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  1. steveger

    Positives from today

    Bullet points FFS
  2. steveger

    Positives from today

    Support sounded great they have monster in my work vending machine
  3. steveger

    Foul on Forestieri

    cheap belli button jewellery, it's a no from me.... never mind she will get over my rejection, eventually and with some expensive counselling..
  4. steveger

    Steve Bruce

    I will help you out tinks, i don't mind slagging a few of the useless lazy, spineless wasters off,it's so easy to lay into the managers when bottlers like them get away with in week in, week out, we can job share...
  5. damn Trams gunna be busy for me at Toytown.... damn it...
  6. Get rid of every single one of them, including the tea lady
  7. Really doesn't surprise me that. seriously..
  8. ha ha I made that sound like a advert in the personals for dogging...
  9. Must have borrowed him from the Scottish FA... shocking
  10. And his medical costs... could keep a country running for a year
  11. Sadly you are correct my friend... Hopefully a Brucey summer clear out can sort that out
  12. We always make it hard work.... You know what i mean..
  13. I'm getting off at Rotherham Train station to swap to a Train Tram to go to work, i'll f**king leather the lot of em.... I'll belly flop em proper wrestling style..... poor sods..