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  1. Released pressure excellently today and looks a lot more physical
  2. Think giddings is confused. It's not 6 months till January.
  3. You should parody Elton Johns "mama can't buy you love" or should I say "mama can't buy your club"
  4. I'm not changing the scoreboard. I love to waste away my days staring at its wonder. Please move the camera.
  5. Didn't have a great season last season but the one before he scored 11 and assisted 12 in 40 games at this level.Not really all that bad? Correction - scored 12 Also in the prem - scored 4 and assisted 6 in 26. http://www.espnfc.com/player/39381/chris-eagles?season=2012
  6. Fran Merida was a good shout and surely not a million miles out of our budget?
  7. Oh I thought he was describing the teams he used to play for?
  8. Jesus wept. I think it's proper tinpot a third division club with a squad put together for less (or almost) than Wayne Rooneys weekly wage should bask in the glory in a team assembled at over 50m quid. Shame on them, the root of all footballing evil.
  9. Oh my bad I forgot I should pay £30 for a match I can't attend just so I can have the right to watch us play another game. Like Thatchers Britain round here lately.
  10. What's betting this is when Cristiano turns up to watch
  11. McCabe looks like he's piled on a bit of timber.
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