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  1. All about the refs again..

    I agree to a certain point that we have a few who seem to have agendas against Mr C no matter what he does after years of wanting the mega rich owner to take the club forward.... he needs football people in to help him IMO..... Carlos that's a different matter.... One of Mr C's biggest mistakes is he seems to have overestimated the average spare wealth of South Yorkshire people and got confused with thinking it's like South London
  2. had too many bottles of toilet duck.......
  3. You will have to shout mate they are all too busy in the park some eating muffins but most with their heads stuck in the sand pit....
  4. All about the refs again..

    Surely you mean the "wants whats best for the football club and can see that he will never change from being stubborn" mob ?
  5. Couldn't they have just taken him to the nearest exit gate and thrown him to the floor Monty Python style instead of all the needless drama for everyone to see ?...
  6. Success...what is it for you?

    World domination, nothing more , nothing less will do
  7. moved up the table

    Trust In Carlos, that's what it's all about, he's an experienced manager/coach who's just used to winning and past glories, and he sat in the same building as "the special one" once.... we have absolutely nothing to worry or moan about.....
  8. Although I'm not a regular whisky drinker I don't really like the blended stuff apart from the odd Johnnie Walker or 2... i prefer some nice single malts like Glenfiddich or Jura.... Can't bring myself to buy anything Irish, i prefer Vodka to be honest, some nice Russian Standard.... Add Smirnoff to the paint stripper filth list
  9. To be honest maybe you are onto something, although i have never tried Bushmills, but to be fair, Grants,Famous Grouse,Teachers or Bells could do the same job as Nitromors, pure filth...
  10. Carlos's lap dog barks to his masters tune, yap, yap, och aye, yap, f**king yap.........
  11. When you said "Paint Stripper" i thought you meant this shyte...
  12. hope is the not the hardcore stuff S36, It would give you one hell off a kick and an ambulance ride, if you was lucky...
  13. Rednapp

    corrected my mistake...
  14. I like him as Chris on Family Guy, was rubbish in Austin Powers though