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  1. Yep apart from Bannan Forestieri Reach Borner Harris Iorfa Hector
  2. He has not intention to leave. He knows also full well nobody would buy right now because of certain FFP restrictions
  3. Anybody who actually went, or read the quotes - knows that Chansiri isn’t putting the club up for sale. He has said pretty much the same thing before, and was laughable to see it on front page of the Star / sky sports news. Bruce first game againsg Birmingham City. Got some money for wages, can generate a bit of money by letting one go.
  4. Aye tell you what get Pudil, Boyd and Jones in starting line up
  5. To be fair we drew 0-0 last season and started Jones, Fox, Palmer, Pudil and Loovens ha ha ha ha
  6. I know a lot of people don't like Pelupessey, but look into his stats and see how many succesfull tackles he makes
  7. In fairness it's what I'd go with as well. Hit them on the break. Joao & FF off the bench later on. People will complain whatever he picked.
  8. Yes, that is the team. Ridiculous to leak it, nothing to gain and gives United some insight
  9. That is exactly what Jos wants. Energy. Think back to last season when we were starting with Jones, Butterfield, Nuhui most weeks. FF, Piazon, Bannan, Reach, Pessy - the core of a side that would be able to keep up a high press ala Wednesday night. Could also include Hutch when fit in that, and the likes of Preston, Baker and a couple others.
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