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  1. More breakdowns than the RAC
  2. Defence copping for a load of stick

    That explains the huge gaps in our defence on Tues even when playing all the defenders at the club
  3. Young George Hirst

    Is this the reason Jos played no strikers? Basically forcing the clubs hand
  4. Not a graph but at our current rate we're on course to get 51.57 points and it looks like the average is about 46
  5. It's far easier to be cautious with injuries when you're mid table and not likely to go up or down.
  6. Naaah this can't be true
  7. Injury Conspiracy

    Hasn't Abdi got tendonitis in his knees? Its not something that just goes away
  8. If he was back at the club he would probably already be back in the team and about the break down again because his knee hasn't healed properly
  9. No more of the Nuhiu nonsense

    Definitely the reason we were 2 down in under 30mins
  10. Jordan Thorniley..

    Why is it? It shows he still cares even if he's not up to it any more. Getting hauled off after 30mins is a clear sign the boss thinks you're the issue. Him going down the tunnel gives him a chance to get his head right before ht
  11. Todays red cards

    You can't appeal 2nd yellow except for mistaken identity
  12. He was too busy punching the other guy in the belly
  13. Wednesday Goal

    Hopefully we'll not be 3 down with 10 men next time
  14. There's not a chance it'll get rescinded especially off that view. It's not the prem with 25 angles. Basically it's that totally inconclusive view against the referees report.