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  1. Plenty of Sheep in the Dressing Room section
  2. Has Katie Price made a statement defending Leon yet ?
  3. Facebook ? reckon he will let me poke him ?...

    Maybe Carlos is more of an Old Spice guy then.... Old Spice

    Quit a day before a Sheffield Derby ?
  6. a guy from Elev8.... erm and a guy from D taxis
  7. Didn't know they was still going, cool, will have a listen
  8. Kop not sold out shocker

    Did they have any booze for baby ?
  9. George Hirst

    I offered to loan big dave out, strangely was no takers though
  10. George Hirst

    Im gunna loan him out via the editor cheat thing to Stenhousemuir or somewhere to make him have a good long hard think..
  11. 08.00 Get woken by GF going to work 08.50 Crawl outta my pit eventually 08.51 Stumble into the bathroom for a pee Walking Dead style 08.53 Kettle on 08.54 PC powered up 08.55 Let dog out 09.00 Put kettle on again as I forgot about it 09.01 Chill out checking all online barbar 09.35 Realize that noise is the dog wanting back in that i had forgot about 09.36 Lock door and go back to bed, way too early for a Sunday
  12. Football Heaven Boycott

    I very rarely listen to FH and never listen to Talksport, full of egos talking crap
  13. Talented Individuals

    "Stronger grows hate of them" as Yoda would say
  14. Football Heaven Boycott

    Damn, thought Geoff was on giving his views on cricket and all things Yorkshire...
  15. Did you stun the vegetarian first before you ate him ?