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  1. His game didn't have everything,I'm referring to his lack of pace obviously.
  2. My memories are of a sunny day and having to go to the ticket office as mine didn't arrive on time(no idea how i managed to convince them)Also,it was my first trip to Wembley and i was not impressed,crumbling stadium that really was past it's sell by date,however,seeing SWFC in a cup final was a boyhood dream come true. Going back to my hotel on the underground with all them gooners was a bit scary!!
  3. Being the only Wednesdayite in my group of friends at the time,I was chuffed to bits that I had at last something to brag about! A 100K teenager! Never saw him play,but according to my scrapbook he was class. Anyone know what he's up to these days? I last remember him being a coach at Celtic.
  4. Mr Tom & Owlerton Ghost. If you like Telecasters,check out the Tele masters,Roy Buchannan and Danny Gatton.
  5. I Found them in a pop up store,all Birthday,Greetings,Xmas cards etc were four for a quid.
  6. Could go on and on and on,we'd all be knackered!
  7. Hirsute V Baldy's,I doubt us hairy ones could muster a full side.
  8. Aye,a glass of Paraquat and a joint full of spice.
  9. God? Which one? there's over 5000 of these mythical wizards.
  10. Do you not? Maybe not demand,but let's say encourage? I Certainly do.
  11. Thank's Snoots for the sterling work you have done all season,now go and smash 'em in St Tropez!
  12. I've a hunch that Bruce will one day be in the BFR,Big Jack,Wilko bracket as managers attaining legend status.
  13. Never thought I'd ever see Reda in the same sentence with Waddle and Di Canio!
  14. You're right,there is lots of work to be done in the summer,but at least we have someone in charge who actually knows what he's doing.
  15. Puts Bothroyd,Beswetherick,Purse etc into the VFM bracket.
  16. Fletcher get's my vote,but the brutal truth is,we'd have won this game with Westwood in goal.
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