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  1. steveger

    Kenny Jacket

    please make it stop please...
  2. steveger

    György László Balint

    He works at ASOS in the week, he's a picking team leader
  3. steveger

    Jan and Feb Fixtures

    Ipswich Town (Massey Ferguson Garage) 0.1 oh f**K Reading (Cauldron of sorrow) 0.1 sweet FA points Millwall (hell) 0.1 did well said Jos Rotherham (Chuckleville Towers) 0.1 erm....pattern here, Jos sat on his arse, no clue, no pulse ( Format: score 0 to Wednesday first and 1 to other team)
  4. steveger

    Jan and Feb Fixtures

    Birmingham (home) 0.1 not a sausage Hull (Tigerland) 0.1 nil points Wigan (theatre of nightmares) 0.1 bugger all Brentford (Stadium of Pain) 0.1 nope, aint happening..
  5. steveger

    Where is winnall?

    Bannan - He can be a good player on his day but he aint exactly the messiah that some of our deluded fans make him out to be, overrated IMO, he wouldn't still be playing for us otherwise IMO, Abdi - We will never know
  6. steveger

    Where is winnall?

    Agree, we have absolutely NOTHING in midfield, not a sausage and aint had for years........ not even a chipolata apart from Bannan
  7. steveger

    Owls watching Tranmere player

    he will probably turn us down...
  8. steveger

    U18s Owls v Stoke

  9. steveger

    Where is winnall?

    and this ? it's bizarre and scary at the same time, WTF is this guy up to ?
  10. steveger

    Where is winnall?

    Here you go...... The winner gets a discarded pie with no peas... Runner up a 5 year season ticket to Hillsborough ..
  11. In general or tonight ?... In general... better than i honestly expected... but still not good enough... tonight......... pish did their best Wednesday impersonation...
  12. okay please explain......i remember the Reading link...
  13. the bit that puzzled me was this bit, with the TUF backgrounds.....anyone ?
  14. steveger

    Squad photo

    Was gunna say at least he smiled, or maybe he couldn't help it....
  15. He will get there, the guys a natural winner, can see in in his press conferences, he gets it...just like our Jos does...