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  1. were you saying nasty things about the clique? hence the ban?
  2. was last seen on a leather sofa with a bottle of sherry,the sot.
  3. i'm surprised that you,as one of the best posters on here can't see how this guy is a fraud. easily in the top three of worst ever signings.
  4. with our recent history any new kit will arrive just in time for christmas. FFS!
  5. compare this chump to phil neal who played the full 90 minutes in 417 consecutive games for liverpool!
  6. must be awful to be going bald at such a young age
  7. so it's come to this has it? wednesday fans hoping the swine win, no wonder the country's going down the crapper
  8. fraudster of the highest order,our club are a laughing stock from top to bottom.
  9. WAWAW,another thing we all have in common is that judging by this thread we're all "hooked" too!
  10. and to think,we've got about ten bobs worth from that lot this season
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