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  1. I'm 23 but I've only been watching Wednesday since about 2008... Westwood Buxton Lees Loovens Spurr Antonio Lee Hutch Marshall Forestieri Wickham Subs: Lee Grant, Danny Batth, Glenn Whelan, Jermaine Johnson, Gary Hooper Manager: Carlos Wrote this in about 5 minutes so there's most likely some good players I've left out.
  2. Also I clicked on the first link and it said Brendan Rogers named new Swansea manager and I thought "Has Garry Monk been sacked?!" ... Now realize it was from 2010
  3. Exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for thank you :)
  4. Might sound a little bit weird but I was wanting to know whether anyone knew of a link to an article or a YouTube video that talks about us getting our winding up orders and nearly going out. I know we're long gone from them days and I should be looking ahead to our bright future instead of our dark past but I'm still interested in learning about it. Was a bit young and naive when it was happening so I never actually understood how close we were to being out. Thanks in advance
  5. Listen mate, the reason people are giving you so much poo poo is cause of how aggressively you've called us out. 1 loss in 12 isn't the end of the world. Last time we went 12 games unbeaten we just managed to knock your lads off second place.
  6. Honestly do think he's got it in him to be a good target man for Austria, good luck to him. DareToNuhiu
  7. Since I've been watching Wednesday (born in 95) its probably Westwood. Also like the fact we've been blessed with good keepers for years i.e. Lee Grant, Nicky Weaver, Stephen Bywater, Chris Kirkland, etc.
  8. I actually don't even know who this guy is. Must have slipped under the radar for me... Had to be a DJ signing?
  9. Wouldn't be too fussed if we got him or not. He's not that 30+ striker everyones hoping for but he'll do a job.
  10. Sadly since I've been watching football the best partnership I've seen in a wednesday shirt is Burton and Tudgay...not really prolific but on the same wavelength definitely. Best partnership overall is probably Sturridge and Suarez. Wish I was old enough to see some proper partnerships though like Yorke and Cole or Shearer and Sutton.
  11. I can remember a game last season where he absolutely creamed some lad (fairly) at the edge of our box and I'm sure we ended up breaking away and scoring from it. Does anyone else remember this and if so who against?...wouldn't mind watching that tackle again
  12. I loved the design of this shirt. If I could find it in my size too I'd have one.
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