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  1. Well done Moore, took captain off who wasn’t doing much, dropped JW in to midfield, brought someone on to score winner. No doubt some will still moan Seems to be worse than ever the moaning at games lately
  2. Whoever chucked it will be moaning when north stand has a block cordoned off again
  3. I certainly will. Thankfully Josh was ok to play 77 mins. Smith being out injured for a while, unfortunately was correct.
  4. Agree, comfortable with the ball. Won it back well. Sometimes just needed to move it quicker. Very positive. Good age and athletic, exactly what we should be looking for. Him, Adeniran, Famewo, Fizz and Byers all fit the profile of player we should be getting.
  5. Will have a steady career but I don't see him any higher than L2 level
  6. Let's see shall we. This is the 1st week he's out. We'll revisit. If it's a knock, out of interest, how long do you think he will be out for then? And obviously I've not made it up, cos he is out.
  7. No worries. You said he said "he's not injured" that's all. He didn't say that.
  8. He didn't say "hes not injured" He said "hes trained" I'm just asking you, especially with Gregory, and Smith out - if Windass IS fit, then you would expect him to start wouldn't you?
  9. If he's fine then he'll start tomorrow then won't he........?
  10. DM has confirmed Smith is out in his press conference
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