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  1. ,,,,all the people, all the people,,
  2. nothing is worse than our current away kit,and the club have the gall to "offer" it for £30!
  3. black wednesday,a lot of bad stuff happened to me that day,the 0-5 was the final twist of the knife
  4. stones gets one in the face and the stretcher is readied!
  5. thought he wanted theresa may's job,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  6. option 3,but if i ever dabble with acid again 4 would be a reyt hoot!
  7. incredible,this shirt has been totally removed from my memory bank,if i'd of seen this pic i would have assumed blackpool signed JF!
  8. i'm dumbfounded,genuinely can't remember this kit! was it a one season wonder?
  9. corporate box,bring your own prawn sarnies and pies.
  10. spotted tango and pretend tango,hope they enjoyed their lemsips!
  11. remember his home debut,scored the only goal against QPR,kop was empty due to the ban and i was in the lep upper with the 20-30 QPR fans.
  12. gower was indeed a joy to watch,made batting look graceful,used to love watching john edrich too,how he dodged those head height bouncers with the minimum of movement was brilliant,and no head gear either!
  13. were you saying nasty things about the clique? hence the ban?
  14. was last seen on a leather sofa with a bottle of sherry,the sot.
  15. i'm surprised that you,as one of the best posters on here can't see how this guy is a fraud. easily in the top three of worst ever signings.
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