theorists/Chansiri haters: “he’s lying”
  2. Scrap that it’s appeared now, not known for my patience
  3. Thanks for this Mirodo the one on the official site was shocking last year. I think I’ve subscribed but not seeing the fixtures Released appointment, how long does it normally take to sync?
  4. The fans & staff probably would and still could if he decided to sell it on again after selling it to himself but ultimately it wouldn’t stop him if he’d made up his mind. As I said above the efl & fa would do fizz all, there is no president to suggest they get involved in this type of dispute. Just look at the nothing statements they’ve made on the Bolton debacle. I doubt he he would insert a clause that says the football club are the only ones who can buy it back it is too restrictive, but he may be willing to have a clause giving the club 1st refusal.
  5. I wouldn’t be happy with that but what could I do about it? Stand outside the main entrance hurling abuse, would that stop him? Is there anyway to stop him legally?
  6. I seem to remember a club not too far up the road selling the ground to a third party, the efl did fizz all
  7. He could have sold it straight to a third party anyway so selling it to himself hasn’t altered anything in that respect.
  8. But there are lots of clubs who’s grounds are owned by third parties (local councils etc) its unenforceable.
  9. On what legal grounds could the efl block the sale?
  10. Why didn’t they just make them play the Brentford game too then? What would they have done had they just not turned up at Forest?
  11. A/ Don’t know because ungrateful fans had pissed him off so much he wanted revenge, I’m not saying he would just that he could. b/Why not?
  12. I agree, I was just trying to point out that although they wouldn’t be happy the efl can’t make a club play their games
  13. But if he as Roland said ”chucked it toys out of the pram” and thought I’ll teach these ungrateful lot a lesson and cleared all the companies external liabilities, paid up player contracts etc then just closed the bank account, locked the doors and went home who could stop him, who would put us into admin?
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