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  1. Are next year's accounts at 10 months or 12 months?
  2. This was posted in one of the other threads. For it to be on last years accounts and not to be on the land registry yet doesn't seem right.
  3. We didn't play Lee and Bannan as a 2 in the playoff final - Hutch was playing. Admittedly he played so deep that he was effectively a 3rd CB
  4. In the long run his knee injury might've helped give his hip even more time to recover. Not great for us but hopefully it can help him play on for a few more seasons when it was looking likely that he was going to retire whether with us or elsewhere.
  5. When they're all fit we have way too many strikers. He's suffered massively because of this especially as he was injured at the same time as the rest were.
  6. An EFL spokesman said: “The Profitability and Sustainability Rules, aligned with those in the Premier League, became effective in 2015/16. Season 2017/18 was the end of the first full reporting period with Birmingham City the only Club found to have breached those requirements, when it incurred adjusted losses of £48.787 million, £9.787 million in excess of the permitted losses. This was taken from the initial statement from the EFL.
  7. Average current position of opposition for all run ins Boro - 9 games at 14.4 Villa - 8 games at 13.125 Preston - 8 games at 12.125 Derby - 9 games at 15 Bristol C - 10 games at 10.7 Us - 8 games at 8.875 Forest - 8 games at 14
  8. I think we should rush him back just in time for the playoffs....
  9. Where's the money coming from? Sounds like agent talk
  10. Having a proper defensive midfielder in front of him helps!
  11. His knee bone is connected to his thigh bone
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