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  1. I'm a trainee Gynecologist,Plenty of 'openings' for the right man,,,,,, Sorry
  2. Current form,Prices too high,Blades doing well,I wouldn't turn up either Garry.
  3. 67 this year,full head of hair,seldom up during the night for a slash. Boast post.
  4. In the clip of Dawson and Fox celebrating with the fans,can i see a scrubber lob something into the away end?
  5. I'm just so relieved that we are going to "Dust ourselves down"
  6. Apart from the goal,best thing i saw today was the owl on DC's scarf!
  7. Surely your not referring to David Taylor the snooker player as "That scab two hat Silver Fox"? He was a decent sort iirc.
  8. Are you watching Billy Davies,,,,,? He's still in charge isn't he?
  9. The Miner's Helmet & The Nun's Chuff Are they 'Spoons?
  10. Could have at least closed the curtains,Who's this peleton bird by the way?
  11. Has that old Gypsy curse came back? Everything is going against us.
  12. Had another look and noticed the corner flags were Rainbow Flags
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