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  1. Sheffield Varsity Final

    And this lot are the future of our country ? God f***ing help us
  2. Foderingham would be a massive step backwards, we have 2 young keepers at S6 who are just as good if not better than Wes IMO
  3. Eyad Hammoud

    Young Burton.....
  4. Mulgrew

    crap babysitter though...
  5. I'd love to be able to fit in it
  6. The LEGEND of course....
  7. Gossip

    I heard Bev at number 28 entertains the window cleaners once a week when her husbands at work

    Absolute class player when he's on form
  9. What stopped us?

    Sheffield is no longer the 4th or 5th largest city in England any longer, it's a myth, most cities have modernised, evolved and moved forward and expanded, Sheffield is held back by a socialist council with a runner up mentality, Sheffielder's are sadly used to seeing all the good things happen at other regions and cities whilst they moan on about trees
  10. Bags

    I have a manbag to go with my manboobs