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  1. Seems the squib i lobbed into the DR yesterday caused quite a stir,If i ever decide to throw the few live grenades i have,this site would probably go into meltdown.
  2. Some oriental chap has "come" forward and admitted that he was the bloke in question,club have since banned Mr Wan King
  3. Not as bad as the KOP BAND member i saw playing the "rusty trombone"!
  4. forgot about the hat-trick,unfortunately i'll never forget "that one"
  5. his time in charge at wolves is up there with zola at brum.
  6. based on what? he had his chance and blew it.
  7. what about mickey flanagan,chas 'n dave,and the pearly kings & queens?
  8. you're right torry,i think on reflection "decent" didn't do wilf justice,my bad.
  9. was a decent full back,he was born in germany and was originally called scmitd.(sp?)
  10. must be 7 or 8 miles away! too far to travel in london.
  11. the goldhawk used to be decent,,,,,,many moons ago.
  12. buying nowt until it's our iconic owl on stripes.
  13. only marginally behind loovens in the crock department.
  14. he's the guy who prompted the saying,"stealing a wage".
  15. ,,,,all the people, all the people,,
  16. nothing is worse than our current away kit,and the club have the gall to "offer" it for £30!
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