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  1. Good luck Paul Cook. Should be tomorrow
  2. Allegedly had £400 stolen from his wallet at the training ground last week, was told to claim it on insurance
  3. The louder someone makes an opinion, generally the thicker the person. I'm yet to hear a fan shout a reasonable thing out at a match
  4. Two points on Fletcher. 1 - everybody got hung up on his wages, but we didn't pay a fee for him. If we'd bought him for £3m and paid him say £15k a week, people would have a different view on him, even though it'd work out same as £30k a week, but on a free 2 - he isn't available for enough games. Not saying it is his fault, but doesn't play more than 7/8 games in a row
  5. No he'd just stay here and be a yes man to the next manager, making a good living out of it
  6. Exactly kind of player we should be looking at again Smacks me of when we were in League One and signed the likes of Whelan and Brunt. This is the exact model we need to be going for in the markets
  7. Exactly what direction the club should be going in too
  8. Exactly. So all this Monk ruining us rubbish, is nonsense. If Klopp was in charge, we'd be no better off. He would be saying and doing the same things, and looking to bring the same type of players in to the club. I'm not saying I am a huge Monk fan, but we have a poor side. PS - I would say Iorfa is good enough
  9. Yes will be involved with first team. Quick, strong, athletic. Something we don't have in any central midfielders at present. City offered him a 4 year deal but he wants to be at a club playing first team football and build a career that way. Like your David Brooks, Jadon Sancho, etc Trust me he'll be decent
  10. Fisayo Dele-Bashiru Manuel Hidalgo Dom Iorfa Kadeem Harris Osaze Urghohide They're trying to get younger lads in
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