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  1. Huddersfield are so brittle. How have they been beaten by this shower of shiite?
  2. If Bullen is not happy being shunted back down to being a coach then he'll have to go out and get a head coach job. I don't want him sacked and I believe he's good enough to adapt to a new managers philosophy but if he wants career progression he'll probably have to leave.
  3. There's only been one red card in the Championship this season and that was Westwood for a last man tackle. I can't believe there hasn't been a red card worthy challenge in 25 games
  4. I can't believe Chelsea would just throw away a couple of mil when he's now going to walk out of door for nothing. He isn't going to get in the team so why keep him?
  5. Bannan and Luongo got 25 yellow cards between them last season
  6. He made a mistake but it hasn't cost us even a goal. We have an able replacement for the next game so we move on.
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