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  1. doubt it, I would imagine they ar3 still looking at all clubs 18/19 accounts the speed they seem to move at.
  2. I’ve not seen that detailed in the accounts but don’t see anything wrong with the chairman paying the debt any way he likes, unusual doesn’t mean wrong.
  3. it’s pretty simple really if you understand how business and accounting works, you will probably find it shows in the next set of accounts that an on paper set of transactions that £60m of what SWFC owe Chansiri (directors loans) is repaid and £60m is received for the stadium, no actual cash will change hands.
  4. They were using it Tuesday night down at the back of the kop, just for the lager. Lots of people complaining it was serving flat but hopefully that’s just the staff getting used to it.
  5. Those teams are where they are partially because we beat them
  6. Spent some time doing some work at his house, spent ages chatting about Wednesday with him. Top bloke, gave me his Wednesday scarf as we were leaving at the end of the job, also signed my mates lads guitar for him.
  7. Think they’re already on with it, say them with the camcorder on the way out videoing the crowd spilling out into all 4 lanes of the dual carriageway
  8. Just trying to point out that people comparing the price of the kit in our official club store to eBay knock offs of Barcelona/Man Utd kit aren’t comparing apples with apples.
  9. Just as a matter of interest which of the premier league/la liga clubs on show in that picture sell shirts significantly cheaper than ours? (Officially not eBay knock offs)
  10. We might not agree on politics Utah but i’m in 100% agreement with you on this.
  11. People suggesting that being better at getting the shirt etc in stock would help with FFP might like to consider the following numbers (using round numbers to keep it easy). If we average 25000 fans at home and every single one of them bought a shirt for £59 (1. We average slightly less, 2. They won’t all buy a shirt, 3. The ones that do buy won’t all be adult ones at £59) If we the assume that the profit on each shirt is £50 (In reality it will likely be less) 25000 x £50 = £1,250,000 or about half the salary of one player on the fabled £40k / week. So whilst “Every little helps” as the saying goes the reality is it’s the square root of fizz all compared to our posted operating loss.
  12. As well as name & number printing being unavailable too. It it just seems like any opportunity to moan about the club on here sometimes.
  13. As i said not in denial, don't really care either way. I support Sheffield Wednesday who will be here long after Bruce has left be that now, in 6 months or 6 years, managers will come and go, players will come and go. Most of those crying would be the first screaming for him to be sacked if we lose the 1st 5 games of the season. They also wouldn't be able to hand their notice in quick enough at work if a bigger company offered to double their wages overnight. Bruce is not a Wednesdayite, it is just a job to him, people on here base it all on their emotion as fans, imagine you worked for Reading & Wednesday came along and offered you the same job for more money your car would be out the car park before the printer had finished printing your resignation letter.
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