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  1. John Fantham -Barber David Layne-Bookmaker Gerry Young-Trapper Guy Branston-Streetfighter John Pearson-Commentator David Ford-Car Dealer David Hirst-Master Brewer John Sheridan-Wine Taster
  2. They can take a joke,as long as it's about Trump,Brexiteers,Farage,Boris etc.
  3. So the stewards only get involved when it's one of their own?
  4. Have you tried the Chutney Tunnel?
  5. Two years is too harsh imho,A final warning and 3 month ban would have sufficed.
  6. Even if Ireland had made the final I'd still prefer a Wednesday win,irrespective of the opposition.
  7. Never seen anything like it,and probably won't ever happen again,but the players and Manager just seemed uninterested,Bizarre. Dawson's positioning tho
  8. I cant abide this 'lack of confidence' carp.
  9. Didn't seem to be to upset about their goal imho,should have shown a bit more anger.
  10. They will never get away with that again,too bad we had to be the ones to suffer.
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