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  1. I think they, like everyone else in hospitality, have been struggling to recruit enough staff. The bar at the back of the Kop, south stand side, have had no draught bitter this year and a couple of games have struggled to get the bottoms up machine working properly on the lager. But cans of stones have been fine to be fair.
  2. If Bannan plays an inch perfect defence splitting pass for Hunt to put in a first time cross for Gregory to finish, he wasn’t involved in the goal according to people who know nothing about football other than what they learned on FIFA.
  3. Yes I think Pato got booked for the push/throw. The problem occurred because the Ref failed to do anything about the blatant time wasting by Cambridge, the second ball came back on to the pitch before the corner was taken but then the Cambridge player waited until the keeper had the replacement ball on the 6 yard line and instead of just rolling the original ball out of play on the side and getting on with the game tried to play the original ball back to the keeper with all the effort of an asthmatic sloth in order to cause further delay to the restart. If the Ref had stamped out the time wasting Bannan wouldn't have felt the need to talk the law into his own hands.
  4. How many of the not nice guys got us to the euros final & world cup semi finals?
  5. The people moaning about being outside the play offs on goal difference, are the same ones who were adamant we wouldn’t start the season back in June/July.
  6. Don't be using actual facts on here
  7. And we not done all of that, those same fans would be moaning about lack of ambition and saying I’m not going until he gets his hand in his pocket and signs some players.
  8. I see your Kachunga & raise you Jay Bothroyd
  9. Walked down the Kop beside me during the 1st half, he was absolutely wasted, no should he have been allowed into the ground. He nearly fell 3 times negotiating 5 steps.
  10. Unless it’s used to bash Wednesday? Lost count of the times on here I’ve read “not had a shot on target” aimed at us.
  11. Yep, yet didn’t even convert that to a shot yet alone one on target.
  12. Yet didn’t register a single shot on target.
  13. If the ownership of the company you worked for changed hands I’d agree, if the building they rent changed hands maybe not.
  14. Well given it’s not the club that owes it why would a club employee know about or comment on it?
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