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  1. Tyler Boyd is more a wide attacker/winger, rapid, full of tricks and a bit cocky.
  2. Most successful tackles in champ tables for last three seasons. Safe to say he likes a tackle. Him and hutch in a 4-2-3-1 and not much is going to get through.
  3. They've already turned down £4 million bids this summer so looks like we have a little wiggle room in the budget if we are going after players in this price bracket. Don't know whether to be worried or happy.
  4. Couldn't bring myself to type their name, too much praise in that post for my liking.
  5. Similar in style and attitude to john fleck. With him on board we'll have 4 midfielders who are committed, work hard and have plenty of quality. Starting to like the balance of the squad. Also has a decent shot on him.
  6. We've literally just witnessed a side get promoted playing high energy football with pretty much the same 11 all season that consisted of midfielders aged 28,28 and 33, two strikers aged 31 and 33 wing backs aged 29 and 27 and a marauding centre back aged 31. The other 2 outfield players are centre backs aged 25 and 26. Give it a rest with the we need young legs bull.
  7. Tedesco took Schalke from a relegation threatened club to runners up and champions league in one season despite selling his top players and having to promote youth players all while playing good football, be surprised if we can entice him here, he's well out of our league.
  8. Please no, massively over rated and holding Bristol back.
  9. That's just complete guff and you know it. Are you saying no one will entertain us if we upset Bruce. What if new managers also got good contacts? It's not a closed shop run by a clique, theres an whole world of football out there to deal with.
  10. I disagree, we should be compensated heavily in this instance. Bruce has signed 3 players that may not fit into a new manager's plans/style, let's say they are on 10k a week over 2 years, that's 3M in wages we are down if we cant move them on, what about palmer and lee, another few million in wages at least, then theres all the back room staff that if Ashley won't pay for, we will have to pay off if new manager doesn't want. It all adds up and its through no fault of ours. If Lampards going for 4M and Chelsea are getting 5M for a manager they wanted rid of, then Ashley's getting a bargain in my view and Chansiri does right.
  11. I know we aren't in for this lad seen as he signed for Bordeaux yesterday, but just shows the kind of quality that's out there in the lesser known leagues for cheap fees/free. Would still take a gamble on Lazaar.
  12. Yeah Forestieri came onto pitch and shook all young uns hands, stood with Agnew having a laugh about summat. There was someone with Van Aken who I didn't recognise but may have been his own personal fitness trainer.
  13. Been down at training ground this morning for young uns training session. Seen all three new lads and Rhodes.
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