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  1. The guy from Shaft? he's older than me ffs.
  2. Spot on with your hunch on those three getting relegated methinks,wonder what the odds are?
  3. Not going to trawl thru the thread,but if SWFC had of got someone like Bruce pre CC,Then i reckon we may well be in the Prem now. Delighted with the appointment.
  4. Does the award winning Andy still post on here? Don't think this pie would impress him.
  5. I hope he (Dross) is thoroughly ashamed of himself,wherever he is.
  6. "mate had minced out",use that kind of language in the DRG and you'll find yerself with a yellow card
  7. Don't remember HW having sandy hair! Vic Mobley's thighs tho!!!
  8. Keeping Dawson in has probably set him back also,well done Dross.
  9. Just like CC and Irvine,I'm happy he's gone and don't give a turd what he does in the future.
  10. Never understood how a fan can stop being a fan,We are indeed a basket case at the minute,but walk away? Never.
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