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  1. maybe a silly question but can you pay on the door? literally everyone I've spoke to has bought them from the ticket office?
  2. Coventry away just after our promotion season was alright, think it was their first or second season at the Ricoh? We took about 1,500, Coventry must have only had 8,000 in the whole ground. Great atmosphere in the away end despite going down to 9 men and losing after being infront. Didn't enjoy Wolves, first away game of the season (just after we beat Burnley 4-1) and got thrashed 4-1 after being 1-0 up at half time. That was grueling. Atmosphere was abit drab and we were stuck sat behind bloody fishcake/john!
  3. reckon when the players sign they're told by the club to mention 'massive' to get the fans going?
  4. fishcake, with "couldn't even beat Andorra" underneath
  5. I was just about to complain about this thread being childish and worthless just because it's the off season... but i'm gonna join in now to feck those oinkers off!
  6. Barry Corr?! you obviously never saw how good Warren Feeney was for us? - FLOP
  7. i asked him on twitter but i'm new to it so i don't have a clue if he's read it or what!
  8. heaton? so did i. kirkland for me, more premiership experience
  9. i got a text at 3 saying we've signed kirkland that was before i saw the twitter rumours. hoping its true i think he's a quality keeper
  10. If we're going to definitely sell Wood we should start upping the price now before we have another Whelan scenario!!
  11. Anybody know how long the coach takes from Sheffield - Wolverhampton or vise versa?
  12. brilliant, £1.59 wasted on me gurkins...
  13. Cost me £24 for ticket and coach... Beat that Anyone know how long the journey is on the coach (previous outings)?
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