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  1. There was coaches going from all over the place when i was a teen, Maltby,Conisbrough,Rotherham etc... mind you we was good back then and in the top league
  2. I still think he has a future at our club.
  3. Love that Bukta one, more like a Polo shirt....fab
  4. I heard they put a stop to that after they kept eating the crayons...
  5. Yup, I should really start reading the thread first before commenting...my bad...
  6. Green and White hooped one makes me physically vomit for some bizarre reason, can't quite figure out why though....
  7. Nah, heard it's Primrose Valley then Ingoldmells with a quick stop at a chippy in Hull in between, dropping big Dave off at Skeggy beach as he has some work during the close season on the beach.
  8. My boys: Sheffield Wednesday Rangers Cumnock Juniors FC My part time friends: MK Dons Luton Town Ayr United Hamburg North Ferriby United Valencia Don't MInd: Barnsley Hearts Kilmarnock Dundee Brentford Millwall Huddersfield Chelsea Maltby Miners FC England Northern Ireland Wales My Enemies: Celtic Leeds Pigs Hibs Aberdeen Liverpool Manchester United Rotherham Chesterfield Mansfield Stirling Dundee United Scotland Republic of Ireland
  9. Visiting Scotland makes me feel physically ill, all those little bitter and twisted people riddled with failure that does it, living in England gives me an enormous sense of well-being.
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