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  1. Could he do a job f,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Never mind.
  2. I read that in my best Hughie Green voice.
  3. Uwe Seeler must've had a tough paper round,29 but looks 40+
  4. Was it not the 'old warboard' when Germany were the opposition?
  5. My boyhood dream was to see Wednesday beat Man U in a Wembley cup final,I can assure you it was VERY special to me.
  6. No doubt about it,JVA & Joey were costly mistakes,Simply not up to it unfortunately.
  7. I Believe every top copper in the country has 'Ridden The Goat'
  8. Anyone seen Snoots,Steveger,or Coops?
  9. That's tame compared to some of the stuff in other Forums.
  10. It's Not Unusual,,,,,,,Sorry,Wrong Jones
  11. Pigs spending Millions while some on here want to bring Hooper back,Now THAT'S Depressing!
  12. Starting to realise why some in THE DRESSING room think MATCHDAY is unhinged
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