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  1. Is there a required amount

    Be careful who you get to hold your kebab though
  2. Is there a required amount

    I've heard we have to allocate away fans the minimum of 124 cheeseburgers unless they are geordies then the formula is amount of away fans x 12 BPFG (Burgers Per Fat Geordie) to stop them wasting away...
  3. Semedo

    He's good friends with Ronaldo you know, maybe he never mentioned it before
  4. Pelupessy Price

    Sorry mate, my misunderstanding, nah Ice Queen it is then.....
  5. Pelupessy Price

    The CEO starts with a clean slate at our club, maybe you should give her that too.... Judge our staff on their success or failure at OUR club, not some London club with basket case owners in the past....
  6. Mini SWFC documentary

    Nice little docu, could have done with subtitles though as i struggled to understand the Sheffielders at times.....
  7. Dutch Connections

    Orange over green any day...
  8. the one and only......bah!!
  9. Well thanking you very much good sir....
  10. We have some people with a positive winning mentality coming in at last, hopefully it will be contagious within the club...