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  1. 14 minutes ago, handworth52 said:

    that will never ever happen again ,they caused so much damage to the north stand ,smashed all screens etc ,the have too many tools as supporters that's why they struggle to get friendlies in England now.  

    Really? I'd not heard that,in fact,some of our fans were so mesmerised with them it got rather embarrassing tbh.

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  2. On 23/06/2019 at 20:51, parkfieldowl14 said:

    Absolutely.The most daangerous bowler for me was this man here " Joel BIG BIRD GARNER ".:tango:



    Oh for the days of John Arlott,Jim Laker and Richie Benaud.

  3. 1 hour ago, RUMBELOWS91 said:

    Leeds and Fulham joint favourites 5/2

    WBA 3/1

    Hudds, Cardiff, Stoke 7/2

    Boro, Owls 9/2

    Brentford, Swansea 6/1

    Forest 7/1


    Early days before any transfer activity but looks an open league, no real clear favourites.


    Surprised how short Stoke are. I would probably make WBA favourites.


    No mention of FLDC?

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  4. 1 hour ago, We'llNeverBeMastered said:

    But this is Wednesday. 


    We'll offer him 1 year, huddersfield will offer him 2, he'll go for nothing, get promoted with them and we'll finish mid table again.

    They've had their fifteen minutes of fame,no chance of another promotion to the premiership.

    Two year deal would be good.

  5. On 20/05/2019 at 08:49, Musn't Grumble said:


    Some good calls on here (Michael Owen, Bobby Charlton, Chris Waddle...) all deserve a mention but, for me, Bobby Moore was the best.


    His game had everything. His tackling was legendary, his vision was remarkable his leadership was inspiring and he could pass to a sixpence sixty yards away.


    Bear in mind also that England won the World Cup with Moore as captain alongside not the most gifted of footballers, Jack Charlton, and that will give some measure as to the quality of Moore.

    His game didn't have everything,I'm referring to his lack of pace obviously.

  6. My memories are of a sunny day and having to go to the ticket office as mine didn't arrive on time(no idea how i managed to convince them)Also,it was my first trip to Wembley and i was not impressed,crumbling stadium that really was past it's sell by date,however,seeing SWFC in a cup final was a boyhood dream come true.


    Going back to my hotel on the underground with all them gooners was a bit scary!!

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  7. 5 hours ago, OWLERTON GHOST said:

    On a positive note ...

    Last Friday wandered into store and picked up a Navy Hoody & trackie bottoms for 47 quid ..

    I wanted the walk out top 

    With S6 on the arm and some pro-fit trackie bottoms but they didn't have those in shop ...

    Nice bloke in store sorted all that out ..

    Took delivery yesterday via an extra online order with any glitches 

    Excellent quality and fit perfectly , best quality merch I've seen for a long time, a Hoody a Trackie walkout top, and x2 different styles of trackie bottoms for less than 100 quid !!

    I'm in XXL with these I'm normally XL for clothes .

    6ft5" - 35 inside leg , 36 waist 

    But as everyone is aware sizing is a minefield these days for all clothing and footwear ..

     look a Reyt Bobby Dazzler now!! ..

    Ball in hand,I'm looking for a Tunnel to walk out of if any team needs a clogging centre back 


    A Very Big thanks to those in the Store for sorting me out .

    nice wednesday badged  carrier for 5p n all ....





    Are you Joel Garner?

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