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  1. He doesn’t need a new contract, he always has 1 year left on his contract.
  2. that was another attempt to lighten the mood by the way.
  3. I never have. *sid emoji included to make it clear I’m attempting to be funny
  4. whilst you’re laughing at me, you’re leaving other alone who might be affected by it.
  5. Sorry I’m not inferring that at all, I realise it probably costs you money to provide the site rather than you making any, it was my poor attempt a humour
  6. Not upset in the slightest. I’m not the one questioning people’s intelligence for disagreeing with me. You should be happy I’ve dragged this out so long, just think of the more owlstalk readers. *those last two word are not what I typed
  7. Sorry obviously not intelligent enough to come up with a better term to describe the group of posters in this thread.
  8. As I said, classy i’ll leave you lot to belittle other fans concerns and congratulate each other on being more important than everyone else together.
  9. But isn’t this part of the problem, lots of posters on here won’t believe the answer to any question unless it matches the one they already believe
  10. What about people who repeatedly ask the chairman about why certain players aren’t being selected, even after the chairman has said its the manager’s decision, is that allowed?
  11. Thanks for proving my point. If I don’t agree with you I must lack intelligence, that’s really classy.
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