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  1. Nope, we have a few good players but they are knocking on a bit now, getting slower..... we have missed the boat sadly....
  2. steveger

    Mick McCarthy

    Let's hope he does, and very soon....
  3. steveger

    It just gets better!

    Reda, is that you ?
  4. steveger

    Mick McCarthy

    Thing is none of these strong willed managers would work for DC IMO, the owners a control freak and likes his yes men....
  5. steveger

    Average of 2-1 Defeat

    i think we are gunna get some reyt hidings this season.... bad feeing
  6. steveger

    Petter Rudi

    Technically a very talented player, was one of my favourites.. We was spoilt in that era with fantastic creative players in midfield....
  7. I heard its all down to D Taxis doing a Bridlington Return job....
  8. So glad you enjoyed it.
  9. A wins great for confidence... the players, not ours....
  10. steveger

    The Sheffield Wednesday Card

    Barry needs to see a specialist urgently if he put on 400 stone from eating that Mars Bar, is he a walrus ?
  11. why did we play Santos ? did they get lost on the way to Manchester or Liverpool and thought what the hell, why not ?...
  12. steveger

    Walk Out Music

    Enter Sandman by Metallica for me..... mind you i don't go so play the birdie song for all i care....
  13. steveger

    Walk Out Music

    I've walked outta the match many a time with this music playing in my head.....
  14. steveger

    Sheffield Wednesday Ladies FC

    Damn!! What's next ? equal pay and the right to vote ?... women..