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  1. Don't remember HW having sandy hair! Vic Mobley's thighs tho!!!
  2. Keeping Dawson in has probably set him back also,well done Dross.
  3. Just like CC and Irvine,I'm happy he's gone and don't give a turd what he does in the future.
  4. Never understood how a fan can stop being a fan,We are indeed a basket case at the minute,but walk away? Never.
  5. Should have went on the kop,you could've "got a rub" to keep you warm.
  6. A performance to paper over the many cracks 2-0,Reach & Lees.
  7. Southampton have been a selling club for years tbf.
  8. What?!!! anyone doing the like of that is utter scum.
  9. When a tube like Danny Graham can bag a hat trick against us you know the game is up,going down faster than a slag at a meat festival.
  10. Your'e always one step ahead JOC,top poster lad.
  11. I'd like to add my condolences to his friends and family,sounds like a proper legend,RIP big man.
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