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  1. steveger

    Henry Landsbury anyone??

    I liked her bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea
  2. All depends on if he gets a new bike IMO. for example... say Newcastle offer him a bike with a bell, can we match that ? and what if one of the big spenders comes in and offers him a bike with a bell, water bottle AND a pump.! not so sure we could compete with that sort of financial muscle and exuberance
  3. I'm not sure, can i have time to think it through and maybe get back to you around May ? cheers x
  4. steveger

    One For The Ladies

    George Hirst .
  5. steveger

    One For The Ladies

    Day out at Brid ? Guess Old Milan doesn't let our club use his 4 berth caravan at Ingoldmells any more
  6. steveger

    Owls in the Park

    Will dogging morris dancers be catered for this year ?
  7. Just read on follow follow that he's spoke to the green and white tramps from the darkside of Glasgow... I always thought Glasgow was in Scotland, not near London.... If it's true and not just made up gonads of course....
  8. steveger

    Hillsborough refurbishment

    These eastern European builders don't mess about
  9. steveger

    Final friendly

    North dugout ?
  10. steveger

    Home Friendly vs Villareal

    15,000 maximum attendance in the forthcoming attendance sweep
  11. steveger

    Reece Burke and Jordan Hugil

    Snodgrass for me, class player when he can be arsed
  12. Body bag botherers will be snapping all the tickets up then