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  1. These are 2 tough away games, but I doubt either team are saying ooh goody Wednesday are coming to town.
  2. The ONLY reason Berge is still there is nobody has made a half decent offer for him. 1st decent offer he’ll be gone.
  3. It melted the number plate off the back of my car, had to stop in the traffic queue and get our kid to rescue it & stick it in the back window.
  4. No but he did their keeper the standard free kick for not catching the ball
  5. Richard Hawley gave me his Wednesday scarf, that’s my one and only claim to fame.
  6. There was a guy on the Kop turned up in thick trackie bottoms and match hoody, made me feel hotter just seeing him.
  7. Radio Sheffield seem very slow with reaction tonight for some reason
  8. Best bit was that was about 20 seconds before we took the ball off them trying to play out from the back and scored the second.
  9. That was opposite the travellers at wadsley bridge wasn’t it?
  10. The ones who threw em will be the first to moan when we get a fine or worse and/or they are ID’d from CCTV and banned.
  11. Thought this was going to be about which clichés would be trotted out after an away victory…….. I was going for “Papering over the cracks!” Would’ve had a full house.
  12. Where was Foden on loan at 19? Nowhere he was in the first team. He may have the potential to be a decent player but they clearly don't think he's there yet.
  13. No goal threat with him either last night
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