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  1. Reading forward(Barrow?)went down like Les Kellett
  2. Been on the Bombay Sapphire,It's only the Tanqueray that makes me see double!
  3. If it was possible to be a donor I'd make a fortune! (boast post)
  4. Careful now,you'll have some TV anchorman who's from there blubbering live on air
  5. Wasn't hip to be bald back then,whatever you had,you let it grow. Some reyt combovers recalled in this thread
  6. Gave that a like because of you're user name
  7. Wouldn't want to try and get between Steveger and John O'brien in an argument,36 stone of Scottish anger
  8. Wheres Steveger? I've a hunch his boyhood club was Rangers
  9. F religion so you support Rangers to prove a point! One of the strangest things I've read on here.
  10. Careful,he might fetch some porky pigs just for spite
  11. Chucked hundreds of these old football mags in the skip when moving house some years back. Knew I'd regret it
  12. Could be plenty of 'Clap' in parts of Hamburg if you hang about.
  13. He's a sensitive soul,no use 'hectoring' him to sign,,,,,,,,, sorry.
  14. Well I'd gladly chip in if someone organised a whip round.
  15. I seem to recall Leeds having an Owl on their crest similar to our current one,am I imagining things?
  16. Wearing the Leeds kit in the 1966 cup final is the reason we lost.
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