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  1. I'll have you know that the "random bird" is an FA cup winner.
  2. They each gave their all,just totally outclassed,and theres no shame in that.
  3. What about a 2-1 win? Ladbrokes are giving 25/1! Worth a fiver.
  4. No 'Spoons in chelsea then? If i were still in London i'd sup'n'dine in The Northcotte in Battersea,then get an Uber to the ground. Hope you all enjoy the day,and safe home.
  5. Must go to the same gym as me,,,,,,,
  6. Sprigett,Smith,Megson,Eucstace,Ellis,Young,Fantham,Mccalliog,Ford,Pugh,and Quinn,don't know anyone else in the pic.
  7. You rotter,don't you know all them boo's and catcalls could hurt someones feelings?
  8. I'd have pulled him off at half time
  9. Thought this was gonna be a Pie thread.
  10. Was he booed today as the team was announced? Can't think of a more demoralising thing for a player to hear.
  11. Entertaining as usual Snoots,surprised you didn't mention Eddie Waring tho! 2-0 to the owls.
  12. That is her NYCOWL,so sad to hear of her passing,she was so helpful to our group of young fans,nothing was too much bother to her. May she RIP.
  13. Norma ?,secretary in early 80's,she used to organise pics with the players,autographs etc when the Limavady Owls visited Hillsborough,lovely lady.
  14. A scrappy 2-1 win for us,good luck to our travelling support,Luton must be one of the worst grounds in the league.
  15. Any player who pulls on the shirt and gives his all shouldn't get booed,there have been many scapegoats over the years,he's just the latest. I would have booed Slothroyd tho.
  16. It's nice and tranquil compared to the Dressing Room.
  17. Arthur Mullard lived on the Caledonian Road,decent bloke and a "gooner",The local press came to my house for an interview,a Wednesday fan in Belfast was deemed good news in those dark days of "the troubles"! Awful result tho.
  18. And if they have a free corporate box.
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