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  1. Good Leeds band like the Arctic Monkeys
  2. steveger

    Fernando injured

    Donald Trumper or Tommy Robinson...
  3. steveger

    Fletcher for Scotland

    Fleck is a really good player to be fair, both Bannan and Fleck are much better than what McLeish is selecting now
  4. steveger

    Fletcher for Scotland

    really feel for Fletcher if the bad news is confirmed and he gets selected in the Scotland squad.... poor man
  5. steveger

    Atdhe on the new £50 note

    who the hells majid majid ?
  6. steveger

    International Round-Up of sorts

    totally agree, he should have said no,feel for him though with what he has to work with both in the squad and clowns at the SFA. like him he's a nice bloke but obviously he needed the money so took the job sadly.
  7. steveger


  8. steveger


    We don't need non matchday income the magic beans will see to that..
  9. steveger

    International Round-Up of sorts

    Are the tartan trannies playing behind closed doors ?
  10. I wouldn't have bought it either there's always loadsa cars parked on it on match-days so wouldn't be able to do much with it anyway....
  11. or non matchday income as it's still located where it is, no one would want to travel out there apart from the people who live there and football fans, sorry but it's the truth like it or not...
  12. steveger

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    I prefer the set nearest the Kop. Each to their own though
  13. rip all the seats out and replace them with sun loungers...