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  1. My advice for what it’s worth...... Graphics Card, Graphics Card, Graphics Card If you want a decent gaming PC it must have a dedicated graphics card and get the best card you can afford. This will be the limiting factor on most games.
  2. Journalists should be calling them out in the post match interviews. "So when the teenage ball bay threw the ball at/to you and it hit you in the chest, why did you roll about on the floor like Mike Tyson had hit you in the face?"
  3. Unfortunately in the end that wasn’t nearly enough
  4. Long story short, it’s a paper exercise no additional money will be changing hands
  5. Makes you wonder if they could be struggling financially. I know they get some of their income from levies on the clubs, for example gate receipts, transfer fees etc. Not sure what percentage it makes up but they will definitely have taken a hit.
  6. There was one piece of play that is often overlooked, in the second half after a Cardiff attack the ball broke to Rhodes on half way towards the north stand, there was nothing on but he managed to get his body between ball and defender and drew a free kick in the way Hooper used to do expertly, thus reliving the pressure. He does this quite a lot.
  7. 99% on here still think Pearson should be our manager.
  8. Just watching the Huddersfield v Brentford game and got to thinking about the Brentford philosophy that is often (probably correctly) offered up as to something we should have followed. I got to thinking how will the new Brexit work permit rules affect them, there seems to be a lot of young non-uk born players in their team today who now would struggle to get permission to play here. Will their methods continue to get results or will they have to change their apply?
  9. I knew some limited support was available, I have no idea (as you and everybody else on here) IF we have applied for it. The tone of the original post I replied to was that we have received millions so why haven't we refunded the season tickets. Anyway lunch break over, back to the grind stone for me.
  10. I'm not suggesting we have got nothing, but compared to other businesses the view has been that with the money involved in football they can stand on their own feet. There has been zero support (financially) from the EFL.
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