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  1. curren

    Nuhiu in front of the North Stand

    If Nuhiu played for the opposition most fans that are defending him would be asking "who the hell was that useless lump" All this "he links up play" bull is a joke the bottom line is the bloke is a striker that is God awful in front of goal.
  2. If they had any common sense they would see that FFP hurts the paying fan of clubs that dare to compete with those that get rewarded for failure in the premier league.
  3. curren

    Our Player values

    We where skint a few years ago. Being under a transfer embargo for breaking the rules is a bit different to being skint and not being able to pay the bills. The club would not accept a wee wee poor offer for a player if it doesn't change anything as far as the embargo is concerned.
  4. curren

    Our CEO So far so quiet

    That the same chairman that will be answering questions from said fans at a forum on monday?
  5. curren


    The football league are going through the books of every football league clubs regarding FFP and the club's will find out the results of this on 31st of July which is Tuesday so we and Nixon will all know by Wednesday
  6. curren

    Steve Bruce

    Remind me exactly what turmoil they where in last season ????
  7. curren

    FF better than Messi

    Played in what position and instead of who?
  8. curren

    FF better than Messi

    Behave .....The guys record speaks for itself.He was a quality centre forward to say he was only a decent player is a joke
  9. curren

    Big Atdhe haters

    Yep the likes of Tudgay where idolized cause they ran about alot
  10. curren


    Folk are not calling for Abdi to get a new contract though are they.
  11. curren


    He remains fit cause hes spent most of his contract watching games
  12. curren


    What exactly as he done lately other than score against an awful carlisle side ?
  13. He offered up 2 great chances for Joao so i guess that blows your "without that he offers nothing" arguement right out of the water.
  14. curren

    Coach Vs Manager

    We need a manager that chooses the players he wants to sign rather than a coach that is given a bunch of over paid past there best players.