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  1. He won’t be living in boro, he’ll be at home in Devon while Blackwell does the donkey work, he’ll turn up the day before a game to rally the troops.
  2. But we aren't submitting our accounts to the independent commission. They will be determining their verdict on information provided by the 2 parties barristers not information submitted to the efl
  3. Plucky little Bournemouth, doing it on a shoestring.
  4. Didn't stop the Blavdes when they got relegated because they couldn't draw at home with Wigan.
  5. What Money? They have already borrowed against TV money up to November 2020 to fund last summers signings and this years operating costs.
  6. Very true They’ve also borrowed against TV income as far as November as well,
  7. No they don’t it’s owned by the parent company blades leisure Ltd, very similar to ourselves
  8. I think it says Wigan’s (#WAFC) appeal against 12 point penalty.
  9. It could well do, it’s getting a bit beyond my knowledge at that point. The way I see it there are a lot more negatives than positives to admin from DC’s point of view so I just don’t see it.
  10. I think because it is in the accounts as director/shareholders loan he would struggle with that, I’m sure mkowl suggested that would be the case last week and I would defer to his knowledge on this given his job.
  11. you can novate your obligations under a contract to another party at any time subject to all parties agreeing, seeing as DC is all parties I’m sure they would all agree.
  12. No it won’t, the administrator would be after him like a dog with a bone to collect the debt owed to the club.
  13. But he would be chased by the administrator for the £60m he owes for the ground (less any payments he may or may not have made in this regard)
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