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  1. It's a tricky no win situation,I just look on these days.
  2. I prefer to remember how tricky trev gave us some of the best football ever played by a SWFC side. Although i do concede his time was up at the end.
  3. What about going far out and adopting a Gold Elephant as our badge?
  4. RIP Mr Walker,Your badge is the REAL SWFC badge,and the fact that your passing has brought OG & Reading back is testament to your brilliant creation.
  5. Notice a couple of Steel erectors with what looks like no harnassing or gangplanks!
  6. Great news! There wont be any more trash from 'The Stir' then.
  7. There has been a few posters of late giving there experiences of 'Bovver', You've been quick to dismiss them for some reason.
  8. One mention of things 'Kicking Off' and BO2 gets upset for some reason.
  9. Rubbish,I saw Bannan waving at him several times
  10. I'd rather have Christmas Carroll.
  11. A giant of a man in every sense,Had the good fortune to meet him on a few occasions with the Limavady Owls,Always willing to talk to us,pose for photos,sign autograph books for the kids,My favourite Wednesday manager by a country mile,And not forgetting what he did for the Irish,The 1990 world cup in particular.These day's the word 'Legend' seems to be banded about for anybody,not for 'Big Jack' a true Legend.
  12. You could be right,I prefer to think otherwise.
  13. The reaction of the players to Fletch's injury time winner against Charlton in February would suggest otherwise.
  14. Don't bin them,I binned a lot of my childhood football stuff 8 years ago and I still regret it.
  15. Maybe not exactly hated these guy's but,,, Chris Woods Abdi Bothroyd Nile Ranger
  16. When I first started supporting Wednesday footage of the 1935 F.A. Cup final was quite recent! Certainly my first memory of SWFC on TV.
  17. £250 to him is loose change,Im sure loads of folk have self tested out of sheer boredom.
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