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  1. With this chuffing Lockdown none of us are getting the opportunities!
  2. Why do you not love the Ladies anymore?
  3. I was at this game with the Limavady Owls,We were in the Lep with the van load of cockneys!
  4. The thread is about a time when going to a game was dangerous,you were'nt about then,I dont think any of the posters are making things up. I've been to some Belfast's 'Big Two' games years ago,absolutely mental scenes that just don't happen these days(thankfully)Lighten up a bit.
  5. Thought the good reverend was a bloke
  6. I'm begining to think theres something in this.
  7. How does a fan of SWFC go into a bookies and bet that they are relegated? Heard it all now
  8. It's International Womens Day ffs,at least I gave Mrs Owl Lady a ten minute lie in before getting my Full Irish!
  9. It's a long long time since I felt so despondent about the club,I fear with the current form were down,points deduction or not.
  10. If Monk had a shred of decency he'd resign NOW,how many more 'Tankings' are we going to get before something is done?Crazy thing is,He's probably going to waltz into another job when his time with us eventually ends.
  11. Went to check the Forest V Millwall result last night,It was fourth down the list after, Wales V Estonia Womans Friendly Kosovo V Russia Womans EU Champ Serbia V North Macedonia Womans EU Champ
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