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  1. I'd like to add my condolences to his friends and family,sounds like a proper legend,RIP big man.
  2. A fit FF on the bench,ladies & gentlemen we have a new clown!
  3. I'm with Stubbs on the old Avatar mularky,He's in the position as head batman for a reason m'lord. 1-2.
  4. Decent bloke,blunt pundit,but his time is up,hope he retires officially,not hang about when it's obvious nobody want's you anymore.
  5. Not one of them over 5ft 8in apparently,,,,,,,,,,,soz
  6. Cheers Snoots,I can't get the image of "Jos's tats" outta my head now!
  7. Denied access to the nudist beach for not removing their trunks.
  8. I don't go,but if i lived in sheffield i'd have to show my current feelings towards how the club is being run,outrageous prices,fake taxis,awful kits,poo results,and downright lies,and for those reasons,I'M OUT! Sad times indeed.
  9. And he can take his gold elephants with him too,hadenoughowl.com.
  10. Does anyone know why DC has made Westwood an outcast?
  11. Pigs are licking their chops at the thought of playing us atm,so so sad.
  12. If only we had an experienced international goalkeeper.
  13. Was at this game with the Limavady Owls,Kop was empty due to Oldham riot. QPR had a reyt squad iirc.
  14. Worst mistake since Gerry Young in '66 cup final.
  15. Schoolboy level error,his brain took a "whitey"!
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