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  1. No maybe just merged with the other local constabularies who seem to police quite well compared to South Yorkshire Police.
  2. I think we should have a cull of beardies, cant see the attraction of trying to look like Frankie Boyle
  3. donated a bag of carrots to the go fund me page..
  4. He's currently doing his closed season on Blackpool beach........ eee-aww
  5. It's our old keeper Tezcansingthethemesong pyschocannibalhen boringtruckman
  6. That's easy obviously it's the legend Acid Lassie Jumbobag
  7. Just been reading some naughty stories on Literotica Made me Rampant.... Then went on Owlstalk... the Rampancy is no more..
  8. Classy Robert.........................RIP
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