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  1. A certain club in the G40 postcode area of Glasgow will sign him
  2. Sterland was slightly over rated IMO, good player, commitment and all that but let's be honest here..... Warhurst for me
  3. Did Semedo turn up with Ronaldo ? He's friends with Ronaldo you know, he may have mentioned it when he was at our club, maybe once. He's really his masseur/toilet valet
  4. hope not, it sounds like scumtic trying to get fee reduction to me, still hope they sign him, takes money up then ...
  5. David Turnbull's move to Celtic could be off as issue uncovered in medical DAVID Turnbull’s move to Celtic could be off after an issue was uncovered in his medical. Both clubs are now in negotiations to find a solution that is best for all parties, but the move could now be in serious jeopardy of not going ahead. MORE TO FOLLOW https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/17729615.david-turnbulls-move-to-celtic-could-be-off-as-issue-uncovered-in-medical/?ref=twtrec
  6. Sounds fair to me but i'm waiting to see what Mr Farrell thinks first...
  7. No one in their right mind would go and work under that fat parasite Ashley, he has ruined that football club and stuffed his wallet.
  8. Exactly why i couldn't sleep last night, the lack of Morris Dancers at aforementioned event. Get Morris Dancers, get massive crowds no brainer
  9. F**k that fat coont Mike Ashley and his jumble sale empire ..
  10. filth!!! To be fair he even looks like one of them...
  11. He's just a lad who had a great season in a substandard league, will all be over nothing sadly.
  12. Superb...he's now signing for celtic again..................... £3m on an unproven youngster £20k a week on him Fans slated him for over a week celtic released a statement having a dig at him Kennedy calls him greedy First bad game and the fans will be on his back Lovely, simply lovely......
  13. what about: We are The Wednesday, We was once not bad clap, clap, clap...
  14. More to it than that, no one apart from those involved knows 100% what happened even if they regularly had sausage rolls and beans with the Hirsts
  15. F**k 'em.... nowt to do with us anymore.... let's concentrate on the young lads who actually want to be at our club and have their feet on the ground
  16. The lad from Charlton turned them down at the weekend too.. Joe Aribo,.... it must be the popcorn teeth Lennon appeal
  17. Is in my mind, they shafted Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, the club they claimed to love.... i have my opinions and you have differing ones mate, that's life and that's what makes Owlstalk work
  18. cant believe we are still discussing him... he's a nobody now.... burnt his bridges what they did was rob the club of valuable money, he got one over on the owner, the owner who owns and fiances our club, simples, same thing in my book...
  19. The countries lovely The people not so...
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