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  1. curren

    Big Atdhe haters

    Yep the likes of Tudgay where idolized cause they ran about alot
  2. curren


    Folk are not calling for Abdi to get a new contract though are they.
  3. curren


    He remains fit cause hes spent most of his contract watching games
  4. curren


    What exactly as he done lately other than score against an awful carlisle side ?
  5. He offered up 2 great chances for Joao so i guess that blows your "without that he offers nothing" arguement right out of the water.
  6. curren

    Coach Vs Manager

    We need a manager that chooses the players he wants to sign rather than a coach that is given a bunch of over paid past there best players.
  7. curren

    Season Ticket refund

    So because we have had to put up with berks in the past we after put up with this total shambles now do we??
  8. curren

    Cc and josè

    If he needs to make a phone call to another coach to ask how to play a certain way then he is even worse than i thought
  9. curren

    If Hull had been beaten.........

    Cause we are scoring for fun in this league arent we ? Id much rather struggle against premier league sides than struggle against all of the bottom 6 in the Championship which we seem to be doing. Youd have a point if we got entertained every sat afternoon but what we are getting served up right now is far worse than what the Huddersfield fans have to watch week in week out !!!!!
  10. curren


    I dare say the fans of clubs like Rangers,West Ham and Everton are showing there frustrations in the same way as some of our fans and we are probably only a "laughing stock" in the eyes of that lot from the other side of the city
  11. curren

    David hirst

    Would that be the same "Fessi" that refused to play hence the "million threads about him"
  12. curren

    David hirst

    Playing well and scoring goals for England as got him noticed !!!!
  13. If he is skint why should we shoot the scouts.They will be redundant wont they?