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  1. Chucked hundreds of these old football mags in the skip when moving house some years back. Knew I'd regret it
  2. Could be plenty of 'Clap' in parts of Hamburg if you hang about.
  3. He's a sensitive soul,no use 'hectoring' him to sign,,,,,,,,, sorry.
  4. Well I'd gladly chip in if someone organised a whip round.
  5. I seem to recall Leeds having an Owl on their crest similar to our current one,am I imagining things?
  6. Wearing the Leeds kit in the 1966 cup final is the reason we lost.
  7. Really? I'd not heard that,in fact,some of our fans were so mesmerised with them it got rather embarrassing tbh.
  8. Oh for the days of John Arlott,Jim Laker and Richie Benaud.
  9. I know someone who likes to play 'A Rusty Trombone'
  10. We are in with a shout,Pigs nailed on to be relegated,Gers for the SPL? No chance.
  11. Some decent players in there tbf,although that guy on loan from WBA at Celtic looks useless when I've seen him play.
  12. My worst nightmare is/was losing my glorious mane. Thankfully won't ever happen now.
  13. They've had their fifteen minutes of fame,no chance of another promotion to the premiership. Two year deal would be good.
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