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  1. kirksandallowl

    Negative Tactics - a myth?

    But are either of those things down to tactics or is it player technique/ability/decision making?
  2. Surely a team playing negative football wouldn’t be the team that had the most shots at goal of any team in the 4 English divisions. Which according to sky’s match stats that what we did on Saturday and in many cases more than both teams added together (including the Leeds v pigs game, with many on here saying we should play more like them). I’m not saying i’m happy with the results at the moment but are Carlos’s tactics as negative as many on here are making out or is it a myth being used to beat him with because the results aren’t going our way.
  3. kirksandallowl

    OFFICIAL ticket prices vs. Arsenal

    I apologise I misinterpreted "LIKE HAPPENED IN ALL PREVIOUS GAMES" to mean you were implying this was the first time we had done this. I understood the the issue to be that some(probably all as they have 44000 season ticket holders) Arsenal fans will be paying less than some Wednesday fans. Not the price of the tickets. But there is also a world of difference between Arsenal & Chris Powells anti football Charlton. If it had been Arsenal back then I'm sure the price would have been nearer £30 than £15. In terms of research, I only found the links to back up what I was going to post & and no it didn't take long. Anyway off to collect my brother & nephew for the trip to Hillsborough, enjoy the game.
  4. kirksandallowl

    OFFICIAL ticket prices vs. Arsenal

    Just that this is not the first time we have done this as you seem to be implying so why no big fuss last time.With regard to the attendance last time, really, we only got 24K because a few hundred charlton fans got a fiver off. Maybe the fact it was rearranged to a Monday night had more of an effect, I don't know but I don't remember loads of people saying I'm not going if I have to pay £15 while a few hundred charlton fans pay £10.
  5. kirksandallowl

    OFFICIAL ticket prices vs. Arsenal

    Nigel. I'll post this again in case you missed it while you were busy
  6. kirksandallowl

    OFFICIAL ticket prices vs. Arsenal

    http://www.swfc.co.uk/news/article/owls-v-charlton-ticket-details-1326537.aspx We have done this before, don't remember such a fuss last time. Edit: Applied to Charlton fans too http://www.cafc.co.uk/news/article/20140203-sheffield-wednesday-tickets-1338083.aspx
  7. kirksandallowl

    Beer & Food Prices

    If only this was true
  8. kirksandallowl

    Spare Chesterfield Ticket

    PointlessOwl is a winner PM'd You back
  9. I Have a spare adult ticket for the Chesterfield Game, i will be in the Wednesdayite lounge before tonights game with the ticket on me. First to PM it's yours.
  10. kirksandallowl

    Chesterfield Away

    PM Sent
  11. kirksandallowl


    A bottle of Coke which used to cost £1.80 now costs £2 which is an increase 11.1% not 6.5%. I know this is only one item but it would be interesting to get an item by item comparison. Maybe they've been using casio Bob's magic calculator.
  12. kirksandallowl


    Don't forget the contract not only covers match day kiosk sales but match day & none match day hospitality (restaurants, lounges, exec boxes etc). The club sells the hospitality packages and pays lindley to provide the catering, then lindley pays the club money based on sales/profit (it may have a guaranteed minimum). At the moment the former is more than the latter.