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  1. So they hope we'll all die before the 15 years is up as they only have to refund the 10. DC has seen how many late goals were conceding and the related heart attacks. We're going to be rolling in cash!
  2. They're fine with morally bankrupt payday loan and gambling companies but a chairman putting money into his own team is frowned upon.
  3. I thought it was because if everyone else plays Tuesday then you lose a days prep/rest for the next Saturday game and don't gain any advantage vs opposition for the Wednesday game. If that makes sense
  4. His way into the first team has been far more natural this time around but his experience from last year is certainly helping him. Having a better defence in front of him counts for a lot too.
  5. By the time we reach the Premiership again SAG will make sure our attendances are under 20k
  6. https://www.skysports.com/football/sheff-wed-vs-barnsley/teams/409370
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