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  1. God? Which one? there's over 5000 of these mythical wizards.
  2. Thank's Snoots for the sterling work you have done all season,now go and smash 'em in St Tropez!
  3. I've a hunch that Bruce will one day be in the BFR,Big Jack,Wilko bracket as managers attaining legend status.
  4. Never thought I'd ever see Reda in the same sentence with Waddle and Di Canio!
  5. You're right,there is lots of work to be done in the summer,but at least we have someone in charge who actually knows what he's doing.
  6. Puts Bothroyd,Beswetherick,Purse etc into the VFM bracket.
  7. Fletcher get's my vote,but the brutal truth is,we'd have won this game with Westwood in goal.
  8. Incredible stat,one that will probably never be equalled.
  9. Limiting the calorie intake won't go down well with the modern pampered footballer.
  10. Met his father-in-law once,gave me a couple of signed shirts!
  11. Without doubt the funniest description of a trump I've ever read,I've been howling for five minutes,take a bow Mr Tom.
  12. Take that kind of talk into the DRESSING ROOM and you'll get lynched
  13. I firmly believe the club should tell the fans what dafuq is going on in this case.
  14. Abdi? Makes Jeffers and Slothroyd look like value for money.
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