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  1. aj_owl


    Released pressure excellently today and looks a lot more physical
  2. aj_owl

    Royston's targets

    Think giddings is confused. It's not 6 months till January.
  3. aj_owl

    Azerbaijanian Rhapsody

    You should parody Elton Johns "mama can't buy you love" or should I say "mama can't buy your club"
  4. aj_owl

    Azerbaijanian Rhapsody

    Verses 1-3 are awesome. Great effort.
  5. aj_owl

    Caption Competition

    I'm not changing the scoreboard. I love to waste away my days staring at its wonder. Please move the camera.
  6. Didn't have a great season last season but the one before he scored 11 and assisted 12 in 40 games at this level.Not really all that bad? Correction - scored 12 Also in the prem - scored 4 and assisted 6 in 26. http://www.espnfc.com/player/39381/chris-eagles?season=2012
  7. Fran Merida was a good shout and surely not a million miles out of our budget?
  8. Oh I thought he was describing the teams he used to play for?
  9. aj_owl

    Sondico are one of us.

    Jesus wept. I think it's proper tinpot a third division club with a squad put together for less (or almost) than Wayne Rooneys weekly wage should bask in the glory in a team assembled at over 50m quid. Shame on them, the root of all footballing evil.
  10. Oh my bad I forgot I should pay £30 for a match I can't attend just so I can have the right to watch us play another game. Like Thatchers Britain round here lately.
  11. And if your working for the forest game???
  12. aj_owl


    What's betting this is when Cristiano turns up to watch
  13. aj_owl

    Help a Sheff Wed fan in need!

    Signed. Our immigration laws are ridiculous.
  14. aj_owl

    Development Squad

    McCabe looks like he's piled on a bit of timber.